Spring 2020 Anime In Review

I can’t help but admit this season felt the emptiest in a lot of ways. Not just because of the lack of content provided to us by COVID-19 cancelling a lot of productions, but just the general lack quality of the things we had left. I’m just going to say it now, none of the four shows that I watched which ended up finishing this season are a solid. It is really frustrating considering all the good shows I started watching went on the necessary hiatus due to productions behind halted in Japan for very legitimate reasons. I don’t hate the fact that some anime companies can care about their production crews. I just am stating an opinion on what it’s left.

Yes, four and finished because Fruits Basket would make it five. Just know that Fruits Basket is still great but it has a two cour run. That automatically disqualifies it from appearing in this list unfortunately. Just know that it’s great and has caused me to cry a countless number of times. Time for left overs.

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Solid: Seasonal Favorites, Highly Recommend.
Good: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.
Ok: What it says on the tin. Maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.
Bad: I’m not even sure why I am still watching it besides maybe learning something from it.

Solid Rating


Good Rating

Tower of God

Not sure what to about this one that has not been said already. It is like the beginning arc of Hunter X Hunter except when it does its own things to teach characters on how to use abilities to climb the tower. It basically pits characters that we like against characters we don’t know in order for them to win. Which is fine considering that our main cast, besides Bam, is alright. Bam being the overpowered person with no personality to it at all with cast members that do have some is really frustrating. So that is why it’s good. It’s a decently told shonen sort of story, but it doesn’t uplift the formula at all in anyway.

Sakura Wars (2020)

If this show cut three episodes from the beginning or episodes focused on other characters that did not get any focus, then this show would have been much better or ranked higher. But no, the first half really slowed down while the second half kicked up everything and improved the show quite a bit. The show is simply told with simple imperial combat girls fighting a simple enemy, but well executed in a way too where I do not care about that aspect. Good emotional beats, solid giant robot fights, good visual affects? What else can you say here?

Ok Rating


This is a fun show. Has some good story set ups, have good musical references, has fun characters traveling from place to place and everything, has a cool concept, some solid robot fights, and everything. It is just that the show itself is not that well executed. It is a bit too fast. That can be a good thing because if you are bored of something. Not in the case of the story coherence or the emotional beats hitting you the way they should though. That is the missing part of Listeners where things go wrong.


I cannot help but question on how this anime is so popular. Yes, there is a bi harem for a visual novel thing. Cool story. If everything was like in the first half in the childhood portion, then this show would be incredible. Instead the second half happened after time jump with the harem aspects of that game here and there were constantly repeated and did not take the story anywhere? Like seriously, anywhere. I honestly do not understand why people still love this show. It’s not bad, just nothing exceptional at all.

Bad Rating



  1. Sorry that you didn’t enjoy this past season that much.

    Personally I’ve really enjoyed it. I am one of those people who loves My Next Life as a Villainess and Tower of God has probably been my favourite show of the past few seasons, though I admit that’s mostly because I just want more of it as soon as possible, it completely sucked me into its world. The surprise hit for me was Princess Connect! Re:Dive, which has been really sweet, funny and had some great action.

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