Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2020 Anime Week 6

The covid-19 pandemic is still on us and not every show has dropped off of my list yet. Only a few of them and starting this week, no Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise for a while. Hopefully nothing else drops, but who knows what else will happen. Still, here is one major change that happened.

After thinking about it for a while, I dropped Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls. It wasn’t just because of the visuals, but because the story itself was so horribly told. You know, besides our girls? No teams really seemed to matter and where just there to be there. I can’t really care about a sports game if I don’t at least understand the other side. The show just isn’t good at all.

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 5

This show really does what it wants, doesn’t it? It feels like Fruits Basket can do it so easily too. This week, Fruits Basket turned into a larger romance anime. You know, on one side? Tohru and four different sohmas had fun at a haunted house with Yuki and Kyo fighting over who holds Tohru’s scared hand with Momiji winning, Hatsuhara broke something while telling a soft, creative story to calm Tohru down. A story that even the manager of the haunted house loved too despite making them pay for the damage. Soft hearted people are everywhere with all this decent teenage drama going on.

Then with Uotani, we dive into much more adult romance. While watching her pat time job at a grocery store, she meets a guy that reminds her of Tohru. Very clumsy, very spacey, and didn’t know how a grocery store works. A guy by the name of Kureno and is 26 years old. Meeting him for the second time, Uotani has this romance drama where Kureno at a ramen place. People of two worlds meeting for the first time and are seriously attracted to each other. Yet, Kureno is a sohma and he still belongs to Akito for some reaosn. Wow, I didn’t expect Uotani to be thrown into this drama too.

Such a powerful, thoughtful episode with two different sorts of perspectives of romance thrown into it. Especially one that feels as good as this one. Kureno was a person that made a lot of head way or was liked a lot on twitter by people, so I feel ike he must be a good guy and makes the right decision to possibly let himself fall for someone. You know, despite the age difference the show clearly knows about. Yay summer romance. But seriously, they’ve met 2 times and there is a great chemistry between the two.

Tower of God episode 6

Classes now, huh? Hmmm, a lot of interesting things in motion here. Like classes for different classes in the tower? Five different ones it seems and I don’t remember them specifically, but I bet I will see more them as time goes on so I can. I feel like I know the classic sort of “I think you are weak, so I will make friends with you” thing. You know, when Bam was supposedly the weak one but shows he can master Shinsu as a Waverider better. I suppose he was simply able to get past a Shinsu barrier in the beginning so it makes sense that he can control it well enough.

Of course, there are more interesting things then that going on too. What is interesting though is Rachel vs Khun’s encounters with a sleeping Bam. Rachel wants to lie and Khun instantly calls her out on her actions mentally because of his own experiences. I’m pretty sure that Bam isn’t buying that at all, but he does want to get stronger. Anaak herself is being challenged too. Seems like she left her group behind because of the Black March, so her group made friends with Bam’s group. Anaak herself isn’t a princess of Jahad, but one seeking revenge for the death of her mother. All told while facing Endorsi, another Princess of Jahad. (Having it be a title instead of an actual position is pretty interesting.)

I suppose this was the character building and slow down episode until everything explodes. You know, setting up drama and everything for things to be pushed forever a little more? Definitely sounds like the case here. With everything new that we learned, I think that we should see some interesting things going forward here. Especially with these new bits of drama here. The show has also looked consistently great, so I’m glad about that. Such fun times ahead for sure.

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Episode 18

Ok, so there was one more episode before the haitus of the pandemic hit this show. Honestly, not a bad episode to go into haitus episode either. Especially with episode of just getting the villagers inside the ruins so they could be protected from Alus’ laser cannon. You know, for a time. That’s the content of this episode with the Build Divers protecting the villagers from moving from Alus’ gunpla.

So you know, a lot of good action scenes involving our crew giving each an action spectacle highlight. Of course, the major highlight is Hiroto vs Alus. The battle for what Hiroto’s perfect side of him was which also included fun mecha transformations and tactics. With the villagers safe and the adventure about to start for real. You know, whenever the show appears again. Hopefully not too far off from now, but who really knows.

