#OshiiOct Mamoru Oshii October Announcement

So, I’ve been hinting at this all week with my subtly called not Mamoru Oshii week. You know, because I am just so clever like that apparently. So clever I didn’t tell anyone about it. Encase I didn’t point it out too well, Patlabor 3 is a film that is a part of Mamoru Oshii’s little Patlabor verse, but doesn’t involved him in a heavy capacity. Lupin the Third: Legend of the Gold of Babylon was a film that Oshii was supposed to be a part of but wasn’t due to a lot of reasons. I don’t know, I thought I was being clever. Probably wasn’t though.

Anyway, I’m not here to say how not clever I am like usual. I am here to talk about Mamoru Oshii month! I will be covering 7 different films he was a part of and one ova series he did that might as well be a film. My plan is to start this train on the Wednesday of the first full week of October. The first post will appear October 7th and then everything will appear like my usual Wednesday and Friday posts for four weeks with this very clear theme.

The Full Plan For October:

7th: Dallos
9th: Angel’s Egg
14th: Patlabor: The Movie
16th: Patlabor 2: The Movie
21th: Ghost in the Shell (1995)
23rd: Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
28th: Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade
30th: The Sky Crawlers

First thing is first, this isn’t everything that Mamoru Oshii has been a part of or has done. I’m doing that because of the lack of time to cover everything without pushing myself too hard. I’m working and in college at the same time so give me some slack, ok? If anything, that leaves the door open for another Mamoru Oshii month next year if I plan on doing that. Could just create a sequel month in the future. Completely different from my Hidekai Anno scenario where I have covered other works that he’s done that are legally available at the moment. Woops. Opening a brand-new door here for that possibility unless I do something else in the future. Hard to say.

Some other things are that I have slowly been handling every little bit of the Patlabor franchise. These two films are the only things Patlabor that I have not covered yet at all. With this, I am kind of doing the baton pass from Patlabor to Ghost in the Shell. So possible Stand Alone Complex and other things in the future! Maybe. Who is to say about that? Muahahaha.

As for the fact that it’s October and not all of these involve the usual Halloween spooks and horrors, I do have a plan for that. Just not going to tell you about except keep an eye out for the weekends. Going to keep this one a surprise because it’s so much more fun to do that. After all, I need to leave something fun and unexpected for some reason. I think that October should be fun!


  1. Oooh! I’m very much looking forward to this! As you know I’m a huge Ghost in the Shell fan, so definitely looking forward to those posts, but I also love Patlabor! As for cutting you some slack, I think it’s very impressive at the moment the amount of posts you are already publishing despite school and work, so really no complaints here! Anyways..can’t wait for this to start on wednesday! 😀😀

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    1. I am working just part time at the moment and I’m lucky to have a job where I can choose what days that I work so I can take a couple days off to work on School only. Then again, I haven’t had to write anything major yet.

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      1. Oh psssh, I like being busy. Even when I was in college a long time ago now, I was involved in a lot of things. I will cut back what I post of it does get a little too much though. I’m still figuring out my time management.

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  2. As much as I know the names you throw around, I admit to not knowing much about what they did to deserve their reputation…I guess that’s what the studio posts were meant to rectify, in part, but since it’s – for the most part – the same story over and over again, you don’t see individual names coming to the fore unless you dig beyond the body of work and even then, you can’t always catch that from cursory research alone.

    Jin-Roh dropped on a streaming service recently and…uh, I may or may not have, even more recently, gotten across that barrier, despite my years of strategically learning to cut my losses to avoid doing so (there is a certain pride in being a free user – and on top of that, not using any trials – for the entire time one has been streaming)…so don’t be surprised if stuff like that shows up on my list…On a related note, the AniList Watching Challenge this month is cyberpunk-themed and I joined that too, to abuse the free trial on the “barrier” while it lasts.

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    1. Yes, part of this is to provide a lot more context to famous creators and directors that I really like.

      Cool, so I may have some things to look forward too. 😁. I’m always amazed my how many challenges there are and how many you’ve taken part of. I haven’t paid attention to a lot of them because I’ve been mainly using the app.


      1. AWC’s been around for > 2 years (starting at the end of Jul. ’18) and I’ve been around them since the beginning. A genre challenge is technically 4 challenges in 1 (Easy, Nornal, Hard, Mastery (which is when you do a challenge twice over)) and I’ve skipped a lot because I knew I couldn’t do them for some reason or another (some require anime you start from scratch, such as monthlies) so I only have 19 badges right now, with the highest badges so far being Action/Drama/Supernatural Normal Mode (unless you count the fact I’ve never missed a raffle or badge battle to be a feat in itself – also note I haven’t had to use the easy mode loophole where you can use previously completed anime yet, either because I don’t have enough to complete it – *glances at mecha challenge* – or because I think I’ll manage without it).

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