Fly Me to the Moon – Volume 1: Maximum Adorableness

You ever focus or go so hard on something that you get a tunnel vision and blocked out everything else in your life? That’s the story of this manga, Fly Me to the Moon. One day a baby was given the name Nasa. A name that has a wonderful, starry meaning in Japanese. It’s also a name which can only lead normal people to one thing. NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. To him it’s a curse. Nasa feels like the only thing he can do is work to somehow out do them in order to make people think of himself instead of something big. He worked hard on his studies and only chooses the highest high school choice possible with no other backups. Nasa doesn’t need anything else. With his endless confidence, he can do anything.

Of course, that’s when the guy’s life changes. On his way to his high school entrance exams, he gets hit by a truck. So deaths, so that’s a good luck next time to Mr. Isekai. A beautiful, yet mysterious girl saves him at the last second. So, he only broke his legs and met a girl. I guess that’s a partial on the isekai-ing. Though still in shock and walking, he asks the girl her name and to date him. She only accepts if he will marry her, which he does. An incident that completely changes the course of his life. He didn’t go to high school, lives in his own sparsely placed out apartment, and one day she shows up with marriage licenses. They are officially married and start living their lives together. Her name is Tsukasa Tsukuyomi by the way.

This manga completely put me through a loop because I didn’t know what to expect from it going in. I didn’t even read the synopsis for it because I wanted to be surprised and surprised, I was. This first volume is an introduction to this one guy finding some actual life into his life. Everything in the guy’s apartment shows this. He has food in his refrigerator, but Nasa scientifically calculated how he cooks his food for most efficient nutrition intake and such. Tsukasa’s very presence alone starts this change. He has to actually care about someone else other than himself which means spreading out his funds, buying mattresses and things other this his small bed, and such. Tsukasa is the shot of sunshine he needed.

What is even more wild is how wholesome this manga is. Usually you would think that a series involving a boy getting married to a pretty girl free of charge would involve much more lewdness. The first night they slept in the same room got close to doing this, but Nasa is too shy to pull anything even if it’s legal. He also doesn’t change in the same room as Tsukasa and he also struggles to hold her hand while walking. The guy really is too in his head to really do much with the somewhat ridiculous concept and idea of this manga, he’s too pure to do anything at all. At least at this point, way too calculated to do anything and doesn’t know how to live. Who knows? This is only volume one.

Fly me to the Moon is an easy but ridiculous concept down well. It isn’t amazing, but it’s very wholesome and readable. One would say that average but enjoyable and calming. A lot like the very cute and moe like art work. It’s very easy and very pleasing on the eyes in a lot of ways. It pulls out the best sort of potential from a clearly ridiculous scenario and that’s something powerful. I do think I will give this an ok though despite all that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it at all. If anything, I might check out the anime series coming out in October. There are just some things about the marriage in question itself that really bugs me about it. A little too convenient even if this entire manga is ridiculous in itself. Still, this is a good set up volume.

If this sounds interesting, it comes out on September 8th from Viz Media!


  1. [Resisting obvious EVA joke in the title]

    That does sound like a funny series. It can be a miracle finding manga or anime that’s surprisingly wholesome or at the very least not filled with objectionable content. Don’t get me wrong, I still like more mature and adult series like Texhnolyze and Perfect Blue, but it can be good checking out lighter works. The stories can still be good and I’ve made this point in my Haibane Renmei and HNG reviews, that sometimes stories like that could destroy preconceptions of anime to those who think it’s just fanservice-ridden garbage or hentai when it’s not Pokemon or DBZ.

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    1. Haha, I had to work late to resist it too.

      I like and prefer my more dramatic stuff too, but I haven’t really been in such a large mood for this series recently given everything and the mindset I need to be in recently to even consider doing that for the most part.

      And exactly. I’m glad that most shows actually do break out of those misconceptions. Anime has made a larger appearence on the going market so something must of happened recently for it to do that.

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      1. Glad you feel the same way. Haha!

        That’s totally fine. Makes perfect sense to me.

        Thank you! It’s great that I’m not the only one who thinks that. Maybe people are more accepting of it outside of the otaku. Okay, I do get made fun of sometimes for watching it, but not as often compared to my teen years.

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  2. “It isn’t amazing, but it’s very wholesome and readable” Sometimes not everything needs to be amazing for sure😊 It’s also nice to at times read/watch something average and still enjoy it. This certainly sounds like a perfect example of that😊 Great review as always Scott😀

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