Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 6

Whoa man, where has time flew? We are halfway through this season already and it’s completely nuts. Time under quarantine conditions continues to just move and move and move. I don’t know how I feel about that. I wish I had a better way to mentally comprehend time in a very linear way perception wise. Anyway, here’s some anime talk for those interested in it. Going to work on getting that anime at the half way point seasonal post out this next week.

One thing I decided, considering that I am going back to school soon and still trying to keep this blog funcitoning is not following up Amagi Brilliant Park and Princess Principal with anything for this season. It just feels like the right thing to do unless someone can come up with a six episode series I haven’t seen.

Seasonal Anime

The God of High School Episode 5

After last week’s quickly resolved craziness where Mira almost had her wedding and was hurt during the process, then Daewi beat her senseless because of his friend is dying and he’s morally compromised, this week featured Mori fighting against Daewi in anger for what he did to Mira. Which is all interesting considering the fact that the fighters can be healed quickly, Mira wasn’t mad, and Mira was able to find the reason behind Daewi’s sudden turn against his two friends that he met a couple days ago? Yeah, ok?

Regardless of that, this episode is fun. The God of High School is a very thinly constructed series with simple emotions and simple fights, but I have to admit that this show is still pure joy and fun when it comes to combat. Especially when it is something like this week when it’s a cheap knock off like version of the Deku vs Todoroki fight but looks just as beautiful somehow. Daewi finding his heart again came as well as it went with Mori and Mira’s help. Very easy popcorn material as long as it tries to not be too smart.

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 18

Wow, this episode was very deceptive about what it was supposed to be. This is the long-awaited episode on Rin and it started with two younger Sohmas and one of their mother’s about to have a baby. Of course, Rin was watching out of jealousy out of the side lines and we jump into her tail of whoa. The abuse from her family, her family rejecting her at the hospital, and finding some ray of light from Hatsuhara and then having her own struggle in breaking the curse for him. Of course, with that flash back, Rin passed out sick in front of Tohru she mistook as someone else and Tohru carried her to bed. What a soft thing for her to do. Another emotional gut wrench from this very powerful show.

Deca-Dence Episode 5

A stunning episode of some fantastic stakes and excellence. The Gear Forces fought against the monster menace, but the lower level crew started dying. Natsume has a lot of people die on her hands and she starts her fight back against the regenerating Gadoll. Of course, Kaburagi shows up to save the day and defeats it leading to a giant Gadoll Stargate, which is unfinished, attacking them all. Luckily, the Deca-Dence fires its canon to defeat it leading to three more giant Gadoll appearing. The story has changed, Kaburagi gets killed for helping bugs, and everyone might be screwed. Fantastic episode.

Gundam Build Divers RE:RISE 2 Episode 10

Another set up and establishment episode before the final battle. Hiroto, Parvis, May, and Kazami met together to build something to sent them all into space after Masaki Shido came back still unwell to thank them. I guess everyone is truly buying this story of the four fighting alien forces in another dimension using the internet. Another lucky thing is that their latest fight damaged Alus’ capability to fight as well. Still, the crew wants to run a training mission and in order to do that, they will train against the original Build Divers. Oh man, I have so many mixed feelings about this. As in, go Hiroto and crew to destroy ALL of them.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 5

After this show having great episodes, I guess they needed an episode that I absolutely hated for balance. Apparently, I just can’t have nice things. This episode featured an old man creeper with extended eyes which allow him to see much more than usual. So in an very noir like tone, he uses the eyes to creep on girls and it’s absolutely gross. Mary is able to find him and more then call him out, but it’s still horrible. Gah. Some plot important things happened in the background, but I’m just upset.

Appare-Ranman Episode 6

The race is on and Appare and crew are behind a little bit when making it to the check point. They basically got last despite the time they made it through short cuts. Still, a lot of things in play at the rest point. Appare works on his engine to improve it, Kosame is still nervous about fighting, Al is apparently too naïve to be on this trip, and Hototo is finding the gang who killed his parents. Looks like that gang Hototo is searching for is setting up to delay the others before the trip happens and Appare and crew are on their way to the rescue. A busy episode, but very understandable and interesting.

Non Seasonal Anime

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12

What do you mean this isn’t the finale? This would be perfect, but apparently there is an episode 13? What? This episode was the culmination of everything with each park worker calling in all the favors that they can to make the magical 500,000 to save princess Latifah and Kanie first stepping down and then taking up the director job once again now that it’s spelled out how he really liked it there. Seemed a bit rushed to me considering the 13 episodes, but it was the emotional punch that was needed. Plus, that one guy who mocked Kanie was the wizard in the story of Latifah losing her memories which makes sense. With all that, I’m still pretty happy about this episode. It just felt right somehow.

