Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 9

Yay enjoying anime! I wish I had something smarter to say, haha. I have started reading One Piece though. That’s going to be a long journey, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 20

Read my review from Sunday here.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 20

This episode was the complete match against Shira with Manji’s arm with Renzo, the boy whose dad Manji killed just stood there.. After Shira captured Rin and tied her under a dock with a rock forcing her there, Manji had to start fighting against manji. Will, until Manji just pushed Shira aside and spent his time trying to save Rin. He completely failed leading to Rin being saved by a random ninja and such. That’s when Manji returns to the battle where he’s fighting Magatsu. Immortality really did make him too powerful. Working together, Shira was finally put down and eventually eaten by wolves. Horrifying. I hope Rin turns out ok. This episode needed to happen and it happened in the bloodiest way possible. Gah.

Bofuri Episode 8

This episode maybe moved a little too fast? This episode covered a lot of things. The third event was pushed aside for us because it’s agility based and needed people with agility to catch “cows” for their “cowbells”. They looked more like sheep to me. But anyway, Maple travels to a part of a previous dungeon unexplored and she discovers a monster. A monster that eats her and she eats back to gain the skill to turn into the monster? Holy crap, man. I agree with her team, she’s not human anymore.

Then that leads us to the third floor, the steam punk floor. It’s pretty cool looking. To explore it, everyone goes in their own direction. So of course Maple learns more about the lore of the area by an old man she helps and then falls in a graveyard to fight another boss and get another transformation. After she takes the machine god’s ability from the front gear, she has a robot suit transformation with lasers and everything. I don’t think this show can get any crazier then this. I’m kind of scared about this honestly.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 8

This episode was completely horrifying in a lot of ways. Learning about the origin of the Chronicles of Haraiso. Apparently, that is the book which caused the destruction of humanity itself. Why? After a Gollem and Somali’s trip through the witches security system, the head librarian tells them her story before passing. The story of when she was young, found herself on a colony of racist humans who hate everything different besides their gollem, her spending time with them surprisingly knot knowing that she is a witch, and then her goodbye when all of them are racist. To be honest, I think those humans deserve it. With that knowledge, Gollem and Somali are sent on a mission to the far reaches of their planet to find pockets of humanity. Yeah, that was pretty heavy content right there.

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Episode 8

This episode was mean, man. You remember last week where I completely ignored Kou capturing a spirit and tying it up? Yeah, I didn’t care about him at all until this week. The spirit’s name was Mitsuba and all he wanted was a friend. There was some bad and forth jokes here and there between Mitsuba and Kou, but they really did turn out to be great friends by the time their moment was done. Too bad Hanako’s brother had to come in and completely ruin Mitsuba by transforming him into a monster and eventually. killing him. That incident was put into a stop, but Mitsuba ending up hating Hanako’s brother as a result here. Nene didn’t make an appearance, but she didn’t have to? Why does this show hit so hard? Damn.

Haikyu!! TO THE TOP Episode 8

This episode was a great episode establishing Hinata’s growth and Kageyama’s starting of understanding towards his team mates. They were still playing practice matches against DATE Tech, so that’s generally the plot. In this segment, Hinata learned how to fit in with the crowd and even fully mastered his decoy title in order to all Karasuno to score more points and win against Date Tech more. Plus, the minus tempo attack is great. On the other side, Kageyama learned encouragement, though he still has a ways to go before fully understanding his team mates. Tsukki not being able to hit one ball he set up is an example of that. Fun episode, can’t wait to see them head to the nationals.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 20

Yeah, I honestly don’t have much to say in this episode that I didn’t say last week. 1-A practicing for their event didn’t take a lot of screen time which was sad because I really wanted to see them playing and dancing. How is Jirou focused on in the opening when she isn’t around? Instead, the focus is once again on Deku with his training and eventually him, Mirio, and Eri walking around UA meeting people and seeing their passions being worked on and some annoyances by 1-B. That’s it really. Oh, Gentle and La Brava had there one scene and I just don’t like how they are over explaining his UA heist. It’s so dumb.

Magia Record Episode 8

While this episode was pretty slow, I can’t help but feel like it was a tonal master piece in slowly escalating things further on in the next arc. Especially with rumors spreading everywhere. Iroha has her first couple days at school in this show. We see how rumors affect her own life when it’s mentioned that she’s friend with Felecia meaning that people think she’s a brigand of some kind so they don’t talk to her. Something that ties into the spam texts that Iroha gets connected to a vanishing girl by the name of Sana Futaba. Also, Rena is on the roof investigating this rumor a little more. Kind of interested to see where this one goes.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 18

I love episodes like this one. The ones where our good guys (which is all of humanity) are pushed to the very brink, but show everything they are made of from all the dramatic speeches and actions. Gilgamesh’s speech was powerful and showed the strength of the 500 humans left behind. Plus, I love Gilgamesh’s actions of giving Kingu a holy grail so he doesn’t fall apart anymore and the heart he gave his foe that took over his friend’s body. All that to face against a god they can’t win against at all.

The last bit to slow down Tiamat’s pacing was powerful stuff. Benkei returned from who knows where to finish his sacrifice and dying with Ushiwaka and Quetzacotal had her fantastic and visually amazing self sacrifice to just put a small dent into Tiamat’s infinitely strong body. I wonder what this would be like if Quetz didn’t have her power halved a little bit ago from breaking the alliance. In the face of all that danger and failing to stop Tiamat, Fujiwara is still on the case to never stop fighting no matter the costs. Kingu’s surprise with Gorgon at the end was interesting though. I look forward to seeing what happens next here.

ID:Invaded Episode 10

I’m beginning to wonder if the writers wrote themselves into a hole and this was the episode that got them out of it? A lot like: Oh, we forgot we had a decent criminal plot going on and we need to transition to that instead of the fantasy land that we created. Even if that’s the case though, this was a pretty good transition episode with some shocking reveals. Narihasago continues his journey of investigating Askukai’s murders and making them commit suicide. He was on the way to another one when the real hero, Honodomachi made her appearance and reminded him this place isn’t real. After Narihasago’s goodbye statement to his family, he gets sent back to the desert and gives Hondomachi his notes.

The big reveal at the end was kind of/sort of a plot twist but at the same time was so interesting I kind of loved it. Sakaido’s partner from episode eight revealed his true form as John Walker. It’s also revealed that the hole in his head allowed him to keep his memories, the desert was covering up Narihasago’s ID:Well, and the dead body they found was Narihasago. So many crazy reveals at once in this nonsensical show is kind of wonderful honestly. The last couple episodes had me at “where will this show go from here” and now I feel like the momentum and insanity has returned like it should.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 9

So begins Eizouken’s adventure and/or next project. After Kanamori was caught having the sound side of her new acquisition selling their files on the internet and Eizouken acquiring a soft profit from the student council, Kanamori comes up with a new grand scheme for her club. A community thirty minute dvd funded by the city itself. You know, after Kanamori deliberately dismisses making anime for all the other clubs in the school. An anime about aliens attacking the city for some reason and the city using it’s hidden weapons to save themselves.

She does this more subtly though. She takes Midori and Tsubame through the city for lunch. A fun and somewhat complicated walk to a ramen restaurant where she enjoys the food a lot. We also get to know more about Kanamori’s backstory when she was working for a liquor store for money. (I have questions, Japan.) Her business practices got the store to acquire money on a snowy day, but didn’t save the store itself. It seems like Kanamori has a soft spot towards businesses closing and wanting to
advertise them. Well, as long as she gets a profit too. She’s more interesting then “I want money” and I’m here for it.

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