#MechaMarch 2020 Question 1

Once again, thank you so much for those who responded to my crazy idea. You know, like my other crazy ideas that I seem to have. I’m happy that even a small amount of people answered the questions I provided. Once again, thank you so much. Let’s start this thing, shall we?

Question: Does a mecha series have to be something special in order for you to watch it?

The Responses:


No, I will pretty much watch anything mecha. I’ve always loved the genre, but I never seem to watch that much of it. I partly put that down to me trying to keep up with currently airing stuff and there just isn’t that much mecha currently airing, but it’s also because I’m lazy and I haven’t found the time to go back and watch older stuff. I do need to fix that.

From AnimeAndFanFiction

It doesn’t have to be special honestly, I really have been enjoying the mecha genre lately because who doesn’t love robots or sci fi?! I mean I’m sure there’s people who don’t, but personally I think it’s so cool to see giant robots in anime.

I’m personally still trying out what I like with mecha but so far I’ve seen a bit of gundam, promare, darling in the franxx, and eventually want to see gurren lagan.

I think any anime can be considered special to someone, so again, it doesn’t have to be as popular or known for me to watch it or enjoy it.

From RisefromAshes

Not especially. I tend to gravitate towards mecha series that don’t really sell themselves as mecha? I didn’t know that Ghost in the Shell, or Code Geass were considered mecha anime but you learn something new every day. I’m still fairly new to watching mecha, although I do know some bigger titles. I.E. Gundam, GITS, Eva, etc.

From TerranceACrow

No more than any other anime, with one exception: The mechs have to be an integral part. Full Metal Panic! is an example of that done right. So is Bubuki/Buranki (https://www.crowsworldofanime.com/posts/bubukiburanki-the-gentle-giants-of-the-galaxy-episode-guide/). But that’s like saying a mecha series has to be a mecha series, and I’m not sure that makes any sense.

From Dreion

A mecha series doesn’t have to be outstandingly unique for me to like it. I’m a big fan of EVA but nowadays I prefer a story with less drama and/or low stakes. As I get older I tend to look for stories about fun adventures instead of emotionally stirring and/or interpretative work.

From The Classic Anime Museum

Each series should have it’s own spin on the genre, or pay homage to others that have come before in a creative way. I find the mecha shows I love the most have very strong stories and characters that carry the show even more than the robot themselves. The show doesn’t have to be special, or popular, it just has to spark my interest in some fashion. I grew up on mecha as my first anime experiences so there will always be some sort of a bond to the genre for me.

From Drunken Anime Blog

All anime has to be special for me to watch it… I actually like Mecha just as much as any other genre so I guess the actual answer would be no.

From Me (Of All People)

For me right now, a series doesn’t have to do anything special for me to dig into a mecha show. With this seasonal landscape, as long as a show has mecha in it, there is a strong chance that I am going to at least check it out if not finish it. Most mecha shows are pretty unique these days, so your experience is never going to be the same as the last one. 

When I dive into older series, same thing honestly. Even with the older series that hand tons of episodic content where they have to defeat the monster or the robot of the week, each series is so unique and different from the others. So basically, a mecha series needs to exist in order for me to check them out.


Once again, thank you to all who answered my questions and got involved in this post. If you haven’t already, please follow them and check out their content because each one provides their own sense of great content.

The Question for next week is “What is your favorite Mecha Design?” Please submit your answers if you haven’t already by Friday so I can publish the next post in question. 

I’m not the only blog doing Mecha March this year. Be sure to check Lita Kino’s blog for content too. She’s put a lot of work and effort into this month, so please support her too.


  1. Those sound like great answers!

    My favorite mecha design is Turn A Gundam. It’s certainly one of the most unique mecha designs with the “mustache” and all, but it still had practical features and didn’t look gaudy while also calling back to the original UC Gundam units.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good responses everyone!
    For week 2 here’s my thoughts,

    2. 2. This is hard since there are so many cool designs I like. Probably the golden Unicorn Phenex from Gundam Narrative or Barbatos from Iron Blooded Orphans, then again I haven’t seen a TON of Gundam or a lot of mecha. Yet, Gundam robots are always going to be an instant classic favorite.


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