Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2020 Anime Season Week 12

This was a week for some finales and I can’t say that I was really that good of a finally for me. I think this season was weak for me in the end because most of the shows that I wanted to watch just disappeared due to the Corona Virus. That’s all I’ve got to say on this for now. I’ll come up with complete thoughts, other then the ones that I post here, for each series next week!

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 11

Phew, that was a long and mentally exhausting beach arc and I am glad we are done with it for now and going to see some consciences from it. I don’t mean that in a bad way because it was far from boring, just emotionally exhausting for everyone to the highest degree. Not that this episode was the biggest break from it. This episode dug into the consequences and characters responses from it at a higher level. Tohru asking Kyo’s master about Kyo’s situation is a major step towards solving Akito’s cruel reign for instance. Her will to help really pushes her forward to help.

The major high light of this episode was between Kyo and Kagura though. Kagura, the over obsessed and abusive character who wants Kyo to forcibly accept her love. Well, we dig deeper into that now. The realization, the ashamed Kagura trying to make up for her mistake of running away from Kyo’s true form by forcing her love, and so many other things. Plus, she realizes how much better her life is compared to Kyo when they were younger. Poor, lonely Kyo. That confusion scene and Kagura accepting Kyo turning her out was good.

Tower of God Episode 12

I kind of wish that this was the finale episode of the season. You know, because I am a weirdo and don’t mind things ending at cliff hangers? This season would have ended on a pretty great cliff hanger with a more then solid episode behind it. Yuri showed up to save the other princesses of Jahad by showing how completely awesome she is in combat. I noticed that she didn’t even use a sword during the fight. Also, the creatures meant to catch Rachel and Bam ended up fighting each other. All excellent.

The real drama of this episode comes from two parts. The bull creature attacking Bam and Rachel with Bam fighting back and leading to the cliff hanger of Rachel pushing Bam into the ocean. The other one involved Khun and his brother discussing why Khun is going forward? He just appeared out of nowhere and it’s just like, ok. This episode was just really cool to look at and watch happen. So many cool things, cool creatures, cool sets of animation, with cool characters.

Can I honestly say that I am not shocked or saddened by what Rachel did at all? Call me an evil person, go ahead, but Bam’s entire character was Rachel based. He wanted to catch up to Rachel, protect Rachel, protect her, keep her on a pedestal, and everything else. Can I just say how uninteresting of a character Bam is and how creepy and agency stealing that is for Rachel? Hell yeah, Rachel pushing bam out of the sphere made sense. To me at least. Hopefully the next time we see Bam, he will have some more character or be on a route to having more character. I get why people are upset about the Rachel push, but whatever.

Sakura Wars (2020) Episode 12 [Finale]

Ah, this was the episode I wanted to see. It really did felt like a conclusion where everything we know kind of sort came into a conclusion? Besides Klara’s amplifying power that is. Today’s episode is about stopping the god known as Kaminski, saving Klara, and endless amounts of team work. It took everyone to take down Kaminski from robot fights to flying battleship fights to super robot combinations that over powered him with help of previously down Leyla. I just liked it. It felt really cool and it was great seeing the entire Flower Division and everyone else save her and want Klara apart of their family. That finale number where Klara sang along with everyone was great. The second half was just on fire even if it was a typical story, it was a typical story with Sakura Wars characters.

Listeners Episode 12 [Finale]

At the other end of the spectrum of Sakura Wars, the finale was fine and meaningful, but didn’t have the impact that one would expect it to have. Echo showed up with his one time as a player and just connected with fake Mu’s beam instead of fighting it leading to a bigger opening for tomorrow. Mu came back after a beautiful moment between the two, the earless started living alongside humanity in a very simplistic way of ending the racial cycle between the two. But it’s a conclusion, I suppose. Not everything ends as you would expect it. I do love that Echo and Mu are still together arguing in the end and Echo really did become famous and ended up in a book. Good way to solve everything. I just wish I felt something in the end. Still enjoyed this though.

Hamefura Episode 12 [Finale]

I can’t really say that I am overwhelmed or underwhelmed by this final episode and Hamefura itself. I’m just kind of whelmed I suppose. Everything happened according to scripture. Catarina was able to help Sirius Dieke/Rafeal Walt from his dark past and the dark magic he maintained. Not through magic, but by just caring about him. So in the end, he was able to join Catarina’s bi harem. The ending itself was a party celebrating Nicol’s graduation which was just a way for the harem to meet up in the end and Raeal joined in at the end. I honestly feel like I’ve had enough of this series. Everyone else have fun with season 2.

Non Seasonal Anime

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5

This show has some serious moments, but this episode was a lot of fun based around a very serious idea. Money. Amagi Brilliant Park is low on money from their 30-yen anniversary deal that is attracting people to the park. So how do they solve this for now? Go on a adventure to a different, uncontrolled area of the park that is like a Indiana Jones temple with traps. Kanie, Sento, and the three mascot characters (which is the worst crew ever besides for Sento) investigate the area for the treasure and see themselves facing things that look like horror monsters and threats in the front then see the creatures running it like an attraction everyone else was taking seriously. It seemed a little dangerous, honestly.

The most amusing part is always that the show plays around with your expectations in ways that you do and don’t expect. The person that got lost in the part of the park, Dornel, turned into the biggest otaku ever that didn’t want to leave. The tools that our five adventures were given are real and the dangers that they all faced were real dangers. Yet, this is a theme park attraction. Ummm, I think there is something that needs to be fixed there for public use but it’s really funny for anime stuff. Good thing we don’t have to live in that reality and can just watch it happen. Very good episode with very funny reveals.

Princess Principal Episode 5

Found on VRV/Hi-Dive

Ah, the introduction episode of Chise. I’m glad this episode took place on many action sequences on trains, because while the spy missions in ballrooms and stuff is always fascinating to me, it’s nice to just have some epic fight scenes from time to time on a train. With this episode, we have Lord Horikawa from Japan meeting up with our princess and her three maids who are obvious who they are. Of course, Chise makes her entrance by just appearing the train and she and Ange duke it out until it’s figured out she isn’t the assassin.

The assassin shows up in the later half of the episode to push the agenda of hurting princess’ succession to the throne. So a great sequence of events happens with Ange and Chise helping each other to beat both the assassins that shows up, the possibility of the train and the other train hitting each other with Princess and Ange helping each other to do that, and Chise defeating her father after his betrayal. This is such an exciting episode with just so much cool things going on in it. Also, it’s nice to see just a straight sword fight in an anime instead of one with just all the powers possible.


  1. Can’t help but agree with you on the whole betrayal regarding Bam too. There’s just nothing that makes me care for Bam for Rachel’s actions to hold any meaning to me whatsoever. I get that it’s sad, but it’s not sad to me, if you get my gist.

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