#MechaMarch Build Casters: #HUD_Classics

Apparently, Lita and I aren’t the only ones who were ambitious this time around. Besides some great people who did some great mecha blogs as well, Build Casters came up with the idea of having a lot of mini mecha episodes. Episodes that featured underrated mecha classics and featured different people talking about these series for a short amount of time. I was lucky enough to be asked to join and contribute a little piece too. It’s such an interesting project for sure.

I’m not going to talk about each of these in great detail because you can listen to the podcasts for that. I do want to unviel a little bit about each of them to give you an appetizer though.

@TheMacabreChap talked Mars Daybreak. A very special series set in the future where Mars is terraformed and is a very swashbuckling under water Mecha Series.

I talked a little bit about Martian Successor Nadesico. A mecha series form the 90’s that is very close to my heart.

@CallMeDjm talked about Zegapain. I feel unqualified about even writing a blurb of this show because I haven’t watched it yet. Yet is the key word. Just needs some more availability.

Our Blogger Friend Lita talked about one of my secret favorite mecha series, Aqaurion Evol. A super robot series that examines teenage sexual awakening in some very funny and interesting ways.

Yet another series I don’t know, @primegundam talks about Exosqaud. An american made mecha series from 90’s that I don’t know anything about. It does sound cool though. I need to find a way to check this one out.

There should be one more podcast coming out soon focusing on Gundam X by Sentai5. You know o,of my favorite gundam series? Please check it out when it appears. If not, then you have all these other series to look at.

Once again, you can find all of these podcasts in a lot of places. Here is the link for Anchor. Please Click It and Support These Cool People. They are available on spotify and other places. Please give these a listen to when you get the chance. Each one is 5-10 minutes long so it will not take long to get through all of them.


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