Surgeon General’s Warning: DO NOT WATCH ANIME

[ This is not a serious post. In light of current pandemic things, I just wanted to do something creative and positive in a funny way. Hope that comes across in this post. If not, I apologize. 😦 ]

Do not watch find anime on cable/satellite, find it online, watch it on an app, or anything else. You may get Anime Watching Disease. Just forget that it exists and watch something western or live action. Possibly both. It’s too dangerous to consider. It’s a disease with too many unknown variables behind catching it, why risk it? Do you want a life of watching the fantastic but yet addictive art form from Japan? Do you? I want you to think about that for a bit.

There are only small things we know about the disease maybe. Like exposure at a younger age. People who watch something that is unusual compared to their usual cultural material as a kid may catch the Anime Watching Disease. People more ingrained with their culture later on in life may not be as affected by it as much. That doesn’t mean that they won’t get addicted though. There are anime fans that started out later in life who love just as much as other people. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to the disease.

The only thing we know about Anime Watching Disease is that it’s not completely addictive as far as we know. Maybe there is a relapse later on in life that many people that hasn’t been studied yet. Most people who find it or watch it for the first time might be perplexed or confused by it to check out more. There are those who have the disease for a short time, two years, and then completely drop out like it’s a fad. At the bottom of that list are those who are in it for life. That’s where the true problems come from. Being lifelong fan comes with a lot of good things but also tons of bad things. Don’t risk it.

Here is what we know so far.


The disease isn’t deadly and it can come with a lot of good things if you endure it at all.

  • Engaging in another countries culture
  • Finding stories handled in an unusual way
  • A new community of people to talk to
  • Tons of stuff to watch
  • All sorts of different genre of animation
  • Cool fights
  • Explosive action
  • Amazing drama pieces
  • Fantastic ways to make animated characters feel alive
  • Great characters to fall in love with
  • A lifelong experience that you will never forget
  • Too many things to list


With all those great things come a lot of negatives with a lot of draw backs. Some consider them worth it. Who knows if that is everything is absolutely worth it though? That’s up to you to decide.

  • The community is far from perfect. Some people ruin the experience by being horrible.
  • Watching anime takes away a lot of time from other activities. Could be a time sink.
  • You will inevitably spend money on anime because it’s a money. Things to spend money on: Discs, figures, poster, and who knows what else. All dangerous.
  • You may go to a place with others that have Anime Watching Disease like conventions. Places beyond realms and time. You may never leave with your sanity intact.
  • You may spend money on anime adjacent things. Manga, Light Novels, Visual Novels, and Gacha Games. All money sinks. Be careful.
  • You will watch and read more things on anime. More time on anime stuff.
  • Anime is becoming more popular, but there will be still people confused about anime when you talk to people about it.
  • Creating a anime youtube channel or anime blog. Cherish the thought. That’s the ultimate symptom of Anime Watching Disease.


I don’t recommend watching anime. If you do, be careful. Wear your protective gear. Eye goggles, lab coats, rubber gloves, wear your mask, wash your hands, and watching it sparingly. Ok, the first four things don’t help that much but you will look cool watching anime. Oh no, it’s getting to my brain still. Oh no. OH NO. (Ok, I’ve been here for a while.)

If you do get addicted to anime, then you haven’t seen the warning signs and haven’t taken safety precautions. Know what to expect. Be safe, be kind, and be thoughtful.


  1. Well…that’s it then. I’m cured after reading this post. I won’t be watching anymore anime. I’ve shipped my dvd collection to the garbage dump (I don’t wanna risk anyone else becoming infected), I cancelled my subscription for Crunchy roll. I’m avoiding the Japanese language.
    From now on all I will be doing is watching romantic comedy movies. I’m very glad you made this post, and finally helped in curing this illness. So, really….thank you!😊

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