Sakura Wars (2020) Episode 6

I know that I dropped Tamayomi: The Base Ball Girls, but Sakura Wars is really trying my patience too. Like, how are these girls so dumb and just don’t notice some obvious things? Sakura’s master was White Cape all along and all she does is wear a mask and that’s it. Her clothes and voice are the same. I say this, because this episode was the one where it was all revealed to the girls. Sakura’s master had a plan to bring out Black Cape and it involved taking Sakura and Klara somewhere else and then have the rest of the Flower Division to show up and help out. You know, from an anonymous tipper called…Sakura’s master. Gasp. Can we at least get this moving so I don’t care about the stupid things as much? Sigh.

Listeners Episode 6

If anything, Listeners is never boring so I think it needs credit for doing something different every week. In this week’s very simple Pink Floyd inspired episode, Roz is the last of the gnome people who lived together with the Earless. You know, because they were all sacrificed by most of the players, besides Jimi, to wipe the Earless off the face of the Earth. All except Roz were wiped out before creating The Wall. This episode felt like a lower budget or rest episode before doing something extravagant next episode.

But anyway, this episode Echo just suddenly gained Sound Sickness out of nowhere. You know, because that’s totally a thing we’ve heard about before and turns people into Earless. Ok, at least this is a show that’s never boring. Mu gives away her ability to become a player to Roz in order to save Echo’s life and of course Echo casually lies about Sound Sickness existing. The three witches show up and the two fight them off destroying the top of The Wall to great the pyramid with light from Pink Floyd’s album and the two are headed to Londinium.

At lot happens in these episodes, but at least it’s never boring. Some character growth seems to always happen off screen to push time around and everything like the sleeping bag last episode and the money Echo seemed to have. Echo turning into an Earless possibly is a fascinating thing. I wonder how that will play into the finale of the show because I don’t think it will show up again until then or it’s forgotten. Either way, this show is just fun. I hope they find Jimi Stonefree finally.

Hamefura Episode 6

Well, that cliff hanger looking at things through the harsh level of class changes and things was completely dropped for now. Even Catarina’s mother has shown some massive changes ever sense Catarina fell on her head and had a major accident. So yeah, this episode was a lot of fluff with all of Catarina’s suitors having a try at confessing to Catarina in some way and failing. Or you know, Catarina just completely not understanding what anyone is saying at all because she isn’t actively attracted to anyone. Just trying to survive the game. It was a lot of fun and had boat races, balls, piano performances, watermelon eating, and even summer homework. I guess this anime is going to be fluff after all?


  1. Very good recap. Listeners does sound like the most interesting series still. I also wonder if the band Listener knows about this anime. Also, thanks for checking out my Camp de Thiaroye review. Glad some Senegalese cinema is getting some love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to tell if celebrities like or know about anime. I hope that they do know about listeners though.

      And you’re welcome, that sounded pretty interesting to me. I’ve been watching a WW2 YouTuber for a while and they do bring up things like this, it would be interesting to see it explored more in a movie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t necessarily call Listener a celebrity, but they certainly have ears in the indie scene. It would be sweet if they know anything about that anime. Also, I’ve seen Listener multiple times live before. 🙂

        No problem. It was fascinating as well as it was shocking because I didn’t know anything about that aspect of WWII. You rarely hear about what happened in Africa in that time period. Most of the continent was still colonized. A ton of countries were used as hired soldiers for whoever owned those countries at the time like the aforementioned France with Senegal and over a dozen other nations and the UK (Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, etc.) for example. Not only that, but even the axis powers had control of Namibia (Germany) and Eritrea (Italy). The latter even involved Mussolini turning the capital of Asmara into an African version of Rome with the architecture and everything. Despite being “citizens” of these European countries, the Africans were shortchanged in so many ways and one example is very literal with Camp de Thiaroye despite in a fictional context.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome 😁.

        Yeah, the European front with some side things with Japan and China before the US came are mainly the things that are talked about. The African front was busy, holy crap man.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks!

        That’s something I noticed, too. I actually watched and reviewed the Nanking documentary, so I know about some of the things that happened in China at the time. The Africa front was certainly busy, yet there was all the rampant colonization going on there, sadly enough.

        Liked by 1 person

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