Spring 2020 Anime at the Halfway Point

A little bit of a unique situation this season, because of the COVID-19 Virus and just not many anime gaining my attention in general this time. That means that the list of anime that will appear right here in this post will be smaller and some anime will be judged by a smaller amount of episodes until we see all of it somewhere else. Not every show had been delayed due to good production schedules, people working at home, or even production companies just continuing to produce anime and exposing people. Hoping not many to no companies have been doing that last one at all, but can they with a whole Japan shutdown? Eek.

And now to the anime. Yay! Kermit arm waves in the air

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Solid: Seasonal Favorites, Highly Recommend.
Good: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.
Ok: What it says on the tin. Maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.
Bad: I’m not even sure why I am still watching it besides maybe learning something from it.

Fruits Basket 2

These top choices are going to be typical choices for me. This anime is Fruits Basket. It’s the same as last season except it’s even more introspective and interesting now that most of the cast has at least been set up. Now that the cast is here, the story is doing what it wants to explore those character’s feelings about the future and in general here too. Same with the feelings of characters, romance being put into a larger swing, and everything. It’s just good stuff.

Gundam Build Fighters RE:Rise

Almost the same as Fruits Basket 2. You know, even if the show itself is on hiatus right now from COVID-19. The mysteries are gone, everything is out in the open, and now we have a solid goal for the characters are going to accomplish. It’s a fantasy adventure isekai anime with gunpla. The characters are steeled for this adventure now. Let’s go, let’s defeat all that are in front of us.


We’ve only had four episodes from this for COVID-19 situations. With some things like possibly hard amounts of racism holding it back, this was a fun show to watch. Two Japanese people from different perspectives going on a race through inter-continental USA with other characters is a great concept. The race hasn’t happened yet, but the cast is getting there for me. This cast is still only developing and I am ready to see every single cast member and where they are going.


This is one of the most unique mecha series that I’ve watched in a long time. It’s a classic journey sort of anime with characters and their mecha going from musical group inspired place to musical group inspired place for one reason or another. I don’t think the execution is as perfect as it could be in terms of pacing or world building, but it’s the fun and the characters which drive me back into it. This show has a great cast.

Tower of God

Tower of God is a good take on what a modern shonen battle anime should be and is. Like, if you look at shonen anime from the 2010’s in general, Tower of God is what you come up with when you find the formula they are going for. It’s well executed and I like watching it and thinking about it, but I don’t think it’s going to blow people’s pants off really. At least not mine.


I have some mixed feelings on this series which is why it is close to the ok rating. It’s a very fun, but pretty repetitive series and I am not sure about the plot going forward really. Is it just going to be a series where everyone hangs around all the time? That’s watchable for me, but it doesn’t really do anything else honestly. Is it going to handle classism, handle that argument of why Geordo is being a complete creep to Catarina? I have some questions. It’s still interesting to see a bi harem though.

Sakura Wars (2020)

Wasting time with theater, power ranger girls the anime. I guess I’m just waiting for anything to happen because the plot is there hanging over the city and no one seems to realize that the ship is causing things to happen in Tokyo. Everyone is as dumb as a rock and needs everything pointed out to them. So yes, generally frustrating and annoying with some entertainment value that at least makes it watchable. That’s about where it is. Watchable because it’s a mecha series.


Yeah, this is about it for me honestly. Now to watch as some shows drop from the face of the Earth or completely fall apart


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