Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 4

A good week for a good amount of episodes. Plus Appare-Ranman is back which is definitely a good thing.

In top news, I have been accepted to go back to school in later August. Not sure if I will jump into full time or not yet, but I am doing it. Yay!

Seasonal Shows

The God of High School Episode 3

Another episode of people fighting with beautiful animation and pushing characters a little further in terms of character and story to see how they go. Mira faced against Mah Bieson showed how great Mah Bieson is on a musclar level and strength, but the secret abilities that Mira has been hiding. Same with Daewi vs Seungchul. You know besides the restraint he has while working in an office place. Seungchul pushed Daewi to the point where Daewi showed off some very hidden strengths and abilities. Mori vs the official to get back into the tournament was short, but pretty advantageous in its own way. Very simple stuff for sure, but I really enjoy watching this show a lot.

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 16

Well, that was an unusual direction for the show. Tohru taking proactive action by getting into the Sohma household to see Kureno for Uo-tani. Wow, I never expected her to do that. A lot of solid emotional moments from Tohru meeting with Momo from Momiji’s family and also Tohru delivering Uo-Tani’s contact info to Kureno. Momo caused a lot of emotional moments in her own way and Kureno felt like a genuinely nice guy. Tohru being bold and sad in the dirt, awwww. Oh, Kyo and Tohru moment in the end was great as well.

Deca-Dence Episode 3

A good follow up episode that combined the human side and warrior training from Natsume’s perspective and the bot perspective from Kaburagi of training Natsume to see what a bug can do. For a bug evaluator, he is certainly collecting a lot of them. The two work together to complete their goals and have a montage of Natsume’s training. It’s very much an in between and set up episode for a further conflict. At the same time, I can’t help but thinking that this show could end at episode 6 at this rate. I’m feeling there is going to be another big twist in the mix soon unless the show wants to waste our time. What will happen to this fake post apocalyptic world next?

Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise 2 Episode 8

Another simple episode this week that sets up a lot of things in proper ways. The rebuilding of the Dragon’s wings with gunpla parts and Masaki in his Seltsam. Not much action in the episode itself, but it’s nice to see the Build Divers meet in person and Hiroto being happier than ever. It’s a little convenient Hiroto’s childhood friend knows a person that knows Miaski stuck in his situation, but whatever. It works in its own way. Next week, I think the action is really about to happen.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 3

The battle between bad Victor and Juzou takes place and it’s a battle heavily in Victor’s favor. Even with Juzou taking his pain receptors off. Of course, Mary breaks away from being captured. While Juzou loses an arm, Mary fires the gun on top of his head and then the two have a discussion with the real Victor who is the sub brain for evil Victor. The mission? Kill Victor. A very powerful heart to heart conversation. Too bad the two are captured by other people before hand. Fun times….

Appare-Ranman Episode 4

I missed this show so much. Even with its possible problematic elements, it is a fun time. I am so glad that Xailang got the race and show off all her capabilities in how she can race. Her race against a male bully with a bigger engine. She would have won if the guy did not cheat, but she showed more skill by not crashing. I am glad her boss is allowing her to race and make an appearance in the race for public good for women. I am ok with that idea. I also want to mention that Appare and Kosame are still a fun couple and Sofia on the European side is good. The show also still looks great.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 10

This is what I would call the found resolve episode. Amagi Brilliant Park’s attendance numbers are raising and the park is performing better than ever for the audience now that every attraction is at a higher level and the park can work at night now. Still, it’s not enough. The attendance numbers are raising fast enough to meet the 500,000 goal and Latifah is sick and in danger of dying if the numbers don’t go high enough. In a pit of disappear, Moffle and Kanie plan to push until the end regardless of all the madness going on.

Dorohedoro Episode 4

On Netflix

Not an episode with much progress towards the story of Shin and Noi finding Nikaidou and Gaiman, but definitely an episode that makes the world even weirder than it was. Shin and Noi did investigate a clone of Gaiman’s human head to possible find a hint towards finding who he is and where to crush him, but that didn’t leave anywhere. Instead we learned about black powder that increases a sorceror’s capabilities, Shin and Noi’s boss En not getting mad with either of them and even picking up a pet and scooping up its poop. Wow. I don’t know what to expect from this show and I just like it.

Princess Principal Episode 10

Found on VRV/Hi-Dive

This episode was fine, but I feel like it’s one that I have very little attachment too. Dorothy, Ange, and Beatrice are great, but I didn’t care about the character drama centered on their fellow classmate that much. Even if the point of the episode was more about whether or not she’s working for both sides and how Ange has changed, she never felt fully realized like Dorothy’s dad. Therefore, it didn’t work as well for me. Oh well, I suppose we have some real drama between the spies and princess “Charlotte” coming next week.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 4

On Crunchyroll

An episode of growth. The main Aqour group is still You, Chika, and Riko, but this episode is about the relationship between Ruby and Dia who wanted to be idols as kids. Now, it’s about Hanamura and Ruby trying to find their own strength to join the Aqours while the Aqours are doing their own dance and running training. Plus, Mari is still happy her decision about being the director and helping the idol group. All fun times. This episode was alright and jumbled a bit, but it’s meanings and feelings came across just fine.

Dai-Guard Episode 4

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

While I don’t think that the characters have been well contextualized beyond surface level quite yet, which is fine considering that there are still 22 episodes to go, this episode was a pretty great episode regarding characterizing Ibuki Momoe. As the directors behind the company behind Dai-Guard start plotting things like capturing a Heterodyne and moving Shirota to lead the team, there is another rumor about how the pilots might be replaced.

Ibuki, surprisingly, is the most passionate about not being replaced and does some great and hot-blooded things to show off how dedicated she is in face of death to save the day. I really like her. We’ve seen her serious side and her hot-blooded side, so she’s the most complex character at the moment. This show does look pretty bad though at least at a color level. I know that this show came out in 1999 and you can tell that this is the stage of anime trying to figure out digitally coloring. It isn’t unwatchably awful though.

Bamboo Blade Episode 4

On Funimation

This episode was a pretty simple one, but one that was needed for characters to click back together. Miyamiya and Dani start training for real, Sayako’s crazy win everything first nature is revealed and she made it back to the team, Miyamiya apologizes to Sayako, and Tam started training other people. Also, the other school started their build up and figuring out that their teacher is using them for a grudge match so they wiggle their way out of training camp.I feel a little better about Sayako from this episode. Her nature was more explained and I got a little more attached to this crazy crew and laughed a bit.


  1. “Tohru being bold and sad in the dirt, awwww.”


    Also, Princess Principal – great show from 50,000 feet… But yeah, the quality of individual episodes varies wildly in spots. I still regularly recommend it though.

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