Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 5

Alongside these seasonal shows and non-seasonal shows on here, I started watching GaoGaiGar too but I don’t plan on that show appearing here at all. That’s just a show that I want to enjoy watching. You know, until Mecha March happens and things get crazy once again.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 17

This episode is Tohru’s classes Kyoto trip and it is as teenager and romance focsed as one would think. Except, it has that Fruits Basket layer and tone that makes it special. Plenty of Kyo moments and relationships with other girls including Uo-tani and Aria while another girl that confessed to Kyo despite his very large nature of it all. I think that he is still trying to figure out his bearings. Yuki didn’t have that moment happen to him because the girls after him are in a dead lock. Tohru is still her sentimental and past focused self, but she really is looking for something new and has such powerful and genuine emotional moments with each member of the cast in different ways. This show wouldn’t exist without her.

This episode really was an episode which showed Yuki’s growth sense we last focus on him. He’s much more personable now and even found a likeness of himself in his VP Manabe. A guy who is a big and genuine of a dork as Yuki in a lot of ways and it looks like they found a balancing people in their friendship. I also noticed that Yuki is drifting away from Tohru a little bit too. She does say a lot of motivational things towards him and how great of a memory that Yuki will have of Kyoto and Tohru reinforces that with her feelings. From we’ve seen, he doesn’t need it as much anymore and is actively growing. Cool!

The God of High School Episode 4

Lolwut? I know this show is fast paced, but it didn’t feel this badly paced until we got out of fighting in a tournament? The perfect place where tournament fighting happens. So many crazy things happens in a short amount of time? Mari is asked by her teacher for her hand in marriage, that is a thing that happens, Daewi and Mori break into the wedding to tell her “you should do what you want”, it ends happily, then Daewi’s friend is definitely dying for cancer and he’s in anger mode at work and beating up Mari at the tournament? That’s a bit too much of a mood whiplash there. Could we have pushed that out into at least two episodes please? I’m just so angry, confused, and frustrated right now. Jeez.

Deca-Dence Episode 4

I feel like I am seeing the big character change and motivation for everyone in the future. Like, it is throwing us out in front of us. Natsume shows off her skills in front of power and joins them while trying to find her motivation and losing her past by fighting. Turns out the next combat is a horrible one meant to wipe out all of those not at level S. All the while, Katsuragi is trying to get her out of it because he knows the rules and can join combat to save everyone. I kind of knew the show would jump around that much without set up, but it’s decently well told story telling and such with good animation.

Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise 2 Episode 9

This episode is the war for Misaki Shido’s life and Cauldron’s attempts on understanding human nature once again. Plus Alus’ use of gunpla against our team. A lot of good character motivations came from Parvis’ talk with Cauldron and about his push to become like his dad as he finish Cauldron’s armor. Plus some very cool graphical excellence from Misaki’s mecha changing into a very viney and ghostly form while in the middle of combat and his crazy forms. The will of HIroto and his crew to face a great danger to save Misaki’s life and make Alus retreat. This isn’t only a war for the furry’s survival, but the war to teach two ancient beings how humanity functions. Beautiful stuff.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 4

No Guns Life continues to be good because it’s focusing on Mary’s relationship with Victor. After Avi from the EMS shoots Mary as he takes her hostage, Juzo gains some arms back after embracing his super mode, and so many other things happen. The two biggest things were Mary and Victor having a heart to heart with Mary showing she’s the much more moral engineer and the reappearance of Olivier to take her places as the leader of the EMS. All stuff that is very compelling and interesting. This show has found its point and the plot it wants to take. There is a mysterious organization of post war extendeds and engineers at play to think about here.

Appare-Ranman Episode 5

This show is so much fun, but this episode was cramped with all sorts of characters and plot elements to finish off the cast before the race even happens. I guess those characters just aren’t as important and it was fun? The episode starts with the race celebration party where a lot of strange characters meet, cause chaos in fun and unique ways. It’s good to have some elements to think about while the race itself happens. Same with companies having an advantage at each stopping point where people have to stay for at least eight hours for maintenance and fuel. Not a bad way to set up a plot though. Now the race is on and we hope our group of foreigners can win!

Non Seasonal Anime

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 11

While I am still greatly enjoying Amagi Brilliant Park and this episode especially, I can’t help thinking this episode uncovers some of the problems I have with it. Like, this was a good episode of Seiya and others making a big push by inviting an unofficial soccer game at the park to give themselves the final push. After Seiya makes some big moves in selling land and uses magic to prepare the park, we get montages of the workers doing something up to the final day to prepare and we don’t know what. I could make some assumptions, but it all works out. Well, for the most part.

