Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 12

Two seasonal finales have appeared and there is more to come. So far so good in my eyes. Plus, I know see the weakness of posting this on Monday. Most weeks start for people on Sundays in a business sense while they always start on Mondays to me so there is always going to be that sort of over lap here.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 23

Watch my review from last week.

Blade of the Immortal Episode 23

I feel like this is the episode that really felt like it had to cut down it’s conflict into smaller amounts of things. Last episode had all those people running around and fighting each other, right? Some people died last episode, but even more people die this episode which is fine considering that now I see people I actually better for. Most of the rokki-dan are cut down by the sphere woman in a bad ass short cut of animation moment when she stood up then Hyakurin and her husband fight her and end up losing.

At the same time, Manji chan is challenging the larger Rokki-dan member and seemingly losing while Ahnotsu and Habaki are having at each other with Habaki’s daughter then somehow distracting the fight between the two. I’m glad to get to those strong emotional moments with these characters fighting each other moments that we know so well because this show has been such a long journey. I just wish I was more invested into the show then I was.

Like, I personally almost died for the moment when Rin was covering Manji during an important moment. Other than that, felt alright for the others. Kind of excited to see how it all ends though. I know that I sounded luke warm when watching this episode, but I’m really not.

Bofuri Episode 11

The finale is almost upon us and apparently, it’s now finally time to the final battle. Not the first battle in this series with Maple and her two strength gears again Mii and her gang. That being said, it was so strange and exciting to see Maple actually struggling to do something. You know, even if she was holding herself back to reveal her abilities later with other people. Seeing Maple completely defeat Mii’s attacks and self-destructs were great. It’s also a great thing to see Maple just using abilities she already has too. Also, I loved seeing Mii completely falling apart when she learned her attacks didn’t work. She must be a five year old or something in real life. A five year old that tries to be serious, but falls apart when things don’t go her way.

The finale though, oh man. I wasn’t expecting to see the top leveled characters in the game instantaneously show up to Maple Tree’s base. Maple Tree was able to hold them off for a little bit, but they did overwhelm everyone including Maple. That was pretty surprising. Maple too a lot of damage do to facing some of the strongest piercing attacks in the game. Now Maple Tree is in as much trouble as it could be. So weird to see Maple finally put into question at the end of the game, but it’s the only way to see this show at a decent point, I think. Willing to see if Maple stands up and solves the situation herself again.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 11

I’m finding it hard to write about this episode on certain levels today because all I can say is because my feelings are incredibly confused. Or should I say that I just felt nothing. All I can say is this episode felt like a natural conclusion to me. Yes, it featured Somali and others running away from human hunters, another backstory from Auntie Rosa featuring a children’s song and her hatred of humans after the humans hated her over 200 years ago, and Gollem accessing a final form to save Somali?

This feels just like a means of an end to finish this season. It just doesn’t feel like anything and maybe that’s the point? It is an old hatred that repeated itself again. I’m just saying that this episode focused on the non-fantastical parts of a fantastical world and I’m wondering if that’s the point. Either way, it’s not the sort of reason of why I watched this show even though racism was always there. I guess Somali was going to have to encounter this racism directly eventually. Not a huge fan of how this is handled, but not completely sure that there is a better way for her to have it face against her.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Episode 11

This episode was an experience. It feels like the culmination of everything that has happened up to this point. Nene stuck with Mitsuba and Tsukasa (I was completely wrong last week) in the third wonder of the school while Kou and Hanako work with the fox spirit second wonder to help them in. All to learn that Mitsuba was a weak and false human in the first place and Tsukasa created him. I’m not sure why Tsukasa created someone like him, but they did create the weakest person possible into a god. Why? He’s afraid of Hanako’s knife.

In all this, Kou tried to get Mitsuba to remember him and that must be completely crushing him right now and possibly might crush Mitsuba later. I’m just saying that I am ready to cry again even though I know it’s coming in the finale. What I do wonder about is whether or not Mitsuba was an original character for the show to create a finale or not because he’s just well-integrated into the show thematically and powerfully in that way. Even Kou got some extra character development from all of this too. Besides maybe Noragami and Blood Blockade Battlefront, not a lot of filler characters have brought out this depth that other shows. If he’s not original, that’s fine too.

