#TheJCS Jon’s Creator Showcase: June 2020 Edition Start

First off, we should celebrate TheRandomEditor for doing a fantastic job of covering #TheJCS in May. He even ended a week early which is astounding considering he was dealing with over 39 submissions. That’s not a small number. Reading and watching 39 posts and making a small comment on this is a lot of work and TheRandomEditor did this extremely well.

There is a reason why we are starting this post showcase a little early and it’s thanks to TheRandomEditor’s hard work. Please look at Part 1 and Part 2 of his hosted posts in the links attached to the parts numbers. There is a lot of good posts that you should read or watch in them that shouldn’t be missed.

With that, it’s time to start up the June segment of Jon’s Creator Showcase. If you are interested in the history of Jon’s Creator Showcase, this is something that Jon originally created for his own blog, then Raistlin came around before Jon could quit and suggested that other blogs could host it instead. If you want to vote to do this in the future, here is where you can do that. Please don’t be shy, jump into this when you can for 2020. It’s first come, first serve here so jump here when you can.

To get involved in this, all you have to do is find your best post from May, no restrictions on that, and either submit it here in the comments or on my twitter thread down below to get involved. If you are on twitter, please tag three more people to continue the spreading of posts AND use the hashtag #TheJCS to make sure I am able to find it.

Let me just remind you that you don’t have to be tagged on the twitter thread to submit your post. Please do that on your on accord by the end of the month. Just be sure to tag three more people to continue this trend and get even more people involved. This whole project is about supporting creators on the World of OZ. The more that are supported, the better.

Make it hard for me, ok? Do your best.

Let’s have some fun, ok? That is what this is all about after all. It’s even fun for those of us who host because we get to read and watch so many great posts.

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