Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2020 Anime Season Week 7

Wow, five shows remain on this unintentionally cut off list of shows I am watching. Maybe I need to start my next seasonal now because I am used to watching so much more anime then this? #AniTwitWatches helps this on Mondays, but not having as much to watch on Tuesday and Thursday is a huge bummer, man. That settles it, I am starting two shows on my summer list. No one can stop me.

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 6

This was supposed to be a fun, beach episode, right? Like the characters just go to the beach and have fun with some added fan service, that’s it? I suppose it’s Fruits Basket and there needs to be character drama somewhere I suppose. Some added fan service did happen with Tohru’s swimsuit and Rin, the horse, wearing what looks like a hooker outfit. I guess there isn’t enough hot females to balance out the hot male characters in this anime, so definitely in agreement with her addition. Not completely sure about how she was framed, but Fruits Basket doesn’t usually have unnecessary fanservice so I’m sure there is a reason for it. You know, from a character perspective?

A lot of Sohmas appeared at a beach lodge. Some we know, some we hate. Hiro was there and was his attempt logical and unfeeling self-concerning other people. Like Tohru for example when he questioned her about the photo and her parents. I wish Kisa didn’t apology after telling him off because she was absolutely right in everything she said. I can see Tohru trying to hold herself together more when they found bugs outside and I am glad that Kyo noticed something is wrong here. Tohru is just a nostalgic person, which is why she has the hat from the person that saved her (Yuki) since her childhood.

I’m not sure about the evil plots being put into motion though for nexet episode. Akito’s mental unbalancing and planning to do something to the summer house. I’ve got a lot of questions. Especially Shigure in a shot that would have fit Code Geass with how it showed his smile. His character design doesn’t help much either. Fun times…woo…. In all honestly though, another fantastic episode to this great show and such.

Tower of God Episode 7

This episode had a lot going on it. Knowledge of what the Princesses of Jahad are and what their restrictions are. Something that comes along with the fight between Endorsi and Anaak during a training qualifying match. You know, when the two idiots decided to fall to the ground and get both of themselves out? It’s a title to those who have shown a certain level of ability and they aren’t allowed to have children. Anaak was conceived by a ruling breaking sister, which is interesting to think about.

Then again, more training went along here. Khun had his training, Katz and Shimisu had their small bits of scout training they were struggling with, and Bam seems to be doing decently with his casting training while Koh is really struggling to hold Shinsu in his hands. I do like how the cast in general has formed friendship with each other using group meals after the two princesses spent their money on their injuries. Now the group testing against a member of the test takers. The guy who voiced Present Mike is here to challenge people in their roles. Kind of fun.

Sakura Wars (2020) Episode 7

Well, if the enemy is stupid too then I can enjoy this show a little more. In this episode, Sakura, Klara, and Shinjou go on a date and the rest of the Flower Division follow them. Followed by the Moscow Dvision? Well, at least the division that is made of the people who were not originally apart of the Moscow unit supposedly. It had some fun and creative antics with some hilarious moments that I just loved. I am ok with all of this honestly. I am glad that all of them are generally goofy people even if some of them are evil. Fun times ahead with combat apparently 😊.

Listeners Episode 7

Possibly one of my favorite episodes of this show so far which is interesting considering that Mu and Echo were not a part of it at all. Instead, our protagonist is Nir who has money somehow. I am kind of glad to see more of her because we did not see enough of her in her episode honestly. But yeah, dystopian Londinium here with the kids Lyde and Richie stuck working as mechanics for guys that don’t like them under harsh situations. Then Nir shows up with money and the two are free to fake their false relationships and build their police amp mecha.

Unfortunately, the episode is not a happy one. The Earless attack and the Londinium government decided to attack its civilians instead so the Earless do not have anyone to attack? Ok, fun. Then Lyde and Richie attack the queen with their Gear and just die. There is a vision of another Mu in it with Jimmi Stonefree’s mecha, but that is it. Wow, that was an interesting way to add some extra stakes into this experience. I also like see more of Nir in the form of a protagonist. Possibly the Dueteragonist? I would like that.

Hamefura Episode 7

This episode was interesting. We open up with Sophia dreaming about our protagonist’s life before she was isekai-ed over to Fortune Lover. Where the protagonist met another visual novel fan by falling out of a tree and hitting her on her butt. Seems to be a theme. It’s interesting to see that the show completely cut out her name and made her as dumb as a rock still. No visual novels until passing an exam to go to high school. Fun times for sure. Seeing the results of both passing the test and then seeing the leftovers from heroine dying was pretty emotional.

That leads to this episode which was about an exam. An exam that is finding a magical item in a maze with our protagonist group cut into two parts. Two boys and two girls in each one. I forgot how balanced this harem story was. And in this one, Catarina is dumb as rocks, hasn’t learned anything, and is not very powerful magic wise. I guess she has a very powerful, magical harem. She does have a lot of luck though which is how she was able to find the item everyone was searching for while getting lost and cutting mushrooms. Makes sense for her. A good episode, I’m just wondering if there will be more implications for this later on. Seems like the answer is always “no” recently”.


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