Haikyu!! TO THE TOP Episode 11

Ah, this episode was so much fun to watch. It’s so nice to see the game moving around so quickly and also developing characters and thematic things at the same time. Just like the serving this episode. There was arc centered around just that. Same with Hinata being at the right place at the right time to get the ball. There was also the fact that Karasuno won both sets in the first round of the national tournament too. So much to process in one episode and its all just good stuff. Good for people to see Hinata and others in the main line on television. Some stock footage, but that’s ok. The added bit with the alumni added more to this episode then you would think. So good.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 23

I personally feel like this is the strongest episode of this latest cour of My Hero Academia because the conclusion episodes are always the great ones, but even then, I was heavily let down. I am beginning to question the reason why My Hero Academia wanted to have an opening focused on Jirou when you only gave her five minutes to have an arc. The rest of it was focused on small amounts of students getting ready for the festival AND Deku fighting Gentle. A fight that I never really learned to care about despite their simularities. The only way this arc could be retroactively good is if Deku took Gentle’s situation to heart and actually changed the definition of what being a hero means. I’m not sticking around to find out.

At the same time, there were some good moments still. 1-A’s song and dance was pretty alright and well animated for the most part when it came to character movements and the woo bang and everything. At the same time, they hid all the hand movements for the instruments so that disappointed me. At least Eri got into it and learned how to smile. She’s kind of adorable, so I’m glad she found out what happiness is. 1-B’s play was ridiculous but fun so that was great. Also, the beauty competition was kind of confusing, but I appreciate the effort put into it. Plus, Deku getting a talking too was pretty interesting but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. A good episode with some strong emotional stuff, but eh.

Magia Record Episode 11

What a fantastic sort of set up episode for the conclusion of this show two episodes away? I heard there would be a second cour. Regardless, I can’t help but think that this episode did everything so right. From Iroha and others following members of the Wings of Magius, to Sana suggesting purchasing more things for their house like coasters for their mugs, to finally Mifuyu appearing at Yachiyo’s house to obviously set the girls up for a trap. Also, a great, short scene showing why Yachiyo separates herself from other people. I’m pretty intrigued to where this was going. Especially when the interesting settings that appeared in the final scene where our characters ninja jumped all the way to the lecture.

Fate/Grand Order Babylonia Episode 20

Another episode of last stands, sacrifices, excellent visual designs, and amazing redesigns. All to show the strength of will for the characters wanting to see humanity survive. Everyone put in their hard work and sacrifices to put Mother to an end. Even the speedy Lahmu were eventually stopped by Gilgamesh’s appearance yet again. The best moment for me was the combination of Fujiwara running to his mother with the god piercing knife then seeing Gilgamesh launching Ea against her. I’ve seen and heard of Gilgamesh against Ea before, but this is the first time it’s ever been shown on screen. All in the face of saving humanity. This is a simple show, but a powerful one regardless.

ID:Invaded Episode 13 (Finale)

I’m kind of amazed by this finale because I didn’t think it would land everything as well as it could. I mean, I described this show as three different anime series put together at one point right? I didn’t know how it would all work together somehow even if it’s a bit clunky. Hondomachi and Narihasago had a fun cartoonish chase sequence, with one obvious End of Eva reference, through different memories. So it’s a basically a chase sequence between genius detectives in worlds of dreams. What’s not cool about that? In the end, our good guys won by tricking our god thinking villain in the end. I honestly enjoyed it. There were some pointless scenes like the detective team ones and the boob squish, but whatever.

And the ending sequence with Momoki and Kaeru talking aboaut Momoki suffered through the poluted area. Why? It was dragging him away to mind land too, so he has to brought back to conciousness horribly through the suit’s medical system giving the older detective something to do here. He was the back up for everyone so it makes sense. Momoki and Kaeru’s talk then Kaeru allowing all the people be brought back to consciousness was powerful talk. Same with Kaeru and Narihasago talking once again. While there are some flaws here and there, but everything was tied up satisfyingly. The adventure continues stuff was pretty decent too.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!! Episode 12 (Finale)

I feel like seeing our Eizouken girls working last minute to finish their city short is the only way to satisfyingly end this series. (Hopefully more to come). The sound didn’t work for the infamous dance scene, so they had to make a last-minute ending for it which is a harsher in tone. All while Kanamori had to make deals with the dvd producing company or you know, just break into their office with a chain saw which I highly approve of. Although last minute, they were able to finish it and sell their anime at comiket. All while Midori was barely holding onto selling the dvds because she’s an introvert and Tsubame just riding high on her model extrovert formula. All so great.

I think the best thing about this sequence was just our girls watching their work at Midori’s house. All with Midori in her comfort place with the blanket wrapped around her and holding her bunny. The anime they developed was pretty great and you can sense the emotions through the music and the cinematogrphy. At the end of it all, Midori fall asleep at the end and the Tsubamae and Sayaka left with the thoughts “this can all be improved”. Thus, we see the girls go back to work to create something new afterwards. It’s the best sort of anime ending where it ends well, but you can admit that there is always room for more.

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