Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2020 Anime Week 4

Hmmm, not much to talk about this time besides the obvious. Appare-man getting delayed after this episode for who knows how long. In general, this week had an ok episode. I can’t really say that I’m as into this season as last season. I am already not watching as much seasonal anime, but I am also not enjoying what I’m watching as much either? There is entertainment to be had and mecha shows to be watched, but not as many other types of shows are out there that seem interesting to me.

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 3

How does this show just do what it does? How is it just so relatable and cuts straight to the heart so harshly like it does continually? How is it so powerful? But anyway, since last week’s episode focused on Kyo and his fathers, we have an episode focusing on Yuki and his brother. You know, with Tohru on the side being completely honest and cute like usual. After a bad dream with his mom involving him being called a tool, his brother Ayame shows up. You know, that Ayame and Yuki has his usual sort of irritation towards his brother, but he accepts an invitation to go to Ayame’s dress shop. You know, with Tohru in tow.

So that’s what happens. Ayame invites the two into his shop and they even meet Ayame’s assistant who is into dress making almost as much as him. While the assistant changes Tohru’s clothes, Ayame and Yuki somehow got a heart to heart talk. We see how bad Ayame tried Yuki in the past, but he felt complete remorse towards it, and Ayame’s desire to make something to show that he’s alive a lot like Yuki’s garden. I feel like the way Ayame acts is in rebellion to how he was raised. Also, poor Tohru but at least this wasn’t a haruhi like situation. So yeah, good episode with a lot of thought behind it. This show is just stellar in how it just exists and how it makes people feel sad and uncomfortable.

Tamayomi Episode 4

That was a fun baseball game. Their opponent who made it into the top 8 were not characterized that well. Only the opponent pictures got any sort of characterization. One of them is the jealous one for the pitcher to show up later and own everything. Still, the drama of the situation was fun. Seeing the girls somehow lose by a point after their cobbled together team that only has been around for a week or so was pretty fun. The animation itself was alright at best. The cg was not bad, but it was noticeable. Then again, they were playing a game for an entire episode. For the lackluster production values, that’s a lot. I miss watching baseball. I’m not the largest fan of base ball in general, but I like watching it in baseball stadiums.

Tower of God episode 4

An interesting episode for sure. The king’s game. A very fun character episode that started with Rachel ignoring Bam and Bam causing trouble for everyone else and Shibizu’s group does a lot of fun things. Anaak, a lizard girl, took the crown last episode and is sitting at the throne. Shibisu and his assassin team mate somehow manage to fight off the girls and the sleepy guy. I kind of loved seeing these abilities.

Of course, Anaak a showed off her Green April against Lauroe causing Bam’s Black March to want to attack it. A deal comes down. Can Bam survive wearing the crown? If he can, he gets the Green April. Otherwise, he loses the Black March. A lot of crazy, powerful things happened. Also, we understand the characters more and see their abilities and everything. Especially with Khun at the end with wind abilities and replication abilities at his bag. Now Bam is on the throne. Fun times ahead and everything.

Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise Episode 16

This show is coming with interesting things for sure. On their search for a temple to summon their gunpla, this show is going in some interesting directions. Freddie and Parvis had some fun moments going up into a temple in the air. May and Hiroto fought a gunpla form Alus, then Kazami and Maiya had a heart felt moment. The storm tore apart air balloon, but they made it just in time to find a god to save Hiroto from the gunpla attack from Alus up in space. It’s going heavily into the fantasy direction in some ways and I think that’s kind of cool. I’m glad this show is doing such unique things while looking so beautiful in some awesome mecha designs and transformation sequences.

Appare-Ranman Episode 3

This is the episode before the hiatus and this show is still setting up the characters and conflicts. We learn that the native american boy’s name is Hototo and he’s out for revenge for a guy with a skull tatoo death of his dad and the taking of their lands. I’m glad that this show isn’t skipping out on the drama of this time period even if it moved the technological production of this world as much as it did. Even if Hototo is cliched and heavily stereotyped to the point of racism, at least the writers know what they are doing and aren’t washing away some of the racial conflicts at hand here. Sigh. It’s walking that fine line.

