#MechaMarch : 5 Mecha Anime From 2019

Hey guess what? Mecha March starts today. I hope you are all pretty excited, because I put a lot of work into the posts that are going to appear this month. The first thing we are doing is looking at what mecha anime came out last year. Mecha March is mostly a look into mecha anime from the past so I can give them some attention. Well, 2019 is the past now isn’t it? Let’s look at the closer past and see what 5 mecha anime I enjoyed from last year. Especially so I can show peopl that it’s still out there and kicing. Here’s my strong statement for that fact, this post.

In this time of anime where anime quickly show up and go by, it’s really hard to find love for anything here sticking around. Let’s talk about how Promised Neverland took the anime world by storm in early 2019 and then almost completely disappeared from anime discourse afterward. Not every anime series sticks around like Demon Slayer did from the past year. That’s why I’m not exactly as concerned about how Mecha anime is doing considering that it’s in the seasonal landscape now and has additional troubles like every other series honestly.

If there is a trend that seems to be happening, it’s that Mecha anime is getting a lot more creative in how it’s constructed here. In the age of isekai anime, mecha anime has kind of pushed towards doing a little bit more of that and other things. Now I know that mecha anime has been apart of the isekai genre for a long time because mecha started it out, but it left it for quite a while so they need to try something unique to return to the genre. That doesn’t mean that creative projects don’t exist. Things like Price of Smiles and Obsolete came out at the same time after all, but are minor in attention and comparison honestly. Or you can just be Studio Trigger and be…Studio Trigger with Promare. That works for them and Sunrise only though. Special cases here where you need big names to get attention. It sucks, but that’s world.

With that long preamble done, let’s finally look at my list of five mecha anime from 2019 that I enjoyed.


What can I say about Promare here other then it took the anime world by storm all over the place. It took over so much that the fan art over Galo and Lio is everywhere AND there was a special second season with extras attached to the package to all of it. Things like Studio Trigger and Promare existing are a reason why mecha will stay around for a long time here.

So what is Promare about? Human kind fighting about the Burnish race who burned down the world years ago using fire fighter mecha to save it. Well, until the reveal of who the burnish are, who the real bad guy is, and everything else. Which leads to a big mecha fight to save the world from global climate change and everything. It’s everything you expect to be and it’s just a lot of fun.


Obsolete is the new Gen Urobuchi mecha anime centered on aliens appearing on Earth and minding their own business EXCEPT selling exoframe mecha to humans for a cheap amount of resources for some reason. The first part, which I wrote about at this point and came in 2020, is about how the exosuits have affected life on Earth and world conflicts with Exosuits.

It’s really interesting stuff honestly. Six, fifteen minute episodes really do a lot of work of establishing why these gasaraki mecha are helping AND ruining humanity at the same time. I hope part 2 does well. Yay Youtube for doing something interesting for once.


Yet another famous director, Goro Taniguchi, was behind the creation of this anime and the Code Geass movie that came out last year which was pretty decent. I wonder if the Code Geass film gave him enough money for this anime to exist. Revisions is about a small section of Shinjuku spirited away to the future where a small amount of teenagers, one really annoying named Daisuke who thinks it’s time to be a hero, use mecha to fight off the coming threat of the revisions while finding a way to go back in time. It’s not a series that digs into all the themes it’s presented heavily, but it’s an interesting what if story and entertaining in it’s own way.


Granbelm is probably the most creative mecha anime that has come out recently. No, I am not lying when I say that because I think it’s true. That being said though, it probably pushed itself a little too far in that department where the story got hurt a little bit. Granbelm is a mecha series and also a magical girl series and also a psuedo fate series. During the moon light, magical girls would pilot their magical mecha to the death for a specified amount of time in a magical realm.

When some characters die in that other realm, most of them have their memories erased from the world as a whole. I say most because the first character who died in that alternate realm is still there. The stakes really do wrack on at time goes on and it’s kind of fun. The execution could have been better, but what we got was more then alright. It’s just generally good.

Gundam Build Divers RE:RISE

Here is the most kid friendly anime on this list and it’s about a group of four divers or players on GBN finding themselves having to fight together to save a group of furries on a game. It was seen as a mission with strangers, but they’ve slowly learned about each other and how to fight with each other while also discovering that the people they are protecting are real. Plus, the whole situation is real.

The original Guild Divers was pretty bad, so RE:Rise is a massive improvement over that series. It’s a simple anime, but a self contained narrative that develops characters and stakes with good mecha fights all over the place. Also, the ending of RE:Rise part 1 is pretty wild and real for a series like this. Part 2 is coming next month and I’m excited about it. I can’t say that for a lot of things but I can say it for RE:Rise.

Here are some mecha anime from 2019. Notice how they are all unique and trying to go for something to gain some sort of attention. I really like this honestly. While I am a bigger mecha anime that likes Gundam and things like it, I really do like seeing playing around with the genre to make them special. I think this is how mecha should be, but I do wish more people would talk about it other then the small amount of bloggers and people on twitter that I see talk about them. Still, there is nothing I can do but advertise these series. So, here you go.

Also, I didn’t talk about all of them. Like I said before, Price of Smiles came out in 2019 and so did Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. I also know of Shinkalion which was apparently great, but didn’t get any legal release anywhere so I couldn’t watch it unfortunately. So that makes eight mecha things. Yay! That’s actually quite a bit honestly considering all the work that comes into designing mecha and the world they are in. I think 2020 is going to be light on mecha content, but I do know there is more on the way from creators I really like, so I am content. I can live on older series and small amounts of newer ones.

I’m not the only blog doing Mecha March this year. Be sure to check Lita Kino’s blog for content too. She’s put a lot of work and effort into this month, so please support her too.


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