Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 7

This week is the last one before I head back to school, so I am nervous about how things will go from this point onward regarding blogging and things. I’ll see how much I have to cut back in the coming weeks.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 19

I’m kind of happy with this episode continuing Rin’s story because it complete seperates her drama from the rest of the Sohmas with her point of view and how she feels towards Tohru. Her rude attitude to keep kind people she likes away, like Haru and Tohru, who doesn’t even consider how other people feel by keeping others in their boxes is really annoying and stupid. Good thing Tohru is there to really push her own weight on the world and hopefully aligning and partnering up with Rin to break the Sohma curse. We will see how that goes.

I also like how the episode gave some momentum to it by showing other characters moving along too. Kyo noticing every single thing and flaw that Tohru tries to hide while Yuki notices, and also Yuki’s continually growing relationship with his student council. He seems to be handling his job fine. I mean, he’s already planning the festival before exams hit which seems relevant to the show and the passing of time. This is just a well realized and thought out episode on a lot of levels.

The God of High School Episode 6

Besides Mira taking the third spot in the Seoul portion of The God of High School Tournament, some crazy things going on outside of the tournament with officials being killed off, and such, this is an episode that would be the training arc for a lot of shonen series, but it just casts all the training off screen. Same with the questionable “team tournament” decision thing that doesn’t have weight. All implied by the way characters worn out or show off abilities at the end of it. No on screen training or at least montages, just more focus on tournament drama which is a decision.

Characters met mentors to push them further, but didn’t really develop any relationships between them on Mori’s side and at least going in interesting direction with Mira and Dare Devil along with Daewi and the Tournament Chairman? It’s a very minor job of doing a lot of building as loosely and minimally as possible like the rest of the show. It’s very junk food like to me because I at least know what direction the show is taking all of these aspects. I’m just kind of annoyed by the show just doing that. This show could be a much better two cour show instead of a lackluster one cour show.

Deca-Dence Episode 6

This show is incredible in the variety of stories it wants to tell and the world it wants us to be involved in. Despite this episode being a prison episode, it also shows off our potential. In this episode, Kaburagi was sent to a prison to cure each “player” of their bug-ness. A resuscitation center of anything. He survives and does crazy things because Natsume would expect him to do it. He figures out that the prison has a connection to the game so he fights other people to prove he is bold enough to do it while also showing his kindness. Natsume really did change him in a short amount of time. I wonder how he will appear as a new player.

The way this episode was very Kaiba looking in its character designs, it’s world building, it’s very noodly and creative animation, and such. It’s very Yuasa like in that way and I really like that fact. In general it looks great, but does fight scenes an infinite amount of times better then what Kaiba could do which is fine because Kaiba isn’t about the fight scenes. There were scenes centered on Kurenai and Natsume in a peaceful time along with the plotting of sending Gadoll out in the world to defeat the Deca-Dence at some point, but those are normal times. All sets up multiple plot lines for the future. Like will Natsume and Kaburagi’s relationship go beyond words? We shall see.

Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise 2 Episode 11

Oh, this was a great training episode. An episode revolving around our cast versus a lot of the main cast of the first Build Divers series. All in all, I think I could say that we saw our characters improve for their bout in El Dora. They’ve had to fight wave after wave of fighters to win. At the same time, this was a great epilogue episode for the original cast too. This show is so good that it added weight to the first series cast. The match between Riku and Hiroto showed the difference between the two series. Riku with his over powered crap and Hiroto with his very innovative thinking to get better results. I was scared at first, but this was fun. I would do it again.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 6

At first, I was upset at this episode for being shoddily put together again, but the more I think about it the more I like this episode. Still not as good as it could be but it makes sense in context. The episode itself is a very quick and classic woman (Emma) wants detective man to find her husband. She’s very romantic in the way she talks too which shows how Juzou seems to fall into those stories. Of course, the guy is after Juzou for some reason and mystery happens. Very hasty, but interesting at least.

