#MechaMarch 2020: Question 2

Once again, thank you to everyone getting involved with Mecha March. I always enjoy seeing your answers. I hope you all continue to get involved with these question posts as we continue on. With that, let’s present this week’s question.

Question: What Is Your Favorite Mecha Design?


From Risefromashes

I love the designs for the Tachikomas! They seem to not only have the cutest AI personality-wise. Additionally, I feel like their designs are distinct and fairly practical especially within the universe of the GITS. Then again, biased towards GITS forever.

(A word from me: Darn Right. GITS is amazing!)

From TerranceACrow

Yui Takamura’s mech from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. Elegant. Beautiful. Deadly.

From The Classic Anime Musuem/JOsh

The SPT-LZ-00X Layzner from Blue Comet SPT Layzner. It’s like a blue Ferrari in mecha form… gorgeous design!

From DrunkenAnimeBlog/Irina

This one is really tough. I guess I like the classic giant roughly humanoid mechas…Maybe Escaflowne. I like my mechas a little blinged up!

From Iridium Eye Reviews/Ospreyshire

My favorite mecha design is Turn A Gundam. It’s certainly one of the most unique mecha designs with the “mustache” and all, but it still had practical features and didn’t look gaudy while also calling back to the original UC Gundam units.

From animeandfanfiction

This is hard since there are so many cool designs I like. Probably the golden Unicorn Phenex from Gundam Narrative or Barbatos from Iron Blooded Orphans, then again I haven’t seen a TON of Gundam or a lot of mecha. Yet, Gundam robots are always going to be an instant classic favorite.

From TheAnimangaSpellbook/Aria

Shigeto Koyama mechs are my favourite, simply because that’s where I started with the genre and they really don’t have much competition in my head anyway. Specifically, my favourite is Star Driver’s Tauburn, which is both stylish and powerful.

From Me OF All People

I feel like thoughts have changed a lot regarding my thought patterns, but recently I really love simple yet asymmetric designs. Something like the Gundam X and X-Diver from the already named dropped series OR the Seltsame from RE:Rise. There is just something abou the simplicity yet bold and drama of that design that drew me to it and made me want to build that model kit. Asymmetric isn’t a requirement though. The Escaflowne is a simple design that has a lot of power to it in it’s form or royalty to it that I can’t help but love for instance. I just love so many designs.

Once again, thank you to all who answered my questions and got involved in this post. If you haven’t already, please follow them and check out their content because each one provides their own sense of great content.

The Question for next week is “Who is your favorite Mecha Protagonist?” Please submit your answers if you haven’t already by Friday so I can publish the next post in question. On top of that, if you have a mecha post that you would like me to share please do that too. My last post of Mecha March is going to be everyone’s posts so you have time.

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  1. My favorite design… G Gundam, simply because they were all so over-the-top – but played it straight.

    My favorite protagonist? I’d say Mangetsu from Granblem because there’s so much behind the reality of what she is.

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  2. I’m late but here’s my question 3 response!

    I tend to not like most protagonists of mechas that I have seen, but if I could name one I liked, it might be the Major from Ghost in the Shell. I don’t know if this counts since the anime doesn’t include giant robots, it still includes cyborgs and is listed as sci-fi. Major Kusanagi is such a strong, dare I say bad-ass woman who I just can’t seem to compare any other mecha protagonist to. Maybe Mikazuki from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans would be my second choice, I love his character a lot.

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