[April 2020 Tour] Planet With: Peace In Our Time

Hey new travelerss, old travelers, and those that follow somewhere in-between. I am back to write an OWLS post after taking a month off for Mecha March. I needed some extra time to work on everything during the event on my blog the way I wanted it to, so a lot of things needed to be cut. The March OWLS Tour was unfortunately one of them. So I’m back and influenced by a lot of other blogger responses to create this OWLS post. Planet With was a show that made a huge presence in a lot of my community posts. While I’ve written posts about it before, I really want to write a post about it again. It felt like the right thing to do. Not like you can stop me.

OWLS Info and Prompt

For those of you who haven’t heard of what OWLS is may be asking what is the point of it. Well, that’s an easy question to answer. OWLS, also known as Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect, is a group of otaku bloggers who promote the acceptance of all individuals. There will be no judgement of people based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or disability here. All of this is about humanity for humanities sake and hopeful betterment. Each month, our members are given a topic to write about and each of us approaches that topic in our own way. If you want to know more, please click here to go to our OWLS Blog Page. Find us here and maybe you can join us! We are always looking for more people.

This month’s prompt provided for this month is called Hope.

We are in the midst of a pandemic which has led people to live in fear and anxiety over the coronavirus. For this month, rather than seeing the dark side of the situation we are living in, we will be exploring anime and other pop culture mediums that bring hope for humanity and why they have such a positive impact on us.

About Planet With

Planet With is a space faring, mecha action show that somehow found itself in a twelve episode package. A twelve-episode package that somehow manages to fit all of this stuff in it. All of it handled completely coherently and wonderfully with not a second is wasted for any reason. The story is centered around Souya Kuroi, a boy with lost his memory and his living with a large cat and a maid. The show is about him regaining his memories, fighting in anger, and then learning what he’s doing is wrong.

The rest is spoilers, so massive spoiler warning here if you find Planet With interesting enough to watch or read (because this is a manga took), then please stop now and do that before continuing. It’s really hard not to spoil something when you are talking about the show’s main theme and how it hits the characters as hard as it does. It’s that kind of show. I am not going to talk about everything in great detail, but it’s enough to give away a lot of things that happens in the show.

Rage, Empathy, and Revenge with Planet With

A lot of things in Planet With revolve around complete cycles of revenge, hate, rage, and anger based on a person’s past. That’s what lies underneath our protagonist Souya’s memories that are slowly revealed more and more over the series. In the beginning, he plays the villain role. A group of sentai like heroes are flying around in mecha to fight a threat from outer space and here comes Kuroi to attack them. Why? Their mecha are based round powers from the dragon that destroyed Sirius, the planet he’s from. He wants revenge and taking them down is a way to start for him.

Then that’s when the situation becomes more complicated. The heroes are powered by the dragon who destroyed his home planet, but they are fighting for their own reasons. Maybe they lost someone in the line of duty and seek an outlet for that sadness, maybe they were bullied on and seek an outlet, or maybe they they’ve lost someone and they just need something else to do. This story isn’t about them, but Planet With has some amazing side characters that at least need a mention.

Planet With’s Themes and Explorations

Planet With is about fighting against what seems easy and finding your own way into a peaceful life. It’s not like the show is very subtle about this, but the execution is pretty creative and amazing. Can a boy like Souya who comes from a planet of angry and aggressive people (to put it simply) find a path that allows him to find peace. What about the other characters? Can they find their own senses of happiness? Whatever the answer is, it’s not easy. Yes, but it’s hard work. No and you don’t have to fight the stream. Pick your choice.

And I really mean it when I say that. The weird alien objects that attack can only be beaten by flying into them and fighting the ideal version of your world. Everything turns out the way that didn’t in real life. They could stay in this spot and doom humanity or realize what their reality is and know that their life can’t come easy. (Also serves as a good way to understand your characters in a short amount of time.) It can’t happen that easy and each person starts for their own truth instead. The future can be ok for them when they slowly accept their future and move on. If you can. When the world ended and everyone was locked away in their personal fantasy, not everyone wanted to come back to reality. Planet With isn’t afraid to say that things can be messy.

It’s the same thing that Souya has to do alongside fighting against the nature of passion and rage for revenge to end the cycle. With some good mentorship and plenty of people to talk to, he is able to do that. The thirst for revenge that he found in the first half didn’t amount to anything and it changed him. The final conflict is so different from the usual hot blooded kill the bad guy super robot action. Violence still happens because there is no way for something filled with rage for years to instantly feel empathy, but Souya tries to do something different first. Make peace with the dragon and hope it sticks. It doesn’t work because the dragon is over hyped by its anger. That’s when action became necessary to lock the dragon away for. Empathy can’t get you everywhere. Neither can it just be developed instantly.

Concluding Thoughts

The major lesson I got from Planet With is that in order to have a happy future, lashing out at others isn’t going to help you. The person you have to fight before finding a balancing point in the future is yourself. Mentally, you are the center of the world and when you aren’t feeling happy, no one else is going to be happy either. Your future is bad when you have an unresolved rage that won’t leave you because you are never going to be happy. It’s a very hard path to walk, but finding an inner peace is worth a mental journey to help you find a much safer future.

I love Planet With. It’s a series that I happily think about from time to time, I listen to it’s opening music on youtube a lot, and it is an anime that gives me something to think about at the right moments of when the show wants me to. Many people think that anime and other media are just cartoons you watch, but a lot of them say good things. A lot of them can help you centralize the way you think when you are in a troubled moment to push you in a positive direction. Anime is created by people who have gone through a lot too.That is Planet With is one of those series that pushes the envelope for mental health and forgiveness. Great things to think about for a better internal and external future.

Thank you for reading my post, everyone. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I’ve had writing it. For more OWLS posts, please check out Matt In The Hat’s post on Spiderman here. Also, Naja has a post coming out on Monday you might want to give a look at. For the complete OWL’s Tour, click here.


  1. I remember you saying some good things about this series. This anime does sound like it’s worth watching especially if it uses the cycle of vengeance which is something that is rarely ever written in American shows and movies.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. There could certainly be a few, but I feel like that concept haven’t been used to its full potential. It’s not just with anime, but I’ve noticed it with a ton of international movies and shows. You do have a good point of it being in anime a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

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