Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 8

Well, school starts today. I’m going to test my own schedule around to see how I can make my life easier and keep blogging while other things happen. Fun experimental times…I hope. I was able to work part time and go to school part time while blogging without incidence in 2017. Maybe this will be the same.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 20

This was an episode about Yuki’s growing attachment with the student council. There is the school festival in motion and Cinderella casting choices happening too which makes the show feel like it’s going somewhere too. Those Yuki fangirls are up to something and failing again with Tohru being a wicked step sister. Haha. But nah, mainly about Yuki. Yuki discovering, he doesn’t have to be strict and tight, relating to Manabe’s and Machi’s home situation, and learning to let go and smile. I also feel like Yuki is getting closer to Machi bit by bit too without even trying too. It’s a truly wonderful constructed episode in the way that it feels like it’s naturally doing things without tugging along.

The God of High School Episode 7

Yeah, I am not going to pretend I care about what is going on with our main trio and the commissioner assassination thing. At least the fights are fun to watch. The trio that our people fought against are so much more interesting and complex then whatever relationship that our trio has. A 38-year-old high schooler and the girl working together were great stuff. The line “you can try again” is powerful and much more then we get from our goofy trio. The commissioner and attempted tournament assassination things were whatever. I honestly don’t care. Just get the maximum fights per episode possible I suppose. Very good shonen junk food and nothing more honestly.

Deca-Dence Episode 7

This was another in between episode, but one that will lead people into very interesting directions. Kaburagi in his new form in the Deca-Dence game found Natsume strong and both weak at the same time. There is a hole in Deca-Dence which means citizens are getting attacked, but Natsume somehow motivated other tankers and humans for some parts on repairing the wall. Even Fie, who turned up her nose at Natsume and only wanted a normal life, was able to get some help too. It’s a very easy but meaningful sort of switch. At the same time, Kaburagi encountered Natsume and decided that it’s time to destroy the Gadoll manufacturing plant with the prisoners. Episode 8 is going to be explosive! I can’t wait!

Gundam Build Divers RE:RISE 2 Episode 12

This battle was the finale battle for the fate of the people of Eldora. An episode where these Build Divers had their massive send off from the people on it and then the push through all of Alus’ gunpla, with some excellent help from Cauldron and Misaki. All while Hinata was in the middle of her own drama. Every person got their own moment of awesome and everyone worked together to form the greatest gunpla combination ever to take down the cannon. It was a short battle, but one completely worth it with excellent gunpla fights and everything. Alus was completely over taken. The show ends next episode though, but Alus decided to “brilliantly” attack GBN itself with his forces. Yeah, that’s going to work well for him.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 7

This is the complete backstory episode with some weight behind it all brought by Tetsuro’s contribution and tension of using Juzou’s ultimate technique. With his talk with Edmund and some other aspects, it’s revealed that Juzou is number 13 and he killed most of the other gun head extendeds after the war happened to keep them a secret. A reveal that sort of explains why he tries to care about other people now. Tetsuro confronted Juzou about this and then supposedly used harmony to bring him to Spitzberg to fight 7. I am not sure about that because Juzo always seems under the control of something. A lot of mystery to be hard here. I guess the evil Ed and Al Elric are out there in the night to fight eventually.

Appare-Ranman Episode 8

I was not expecting for this episode to randomly be a side story out of nowhere in a way. This week is based on Hototo (older version) and Kosame’s backstories. Al, Xailing, and the rest of them went to a western town after the front runners were murdered by the supposedly real Gil and others. So that happens in random town, everyone but Kosame gets captured by Gil and Kosame somehow finds it in himself to do the awesome spaghetti western thing and own the five gunmen with a Katana. He is awesome and saves the day. Back to the race and only 7 cars in the race. Hopefully no more awkward side things.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Dorohedoro Episode 8

On Netflix

This show really likes diving itself into its strange world in interesting ways and I can’t help but really appreciate and love that fact. Caiman escapes the hole and somehow makes it to the sorcerer’s world to find the person who changed his body. He does eventually find a job while En and his gang form have a party to choose partners for each of them. Lots of fun to be had there with costumes and explosions. Of course, Caiman gets the perfect disguise that allows him to just go around it all. Constant world exploration and craziness while the plot happens somehow. It’s wild and I am just going to keep appreciating it.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 8

On Crunchyroll

This episode had to happen. I mean, the Aqours did form an idol group, practice, and somehow make it to the top 100 rank of idols in Japan. They had to have something to test the true will and might of group together after gaining no votes from the audience they all performed in. Chika tried to be the adult, but she felt sad by everything going on too. I’m glad the group got together to cheer up Chika with Riko in order to get the Aqours to even get one vote from the audience if anything. A big thing that Dia and others didn’t do. I’m proud of them. Go Aqours!

Dai-Guard Episode 8

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

While this episode isn’t super exciting and energetic, it’s one that makes each of the characters feel like real people. There is no Heterodyne attack in motion until the end, but I do feel like each of these characters is relatable. Ibuki with her lack of sleep due to never being given the cancel warning for the heterodyne attack causing her to worry about her life, Akagi being the not good signal reading for being a jerk, and Aoyama having problems with his mother in the hospital. The office environment did add a layer of obscurity around it all in a realistic way. It’s good to see that all the mecha time pilots are real people.

Bamboo Blade Episode 8

On Funimation

After everything that went on to build towards a competition in kendo, this was a much more realaxing episode in a way. All because Tama wanted to buy an anime set and wanted a part time job. I love her having to do something out of the way, like getting a part time job as a high school student, for a small thing leading her to make larger strides in herself. Even more fun is how everyone has their own interpretation for why Tama got a part time job. All in character too. I suppose the kendo is coming back next week and I think I’m ready for it. Maybe.


  1. Glad I don’t have to worry about school anymore in the middle of this mess. Is your school doing online classes or in-person? Either way, good luck!

    LLS 8 was definitely one of the standout episodes of the first season. As you said, very important for Chika’s and the band’s growth, even if the lessons suck at the time. The line that’s always stuck with me is Chika trying to cheer the other girls up by telling them that this time they made their fewest mistakes yet. It’s kind of an amusingly innocent take, but at the same time it heavily underscores just how much work they have ahead of them.

    Ah, Bamboo Blade 9 coming up – I’m already looking forward to your thoughts on that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all online!

      Oh yes! I kind of love these kinds of episodes because it really shows how strong and determined the characters are. This show fulfilled so many great things on my list.

      I’m kind of excited about it 🙂


  2. Nice write up. I might check out Dorohedoro and I know it’s on Netflix. I do think it’s interesting with the main character’s name being Caiman which is a reference to an actual reptile even though it’s in the crocodile family.

    Liked by 1 person

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