There were layers to this though. I was first upset at Tetsuro being let go by his captors but considering that Tetsuro was sent home with a mission to ruin Juzo’s life in some ways, it’s all good for me. I think Juzou knows something is up too. Also, the fellow extended, Edmund, added some weight into Juzou’s conflict with Fives that we will probably get to see by the end of this season if the ending theme says anything about that. So there was a surprising amount of forward momentum in a one off episode.

Appare-Ranman Episode 7

Very busy episode this week with a lot of character things and motivation changes going on. So Appare first saves Al and Jing from Gil’s trap and then the car breaks down. So of course, the two start towing the Appare and crew causing Appare to question his changing of logic to being moral. Ok, sure. We also see the weakness in appare who can’t help in the middle of the desert while everyone else can do something to help them survive. Then making it back, Hototo confronts Gil and it turns out that they are false and are some bandits that no one has heard about. Our team is behind, but the race is still going and anythign can happen. I do think there is a lot going on, but it’s very controlled and thought out so far.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Dorohedoro Episode 7

On Netflix

This was a fun baseball episode that appeared out of nowhere that also did a great job of characterizing relationships between characters, developed character relationships a little more, and even unveiled who was the person who changed Gaiman’s face to give it some forward momentum. This was a fun and absolutely chaotic baseball episode centered on Ebisu and Fujita sneaking into the hole to find Gaiman again. They were put on the team that directly faced against Gaiman and Nikaidou. This episode let us know that Gaiman still trusts Nikaidou and that Ebisu greatly supports Fujita. Also, we discovered that Ebisu’s power is turning people into lizards which is shown through Shin and Noi. It’s so good and chaotic in a wy that only Dorohedoro can be.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 7

On Crunchyroll

With their video, the Aqours somehow made it inside the top 100 for school idols. So of course, that means the girls are going to Tokyo. A trip where Chiko somehow turns into the mom of the group somehow because everyone else is focused on buying souvenirs for their own certain interests. Chika being responsible is kind of scary. Also, Ruby and Dia have a small confrontation about Ruby being an idol, but she supports Ruby going to Tokyo despite her own reasons and hidden drama. We also met some idol competition who were passive aggressive but very into the Aqours as well. It’s nice to only have the “you guys are so good” drama, how can we beat you? Drama instead of something else.

Dai-Guard Episode 7

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

I knew that an episode where Shirota and Akagi start seeing eye to eye would appear, but I wasn’t expecting it to be like this. In an episode where a giant mushroom heterodyne has been growing and causing chaos for a week while somone researching the weaknesses, the crew and Shirota eat and do everything in shifts. So of course, when Shirota and Akagi are out on a break and learning to enjoy everything, the Heterodyne attacks causing damage through the city. The military could only keep it at bay for so long.

Akagi tries to save a puppy and needs helping, leading to Shirota and others helping and him and Akagi pushed Shirota out of the way of the rubble so he doesn’t get hurt. All of which gets paid for later when Akagi helps Shirota hit the weak point of the heterodyne and Shirota saves Akagi from falling with Dai-Guard. Oh, this is when we see the genius girl in action as well along with Aoyama introducing the episode as the noraml one? There is always so much to unpack in this show.

Bamboo Blade Episode 7

On Funimation

This episode is the follow through for this limited competition space. After Toraji’s girls win with Tamaki madness, the opposing coach Ishibashi wants to fight against Tamaki to settle his own masculine need for supremacy. At least that’s according to Kirino at least. Tamaki wins until Ishibashi holds his sword with the high stance and Tamaki gets flash backs of her mom. There is a lot there to explore there to giver her an arc. That’s good because she’s been full of strength the entire time despite her detachment to people. I think this is where she’ll grow.

The most interesting part for me was the after match. Miyamya and her sister, Sayako and sleeping on the coach on top of her little brother’s DS and cracking it which I’m calling fowl, Tama who was given the wrong format of Do You Remember Love to watch, and Kirino making her plans. It really shows how each person thinks of function in recovery. Of course the little pouting and rotating sushi thing with Ishibashi and Toraji was just hilarious and insightful in it’s own way.


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