Catching Up With Anime? HA

So, a short post for today. Hopefully. You know, if everything goes to plan and I don’t ramble too much. Trying not to with this one because I don’t know if there is enough for me to say it. Oh, this is starting off well.

How often do you see or hear the words “I need to catch up on anime” or “I am so far behind on seasonal shows” anywhere online? Probably extremely often. I’m pretty sure everyone has said it at some point, right? You need to catch up on those seasonal series or those ancient anime series from who knows where and when? Somewhere, somehow a person is falling behind on watching anime. Oh no, the crime. The absolute crime. What will they ever do with their lives? Better watch all the anime that you want to watch right now or else you won’t watch those other anime you need to watch.

Here is the secret though, every single one of us anime fans are behind on watching anime. There is also going to be that seasonal show which gets all the hits five or six episodes into a season and now you are going to have to somehow catch up. Or you know, thinking about all the anime that are airing in general or have aired in the past. Everyone single one of us is behind no matter how long we’ve been a fan. That’s the reality. The farther along you start your anime watching journey, the more anime there is going to be for you to catch up to. That’s it.

So how do you live with being behind with anime? Just watch what you want at whatever pace you want to. That’s it. That’s all the advice I need to give. If you haven’t watched that amazing show that other people are fawning over in a ridiculous degree, then just tell yourself you will get to it eventually. If you stopped what you are watching now to do that, you just left behind another show. There is honestly no rush at all to watching anything. Live your life the way you want to live and watch anime the way you want to.

To those saying they are behind, you don’t have to say that anymore. That’s the anime watching experience. Yay, you know how it feels.


  1. I’m more behind than anyone when it comes to the current series, so thanks for sympathizing. Hahaha! I do my best to work at my own pace especially since I’m not limited to anime when it comes to my previewing prowess.

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  2. LOL, this is based on that Discord chat we had on Robotics;Notes and whatnot, huh? I can basically smell the metaphorical breadcrumbs leading back to it…Welp, at least the advice from that convo (also in this post) is sound.

    Welp, my current list is 1107 started series and only 357 finished (including the odd music video or ad), so I guess it’s inevitable I keep saying it…but alas, my ability to complete a series in a day, which is as fast as I can go without sacrificing understanding, is limited, and so are the hours in a day. “If you do your best, whatever happens will be for the best,” amirite?

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    1. I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago, but I can see how you would think that. 😁

      Yes, that’s it exactly. I used to have the ability to finish series in a day, but that left me a along time ago.


  3. “I am so far behind on seasonal shows”

    I’m never behind on seasonal shows. I take the alternative tack that I like having so much good stuff still ahead of me. If I did ever “catch up” it would mean there was nothing more interesting out there to explore. If I miss a show or a few episodes, that’s just something to look forward to.

    People whose blogging model depends on getting a review out there immediately would take a differing POV.

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  4. “There is honestly no rush at all to watching anything. Live your life the way you want to live and watch anime the way you want to.”

    Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes get over focused on a goal, and since I _finally_ finished Penguindrum, my brain started demanding more! This is supposed to be fun, isn’t it! So it’s good to keep it fun.

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    1. Yes, exactly. It’s about fun. Rushing doesn’t help with the anime watching experience at all.

      I feel like if I wasn’t having fun watching anime anymore, then I wouldn’t have fun blogging about anime, and everything would snow ball for me.

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      1. Thanks 😁 It’s one I relate to most since I have a few friends recommending me to watch a bunch of series and I’m just there like “……ok”. Then they get confused when I tell them I ended up watching something else other than what they recommended LOL

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