Jon’s Creator Showcase: June 2020 Edition

With a lot of drama happening around the world for more then multiple reasons and who knows what else is going on that we haven’t heard about yet due to the current chaos going on right now, there aren’t as many entries in this edition of Jon’s Creator Showcase. I think that’s OK. There are way too many things to worry about right now then just sitting down and blogging. I’m not going to blame anyone, because that would be wrong for me to do so. Whatever the case is, we are here to have fun. Time to share some posts :).

Blog Posts

On The Nature of a Great Battle – Aria/Animanga Spellbook

What elements do you look for in an anime fight? The animation, art, direction, style, or show of abilities. Here to provide her point of view, Aria looks at an episode of Katanagatari to share her point of view. I had to admit, I really want to watch this show eventually. It’s been on my list for a while and Aria makes it sound pretty interesting.

Anime ABC’s W is for Witch Hunter Robin – Jon Spencer Reviews

If you haven’t been following Jon Spencer Reviews for that long, he’s been running an anime alphabet channel for a long time. How it’s run is for every letter of the alphabet, Jon lists a number of anime that starts with each letter and asks people to vote for what anime he watches. This is his latest edition with Witch Hunter Robin. Another anime from the Toonami era that I really need to watch at some point.

Yuru Camp△: Review and Reflections on the Live Action Adaptation, or, Les Stroud’s Survivorman meets Adam Richman’s Man v. Food – Infinite Zenith

Guys, have you enjoyed watching the anime series, Yuru Camp? One of the most relaxing anime that could ever exist. You know, for a series that came out more recently and will have a sequel season soon? If you do, Infinite Zenith takes a very hard look at the recent live action adaptation of this series and explores the similarities and differences that a chance of medium can cause. Please give it a look.

Author Spotlight 1: Yu Wo – Geek Nabe/Nabe-Chan (Fondue-Chan)

There are always creators that I don’t know about for one way or another. In this post, the ever knowledgeable Nabe-Chan looks at the works of Yu Wo, a light novel author that seems to have a very interesting point of view and great story lines. The series talked about in this post are 1/2 Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight.

Jon’s Creator Showcase: April Edition Pt. 1 (Anime + Books) – The Moyatorium/Moyatori

Oh Moya, you keep on keeping on. But anyway, the old meme I would usually reference is the Yo Dawg meme, but I’m not going to do that here for the Jon’s Creator Showcase posts in a Jon’s Creator Showcase. Yeah, that would be completely uncreative and not funny if anyone ever did that. *Cough* That being said though, please give our past tour from April a look. There are a lot of great posts from March here ready for you to check out.

The Best Movie That Never Was! – Pandamonium (part 1) – K At The Movies

We’ve had lots of movie reviews, right? What about looking at a script in multiple parts? That’s something which hasn’t been considered yet. Pandomium is a script from an author with a lot of questionable works, Richard L. Sartore. It’s a story that starts with the accidental kidnapping of a panda and goes in direction that only the most unusual anime can prepare you for. Maybe. Look into this three part journey into madness. It’s good, trust me.

Guilty Pleasures! (Sunday Sevens) – Otaku Author/ Lynn Sheridan

Do you have any concepts in anime or medium in general that will instantly make you like it? Certain characters, tropes, or things that you instantly enjoy and allow you to like an anime series no matter what? Some call them guilty pleasures. Here is a list of seven tropes/concepts/things that Lynn loves which allows them to do just that. It’s a really fun list.

Sword Art Online II: What you take with you and what you leave behind. – Shallow Dives in Anime/Dewbond

If you’ve haven’t been following Dewbond, he’s been doing what I can a travel log through different anime series and reporting his findings as he travels through them. I suppose those are watch along too. It’s a good style, because he reports what he finds in little spurts that are easily readable. This post is apart of his Sword Art Online watch along where he goes through all available parts of this anime.

Now This is a Story All About How… I Got Hit with a DMCA Notice from Funimation – Blerdy Otome/Becknaja

Oh, this is an incident that I remember pretty vividly from three years ago. This post is the case of when Naja’s etsy store got a copyright notice from Funimation for her Yuri on Ice Amigurumi dolls. One of a few thing she learned to do originally from her mom and then learned how to do Amigurumi dolls by herself. This all happened three years ago. Here is the story on how it all happened and how it made Naja feel at the time.

Review: Tower of God Episode 8 Best in Show – Crow’s World of Anime

This is a fun post to read. Not only is Tower of God pretty popular right now, though not explosively so, it’s gotten around the animesphere in one way or another. Crow has been reviewing Tower of God episodically looking at moments in each episode that spoke out to him. Here is a post about Endorsi’s legs. Not only how great they are (and I heavily agree with this), but the way she moves her legs shows her emotional state. It’s pretty fascinating.

