Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2020 Anime Week 13

While not every show is done yet, looking at you Magia Record, Haikyu, and MHA, it’s so sad to be at that point where all the shows that I enjoyed for a very long time are gone and I have to get used to new shows again. I know that I have been through this cycle a lot already, but I never fully get used to it because I get attached to a lot of things way too easily. I really need to work on that.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 24 (Finale)

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Blade of Immortal Episode 24 (Finale)

The first half of this episode was an artistic sort of masterpiece that I wished other episodes in this anime could be. The lack of voice acting, the well realized character animation filled with tragedy, and stellar action scenes. What if they went for this more often? The results of these fights were Habaki’s death from Ahnotsu and then Manji with his huge viking arm taking out Ahnotsu’s right arm instantly. It’s one of the most vivid and wild experiences that I’ve had for a while. It’s pretty awesome honestly. That was a bold choice that I highly approve of because it’s like the first episode in that way.

Following Manji meeting with Ahontsu who is about to leave on a boat to talk of the “never return” and then Rin going all in on stabbing Ahnotsu to death was the epilogue segment. We see Rin talkinga bout her future plans of ending this cycle of revenge by talking to Itto-Ryu family members with Hyakurin who instantly sees through Rin’s façade. That cycle is still in motion by Renzo wondering if he can forgive Rin and then Magatsu just living the humble life of a farmer. He never completely liked fighting anywhere, so that makes sense to me. Kind of love it all. Same with the ambiguity of jumping to the future with Mr. Manji. We have an idea that Rin lived for a while since she was so young, but we don’t know how. That’s left to the imagination which is also great.

Bofuri Episode 12 (Finale)

A lot of things going on in this episode. Maple Tree being completely overwhelmed by the five leaders of the top guild and Maple being forced to use her atrocity form to fight all of them off. I was waiting for that to happen in this arc, but that is the shonen formula of waiting for the last moment to unveil trump cards. All of that lead to Maple Tree going on the attack with Maple as a demon and even saving a guild they fought last episode in order to save them. All while having cute maple like animation for the demon she is when talking in a monster voice. I couldn’t help but find that all incredibly funny and everything.

The best part was the conclusion. Maple Tree hosting other guilds when looking at the results of the latest competition and then all of them completely shaming Maple for not playing the game normally when it’s far from the truth. I am a little disappointed by the admins not making Maple into a monster, but using Maple as an advertisement to increase interest in the game and even motivate gamers further. Makes sense I guess. Fun conclusion to such a hilarious series. I hope season 2 turns out ok. I don’t know if it could do anymore. Honestly.

Toilet Bound Hanako Episode 12 (Finale)

I’m decently happy with the conclusion of this episode as long as we get another season. Why? It’s an episode that focuses on the relationship between Nene and Hanako specifically while also giving Nene a sort of pay off from her hidden fish like nature. She has been given the option of turning into a fish and getting a fish harem of which, she eventually stops. Of course, she didn’t take it and Hanako promised to tell her more when she was ready. We still have that cliff hanger with Kou and Mitsuba and all that evil stuff still, but the finally was touching enough for me to enjoy it. You know, if we get a season 2. Otherwise, still more then decent of a show.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 12 (Finale)

Kind of a funny situation in which this conclusion is very much like Hanako in that it focused on the relationship between Somali and Golem mostly. It’s fine here because the show has always been about Golem and Somali with no clear antagonist besides other creatures having their blatant racism against humans. Still don’t have a solid opinion on this anime though because my feelings are mixed. But anyway, So Golem saves Somali with his berserk mode, but loses functionality and an arm. He plans on running away when Somali is busy, but Somali finds him and they have that strong emotional moment. Golem realized he did have feelings which he ran away because he didn’t know what they are. Beautiful ending because Somali at least has guardians even if the future even if he does die.

Haikyu!! TO THE TOP Episode 12

What a great episode to set up the coming volley ball storm. Full of all sorts of character moments. Some paying off moments we’ve already seen with Bokuto and Hinata while others are establishing greater threats for Karasuno to come. Especially since Kageyama and the other “little giant” know each other, but he never shared anything with Karasuno. Plus, Bokuto’s team won and Nekoma won. I just loved all of it. There is just so much to like in this episode. I loved the ending when Hinata was inspired by his little giant competitor. I don’t know what to say here. Just pure fun.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24

For what it’s worth, this episode was pretty alright. A lot of happened at a good pace which made everything feel so genuine and generally solid. Kind of interesting how this season is finally starting to get interesting with the last couple episodes. With the jump from eri leaving in the adult dorms so she can learn her abilities, we go to the top heroes celebration. Yes, we are focusing on Endevour and his relationship with the current number 2 Hawks who may or may not be making fun of him by taking him under his wing. The two have an interesting dynamic and get different reactions from the crowds, so it’s nice to explore. Same with Endeavour being put in front of a Nomu on camera. Kind of a direct comparison to All Might vs All For One on camera.

Magia Record Episode 12

Interesting penultimate episodes. Our girls make it to their lecture and get an education on how magical girls can become witches from viewing how Yachiyo’s previous group suffered through a lot of the things we saw in Madoka. The Wings of Magius’ answer was a new concept called a doppel. Possibly a witch in magical girl form? We’ve been leading to this with Iroha’s magical form anyway. Now we know what it is. Oh, and Yachiyo is on the way to save our girls and Kaede is back from the wings of magius and is here to save Rena and all of them? Just a lot of thigns going on at the same time and Shaft just being shaft. That’s why I had to watch this episode twice. I did enjoy it though.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 21 (Finale)

A very fun epilogue episode with Fujiwara and Mash saying goodbye to all the servants that helped them on their journey. Each was touching in their own way and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I wish Anna would show up. She had a huge emotional arc and it’s sad to see her not get a last pay off to it all. Also, it’s fantastic to see Gilgamesh and Enkidu meet up again. They really needed a pay off for everything that was happened to them because that was another over all arc. Decent episode to end a great series. I’m so glad there is a sequel coming sometime in the future. I would watch it anyway because it’s Fate, but it’s good to know there is some quality in what is going on.


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