Summer 2020 Anime: Time To Clear Some of your Backlog

I am writing this one on the fly because I scrapped the post that was originally supposed to go here. That is a slot that needs to be filled in my personal opinion and I will do that to the best of my ability right now. Fun times.

So let us cut to the chase. There are some interesting looking first seasons that are airing right now or soon for those of us who are interested in watching them. For me, the list of anime I am interested in watching is pretty thin. All of this thanks to COVID-19 existing. I’m not sad about animators and production teams getting out of the way of the virus. That’s a good thing. I am just a privileged person complaining about lacking some anime to watch. Yeah, that’s not a good look at all.

Here is what I will suggest to those of us lacking seasonal shows to watch. Pick some one or two cour shows that you have in your backlog and watch them like a seasonal show. If you noticed, I’ve put Amagi Brilliant Park and Princess Principal into my weekly recap posts because that was a testing run for this seasonal sort of thing. As hard as it is to hold back from watching those immediately after. The proof of concept worked. I was able to watch one episode a week of it.

Besides with Monday where Jon Spencer’s #AniTwitWatches happens, I plan on attaching one non seasonal show to each day of the week. So, six of them. That’s when you will see my list of anime that I’m watching from a week to week basis really growing. A lot of these shows are things I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time and I am glad to have the chance to try them out.

I’m just going to say this again, I urge you to try this alongside with me. You don’t have to and I am not going to force you to do it. You don’t have to watch the same shows that I am, just pick some shows If this season feels empty to you in one way or another, you could just try it out and see how it goes. It’s an experiment on how to deal with slower seasons. That’s it. Have fun, everyone.


      1. Thanks for the info. I’m amazed with how many series and movies are on there. I was even shocked to find the JEL 2009 remake that got dubbed of all things (I think it got licensed not long after that ripoff remake came out). There’s other series I’ve seen before that are on RetroCrush that I would like to see again and review in the future.

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  1. Nice idea. The problem for me is that if I like a show and have all of it, I don’t have the self-control not to keep watching it. I just watched through all of Bakemonogatari and now I’m trying to find the movies because it’s not enough. Got a few other shows on my list to get through now.

    Looking forward to your backlog reviews!

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    1. Yeah, that’s why I had to see if I could do it because of the fact that I have access to watching things immediately. It’s tough to not just continue.

      Thank you 😁

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  2. Princess Princess is a(n) manga/anime about dudes at a boys’ school crossdressing, so you probably didn’t mean that when you namedropped it in the post…

    I already had something similar in place…well, I did before focussing so much on backlog anime during the initial COVID-19 fallout (specifically D-Frag and Amagi, which I worked on for time-dependent challenges) that I fell behind on the spring 2020 simulcasts.

    I did see one episode of Dai-Guard, the 1st one, and noticed there were people in the background watching the robot move…then I looked at them again and they were holding boxes! I’m not sure if they were always (or even never…?) holding boxes and I didn’t pay attention, but that anime’s not much of a priority because of that.

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    1. Yeah, as was said in post, this was rushed out. I didn’t edit this before posting so it happened. So yeah, that happened.

      Dai-Guard has been messy in terms of execution, but I’ve been enjoying it regardless.


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