#MechaMarch 2020: Mecha Posts From Other Blogs

So here we are. The last day of March and Mecha March. This has been one of the business months I’ve had on this blog in a while. All of which is great considering that this is Mecha March and I wanted to make this month huge somehow. It wasn’t hard considering that most of what came out was written months ago. That being said, that’s enough babbling from me. Let’s end this month with other people’s mecha posts. The best way that I could think of putting Mecha March 2020 to a close. Yay other people’s posts :). Please enjoy.

IrdiumEyeReviews – Voice of a Distant Star Review

Here is a review on Makoto Shinkai’s first work which set in motion how he would write his other movies and stories. It’s a great ova that he animated by himself focusing on a relationship that slowly drifts apart through space time and humankind fights against an alien menace. Give it a read then watch the OVA on crunchyroll.

NeverArgueWithAFish – Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Season 1 and 2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans is a great anime that can set people into the route of watching Gundam and mecha anime. I liked both seasons myself, but read NeverArgueWithAFish’s post about how he loved season 1 and thought that the second season was alright.

AnimeandFanFiction – So I ended up seeing Promare and…I loved it!

Promare was a movie that appeared on movie screens last year and blew up massively. I loved it, but you aren’t here for me. AnimeandFanFiction loved it too. Read her thoughts on why she enjoyed it in her post here and maybe join in the insanity like the rest of it.

AshleyCapes- Revisions (Rivijonzu)
Revisions is a mecha anime from Netflix that not enough people have watched. Read this post right here to learn more about why you should check it out. Go ahead and read it here.

Phoenix Talks Pop Culture Japan – Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Oh how excited this post makes me. Here is where RishesfromAshes talks about the classic 80’s classic Macross: Do You Remember Love? If you need a post to tell you more about it, then you go ahead and read this one specifically.

Crow’s World of Anime – Planet With Episodic Review List

If I had to choose a favorite anime from 2018, it would no doubt be Planet With. It had everything at such a fast, but coherent pace. Don’t take my word for it though. Here are crow’s expertly crafted episode reviews that are here to tell you all about the show with much more detail.

The Classic Anime Museum – Astro Boy (1980)

A reboot of the original Astro Boy anime, the first anime ever from Osamu Tezuka, this Astro Boy does a lot of good things to improve the original series. You know, from the color to Osamu Tezuka having more control over this issue. Learn more about it by reading this post.

The Animanga Spellbooks- Planet With is Crazy…But a Good Kind of Crazy

Another good review of Planet With. I’m digging the Planet With representation, everyone. While I don’t think that mecha anime has penetrated the anime community that much recently, it’s nice to see that a seasonal mecha anime somehow made a profound effect on people. This link gives you a good reason why that is.

While there may be a surprise post for Mecha March coming later today, Mecha March 2020 is officially completed. I hope you enjoyed the month that I put in a lot of work into making this month a thing. I always hope that it was worth reading everything. Until next year where another Mecha March will occur. Hopefully, it’s even bigger with even larger plans and such. 


    1. I’m sorry, these were just posts that people posted a while ago instead of during the month. ☹️. Next time I should make that more clear or just take it whenever.

      That’s my fault.

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