With that, a mechanic from Germany showed up and demanded the wharehouse Kosame and Appare are sleeping in along with the rest of them. Why? To use his engineers to decide on the race. Of course, Appare challenges the man to a race with a lot of heavy bets on the line. Kosame’s swords and everything else. So of course, Appare wins and even gets the German competitor’s car. Of course, that’s the guy’s second car. What a fun race with interesting effects and such.

Sakura Wars (2020) Episode 4

A simple episode on Hatsuho and Sakura’s backstory. Hatsuho ran away from the theater then Sakura and Clara went after each other. It’s one of those simple stories where Hatsuho is jealous of Sakura’s success, but Sakura couldn’t have imagined that much without Hatsuho being there. We also see Hatsuho and Sakura as kids in a flash back and then Hatsuho’s spring festival dance with Klara and Sakura watching. Azami, our ninja friend, was watching everything at that time. It’s kind of strange how one can have a soft episode when there is literally a villain with an airship over the city causing trouble. Hmmmm. I guess an Azami and Claris episode will happen next time while they are attacking so that’s ok. This show is just easy to watch stuff. Not really that meaningful.

Listeners Episode 4

This episode showed off how it kind of hurts that this isn’t a longer show. This episode felt like at least a two-episode arc. That being said, it did a lot of fun things and even set up the world a little bit more. Today, Echo and Mu go to high school in search of more knowledge of Jimmy Stonefree. Of course, they were hired by the principal to find out where the drug called Teen Spirit appeared. There was some fun world building here with those mecha doing pushups in order to go to war and fight the Earless. That and the run-down nature of the school itself. Perfect place for rock and rollers to go to school.

The problem itself was the mystery of the Teenage Spirit itself. It’s immediately who the people behind it where considering that two characters Mu and Echo interacted with are the obvious people behind the Teen Spirit thing. Still, it was a fun episode for sure. Kir was the sad person who needed the drug and Hole, the class president was the supplier. There as some fun character interactions and mecha fights though. I loved that Mu instantly had guys going after them because of course they did. Echo and Mu are on two different plains of existence.

Hamefura Episode 4

At long last, the visual novel truly happens. Well, as far as we know. Catarina and her adopted brother Keith head to magic school and the adventure begins where Catarina has to meet the heroine of the visual novel, Marie Campbell. Their encounters and were mainly about sweets, but then Catarina saved Marie from bullies and ate all the sweets that fill on the ground, so Marie is now a part of the harem too. Also, everyone she made friends with is at the magic academy too and Geordo is being the freak that he is. I feel like the real villain of this anime is him and his lack of interest in dropping Catarina as his fiancé. Hmmm, I think I am slowly losing interest in this series. I hope it does something new soon.


  1. Teen Spirit and Hole? Wow, the music references continue with Listeners! Hahaha!

    About Appare-Ranman…yeah, that’s sketchy about Hototo. I really hope they knock off the stereotypical stuff with him from how you describe that character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Kurt Cobain this week, Prince next week, and hopefully more afterwards unless it gets delayed to. It’s just fun 😁.

      I think they are going to give him more because I think Hototo is going to be the navigator for the trip. Still, not going to find out not due to the hiatus. I hope they really think hard about how to move how character forward.

      You know, unlike Jing who is the Chinese girl who has a passion for racing and cars so there is more to her. She even ends up as a racer despite the sexism on display which is pretty cool.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That really sounds fun. What’s next? References to George Clinton, Billy Corgan, or Coolio in the future? Hahahaha!

        Okay. I haven’t seen the series, so I don’t know the entire context of everything. As long as I don’t envision him singing a certain problematic Peter Pan song in his presentation, then I hope they can make this character better (and I’m not even Native American). I’m glad you feel the same way about positive representation and I honestly appreciate that.

        That sounds fascinating with her being into racing. You don’t see too many female drivers out there in anime. The only ones I can think of are the Usui Impact Blue from Initial D and even that wasn’t perfect since Mako and Sayuki act as a duo all the time where the former does the driving while the latter is the navigator.

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  2. “How does this show just do what it does? How is it just so relatable and cuts straight to the heart so harshly like it does continually? How is it so powerful?”

    Right?! It’s one of the few shows that I know of that can do that so damn well. I just love it.

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