Community Profile: Rose – Arcadia Dragnet/Lys

Its really hard to completely describe a more then decent length interview in a short amount of time, but this was such a fun read. This interview was focused on Rose, a 27 year old renaissance woman who has almost done everything in the anime community. Watching anime, artist, fan subbing, blogging about it, and many other cool things. Also, it’s really cool to see someone who is a fan of some good retro anime too. Give this one a read because I swear it’s going to be pretty interesting.

ON MAKING “GOOD” CONTENT – Lethargic Ramblings

I may not have as much to say about this post, but that doesn’t make this post any less valuable then it is. Why do you write posts or create online content? Do you care if it’s good or not? Do you enjoy what you do because you just like writing or do you have some other goals? What counts as good? Read this post.

[OWLS May Blog Tour] Don’t Panic – Nerd Rambles/Megan

Yay, an OWLS post. The May tour was a lot of fun and was meant to provide people some comfort in the current Pandemic crisis. This is Megan’s take with Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the galaxy and Arthur Dent’s hard journey around the galaxy. A universe that he never understood at first and had to learn how to understand it.

My Top 10 Favourite Manga Series – Al’s Manga Blog/Alyssa

You’ve read the title and know what this is about. Alyssa’s top ten manga series ever. I can’t just look at this series here and kind of think about how hard it must have been together to put together this top 10 list or any other top 10 list in general. What factors do you choose this list from because there are plenty of them? Read this one to find out.

Anime Corner: My Hero Academia (Season 4 Episodes 64-77) Review – Never Argue With A Fish/

Ah, a review post that I can’t help but agree with. Here is Never Argue With a Fish’s review of the first half of season four of My Hero Academia. A lack luster season for him and for me too from story executions to lack of visual spectacle in it you would expect to see in anime. I’m glad that he enjoyed the second half more then me.

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 review – it’s pure CGI nonsense – Energized and Salty/Skully_Kryi

I don’t know what to add to this post that the title doesn’t already tell you. SAC_2045 was a huge mess of ideas and thoughts. I’ve written my own thoughts about this, but you may want to read those opinions from another person to get your opinions about it.

How I Write Reviews – Sorting My Thoughts & Airing My Feelings – Two Happy Cats

If you ever need some advise on how to write a review, here is the post for you. From a very good, personal perspective. Writing your thoughts on something, mainly negative ones, putting your own personality here, and everything else. Such fun times.

Harry Potter and the Superiority of the Movies – FuckBoiOpinions

It’s pretty hard for me to dive into this series right now due to the author being horrible, but I really liked the idea of this post. The problem of something being written from an author’s point of view is that it’s very singular. In the end, the visions from different directors give the universe a more unique and varied life which is pretty cool honestly.

Understanding Minare’s Character in “Wave, Listen to Me!” – ThatRandomEditor’s Anime Blog/

Maybe this is a show that I need to check out at some point. I’ve heard some waves (ha) about this show here and there and it sounds pretty interesting. Especially Minare, because she sounds pretty interesting. I don’t really have much to add to that, because I haven’t watched this show. Read this post if you watch “Wave, Listen to Me!”. You will get more out of this post then me.

YouTube Videos

So you wanna play: Iwate Mountain Dance? – Corthos Fellrin

This is one of those moments where I wish I was some kind. Here is a review of an indie developed bullet hell game by the name of Iwate Mountain Dance. A well in-depth review of a decent game with a lack of a story and background detail, but a great look at the game play. Sounds pretty exciting.

High School Prodigies: One of the Best Animes of 2019 – Velarix/Athena

Once again, a review. This time, one for High School Prodigies. One anime that I haven’t checked because I’m not that large of a fan of isekai anime. Still, the way Athena/Velarix explores and explains the story of this anime makes it sound pretty interesting. Go ahead and check this video out. It’s very well done.

Building A Better Rom-Com | Kaguya-sama: Love is War – GalvanicTeam

So many interesting youtube videos. Here is one that examines what creates a romance story, where they came from, how romance stories still used it, and then finally examines how Kaguya-sama plays with the formula in it’s own way. It’s a very fun video with a lot of voice acting and editing. Galavanic worked hard on this one.

And that’s it. Thank you for donating your time and energy to land of OZ, everyone. (No one has mentioned this reference yet and it’s been a little disappointing.) While this round isn’t as big as some other rounds, the quality of the posts in question are pretty great.

And with that, I would like to hand off this duty to next person in Line. Taryn on twitter is going to be running this event on K At The Movies next month I think. That should be a lot of fun :).


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