The park has the biggest day ever before the game and people are tired from happily over working before the match where the park is missing a small amount of people before making the goal. It’s very fine drama and it’s a good episode over all. It’s just not detailed enough for me to fully connect to everything? The park is the character, right? It would have helped to know the southern lands before they were sold. Everything what was pretty well established fine. I’m just nitpicking. Know that.

Dorohedoro Episode 5

On Netflix

Not much happened story wise other then Nikaidou and Gaiman in the sorceror’s world and exploring it while Noi and Shin are investing the origin of Gaiman and his head by the name of Risu. Oh, I suppose that Nikaidou has found Shin and Noi’s restaurant (where En is) and is killing people around it along with fighting Noi another round. I kind of really like all this happening though. I mean, that world is so interesting and bizarre that digging into it more each episode by seeing how it all works genuinely intrigues me. If this was a normal world, it wouldn’t be the same. Those fire toilets to hell? Incredible.

Princess Principal Episode 11

Found on VRV/Hi-Dive

Holy crap, what a crazy episode that was. A new leader of Control, heavy handed spying with the installment of Zelda as Princess’ body guard, and a mission for Ange to kill Princess. Of course, Ange and Charlotte do their escape game on an airship to Casablanca, but of course the Princess doesn’t want the escape and locks Ange in the airship. A very interesting and powerful episode with tons of twists and turns that I really like seeing. I suppose we are going to see everyone who left coming back in full force and Ange is going to escape from the airship to save the princess.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 5

On Crunchyroll

An episode centered on Yoshiko/Yohane joining the Aqours, some general fun with the girls on their online ranking, other characterization, and the value of what each individual brings to an idol group. A lot of short things in a lot of time. I was amused by Hanamaru not knowing how modern appliances work and Yoshiko’s chuunibyo side that keeps appearing which the Aquors first exploit for rankings and then just accepting Yoshiko for who she is. Everyone learns a little bit at a time.

Dai-Guard Episode 5

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

This episode was another good one that pushed the characters a little more. In this episode, the conflict was between lead pilot Akagi and the combat advisor Shirota over the heart of piloting versus strategy itself with the Dai-Guard’s fight against Heterodynes. You know, other than Shirota seperating himself from the crew itself. This episode had a civilian on top of a heterodyne that appeared which Akagi worked hard to save them. Of course, that lead to the Dai-Guard being hit and being too damaged to pilot and Shirota doing a lot of things to save the Dai-Guard and give it the chance to succeed. A lot more moral questioning in a lot of the situations at hand.

Bamboo Blade Episode 5

On Funimation

This episode was the set up for the match and the display on how the other girl’s kendo team meant to fight our team is full of goof balls with lots of personality problems too. While our team is becoming a little stronger by following Tama’s foot work exercises and are placed in correct spots for competition, the other team got lost on competition day and ended up eating lots of ice cream and food for some reason. Not to even mention how much weird they are. This episode was just a lot of fun to watch and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing a lot.


  1. “It’s the future, zura!” That reminded me that I never did decide whether Hanamaru or Ruby is my favorite girl from LLS, though keep in mind that’s for the full universe of Love Live (the mobile game and songs and all that stuff), not just the anime itself. If I were picking my favorite based solely on the anime and nothing else, it would probably be Riko.

    I went to a screening of an Aqours concert once – they recorded a live performance by the VAs in Japan and played it in a handful of US theaters a week later. The show was enjoyable, albeit super-long (almost four hours!), but a movie theater full of white people waving glowsticks and playing call-and-response with the group like good Japanese concert-goers turned out to be too weebish even for me. I felt pretty out-of-place in that crowd.

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      1. Yeah, School Idol Festival was actually one of the earliest anime mobile games to become a hit outside Japan. I think it launched in 2013, and I picked it up in 2015. It wasn’t just good for seeing more of the characters, but also for the music, since the franchise has produced tons more songs than what makes it into the anime. I bought several songs on iTunes from both u’s and Aqours that I probably never would’ve heard without the game. I only have enough free time to keep up with one mobile game, though, so once I got serious about FGO (day 1 player on the EN server here) that was the end of it for anything else. There’s a successor game out now called SIF All-Stars, but I haven’t even looked at that one.

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