Farewell DBZA And Thanks for all the Fish

I can’t help but say how much I really like watching abridged series. It feels like that’s been a product that existed in my life since Junior High when people I know where obsessed with Yu Gi Oh abridged a long time ago. I’ve never really had a love for that anime series that eventually formed that abridged series, but I’ve been a life long DBZ fan. Yes, because of Toonami. I mean thing that has been a thing that has defined me. It was DBZA in my early college years that really caught my imagination from the then recently formed abridged super group called Team Four Star.

It’s so strange to look back and how long DBZA has become a part of my life sense it started. I found the series around episode 5 years ago and it’s been a center of meme content and jokes for me and some of my friends ever since we found it. It was such a fun journey to watch TFS slowly improve their editing, writing, voice acting, and general quality as time moved on. The earlier episodes are still more then watchable, but I love how the show found itself in the second season when it strayed away from the original material in their own way instead of just adding meta jokes. I mean those were there still, but these characters really started going their own direction in their own way. It’s fun to see something find a voice.

That’s the fun of abridged series. They are like a numerous amount of other people’s interpretations of other characters, except you add video stuff to it. You know editing, sound effects, music, some extra visual effects, and voice acting are added to that list. While I am sure there is an endless amount of fanfictions that never finish due to the writers lack of passion or lack of vision of where they wanted to take the story, only the most dedicated people ever completely end an abridged series on their own terms. Only a small amount of abridged series ever finished, which is why it’s amazing that TFS ended something on their own terms. Hopefully Toei won’t take their channel down again for it.

I say all this because I am really going to miss watching DBZA. As I’ve stated before, those three seasons are things that went beyond just entertainment for me. Keeping together with my friends was one thing. It was also another thing that gave me a constant or center in my life for a decade when I was having a rough time. This last decade was horrible for me and I needed it. I do enjoy the latest Unlimited Blade Works and Sword Art Online abridged series created from similar groups, but there is something about a first love that makes it disappearing more powerful. That’s how TFS’ DBZA feels to me. I am very interested in what direction TFS wants to go from here though. Preproduction and production in general take a while, but I will be here when the new content appears.

So once again, thank you Team Four Star for everything that you’ve done for me. Even if I was one of the quiet ones who never left a comment or sent fan mail, you guys meant a lot to me and still do. Thank you, thank you so much. That’s all that I wanted to say today. I don’t know how to say or do more, so I hope this little blog posts gets to you guys. Until the next time.


  1. I remember watching YGOA way back when and I saw some of Team Four Star’s stuff when they were starting out with Naruto Abridged. While I haven’t seen DBZA, I do hope for the best for Team Four Star.

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  2. As DBZA Cell would put it:

    And now, the end is near
    And so we face the final curtain
    My friends, I’ll say it clear
    I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
    We watched a show so full
    We expolored old stories in a new way
    But they, our T-F-S!
    They did it theeeeir way!

    Bad Eps! They had a few!
    But then again, too few to mention
    They did what they had to do.
    We saw it through without exemption
    Farewell to little green
    Krillin’s owned counter has gone away
    No more, no more of this
    I ended theirrr waaay.

    Maybe one day producer Nappa will help us finish the story..until than we will just have to ask him..
    Are we there yet?….Are we there yet?

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  3. I’m really going to miss DBZA, it’s provided me with so many laughs over the years! But all good things must come to an end I guess and I’m looking forward to seeing what new projects Team Four Star will work on next.

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  4. I only really started watching DBZA last year. I knew of its existence, but never took to the time to watch any until I saw the end of the Cell games pop up on Youtube and I just fell in love. I binged the whole 3 seasons and all the movies in about a week. It revitalised my love for DBZ that had been waning over the past few years and while I’m sad there won’t be anymore, I’m glad they got to end it on such an amazing note. A lot of the Team Four Star interpretations of the characters are now my head cannon for what’s actually going on in the heads of Goku and the gang.

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  5. I almost completely forget about Team FourStar the moment the Cell arc was done. It was a great series, it made me laugh, and it wasn’t made to be a cynical tear-down of the series. Most importantly I respect that the creators were VERY clear to would be fans and journalists that DBZA WASN’T them trying to replace or “improve’ the series.

    I admire that they are putting this to bed and not dragging it out for reasons. I honestly doubt their company is going to survive, they don’t seem to have the resources or success to become the next Rooster Teeth, but I wish them all the success.

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    1. Right? That’s how I feel.

      I honestly feel a little skeptical myself about there future. Got instance, I know that they only have one animator and somehow they want to make an animated series? Not sure how that’s going to work for them. Same for the other projects.

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