Dorohedoro Episode 6

On Netflix

I think this is my favorite episode of this show so far. Not only because it showed how good Nikaidou is at spying, fighting, and getting away from Noi, but also because it showed how great Gaiman’s friendship with Nikaidou is after Nikaidou got the boss, En, angry and turning everyone into mushrooms. Along with Shin’s story on the side. Nikaidou started turning into a mushroom, was operated on, and was discovered to be sorceror. That didn’t stop Gaiman, who doesn’t like sorceror’s due to his lizard head, to save Nikaidou from a person trying to turn into a sorceror in convolute ways. It’s just so pure and emotionally resonant.

Princess Principal Episode 12 (Finale)

Found on VRV/Hi-Dive

Absolutely perfect final(?) episode. Just chef’s kiss. This episode is the culmination of the entire show up to this point in every respect and I am so glad it stuck the landing. Ange finally breaks down from all her lives to have her friends help her to save Charlotte, Chise came to pay back the others for their hospitality, and Charlotte shows how strong she is in achieving her goals. It’s hard to write about in a short amount of wording like this, but expect a review for this show before my next theme month happens in October. There, people who read this get an early warning on when it will happen.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 6

On Crunchyroll

This show seems hastily put together sometimes. Maybe that’s because it’s following the roots of the first show? (I’ve got no idea about that). Looks like the Aqours found a motivation, saving their school. Hmmm. Still, it was cool seeing the girls wander around trying to find something to save their town. You know, even if it took a while. The finale sequence of this episodes with the lanterns flying in the air along with their singing and dancing was amazing. Plus, seeing some mysteries between Mari and Dia are in play too. Very good episode with fun cheesiness between our cast members.

Dai-Guard Episode 6

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Oh wow is this show just getting better and better. This episode continues with the military trying to take a pull on the private companies use of the Dai-Guard by talking about it on TV and a little bit of Izumi’s backstory. A surprising amount of subtle backstory here. Izumi visits the condemned park where she used to meet her dad and she meets a younger girl in a similar situation. This is where we get the flash back of her and her dad making a snowman at the park and then cutting to recent times where her dad is upset at her for showing up late for us to find out that her actual dad died 12 years ago during a Heterodyne attack. and this is her step dad. Whoa, I wasn’t not expecting that kind of direction in this show. It’s really good.

This of course leads to the Heterodyne attack. The one that came to play can cut through objects, so the defense force didn’t intent on using the Dai-Guard at first. Of course, the little girl and her dad met at the park and the heterodyne is headed there so of course the Dai-Guard went into action against Shirota’s orders. Then something happens, the rain hits the heterodyne and that’s not disappearing at all. So that leads to the gas exploding it and the Dai-Guard stepping on what is left. I’m sorry for talking about this episode in more detail, but it’s just so good. Episodes like this are one of the reasons why I love mecha shows so much.

Bamboo Blade Episode 6

On Funimation

A cool kendo episode in this anime about comedy! Ok, I kid but this was a cool episode with interesting personality clashes between our team and the opposing team. Tama winning her first match incredibly fast, Miya Miya losing due to her aggression against the softest person, Saya somehow pulling a tie with her foot work against a Miya Miya like opponent, and then Tama coming back in a disguise everyone noticed but accepted so she fought again at full strength. Something Goku, a fighter from the other side, wasn’t expecting and couldn’t stand against. This is trully where we see how powerful Tama is. Which means we might see a weakness from her next episode when she goes against the opposing team’s manager.


  1. Yeah, Amagi 12 basically is the series finale (and I loved the joke of who ended up being the 500,000th customer). 13 is just a bonus/side-story type episode. Honestly I don’t know why it was included in the TV run, because it really feels like it should’ve been a one-off OVA instead. I don’t think it was originally even uploaded when Crunchyroll first licensed the series in 2015 or whenever, because I don’t remember seeing it until I bought the Blu-Rays.

    I remember someone commenting to the effect that these middle episodes of Sunshine felt like the third years were almost starring in a different anime from the first and second years, with the interpersonal soap opera they have going on among themselves compared to the rest of the show’s comedy focus.

    This Bamboo Blade episode really highlights some of the things that set it apart from your typical girls’ sports series. So many of these sports shows hammer you over the head with the same themes (teamwork! sportsmanship! friendship!) that it’s a real novelty seeing Toraji essentially cheating here (and the team reluctantly going along with it), even if it’s just an exhibition. It always cracks me up when he’s acting all gracious and humble after the match while Yuji and Kirino are standing behind him with these disgusted looks on their faces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, apparently Crunchyroll agrees with that and doesn’t have an episode 13 for me to watch. Anilist lied to me.

      I can definitely see that split up and that’s just usually how groups like that work. Makes it a bit more relatable in a way I suppose.

      Yeah, that is what has caught my attention too. I really like the smugness and cheating because it doesn’t push anything too far either because of how the characters act. It’s a lot of fun 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Re: Love-Live Sunshine

    “This show seems hastily put together sometimes. Maybe that’s because it’s following the roots of the first show?”

    Yeah. That’s an ongoing problem for Sunshine… It never really does have the confidence to step up on it’s own two feet. It’s overshadowed by it’s sibling, and knows it.

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