Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 10

Not much to think about regarding this post for this season. Just thinking about how we are ten weeks into the Summer and I am going to have to think about what I start watching next season. It’s really that time and I haven’t looked at what is airing next season at all. Crazy times.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 22

This was the break through episode for Yuki towards his relationship with Tohru while Kyo and Tohru are both in the dark when it comes to their play of Cinderella. It’s so wonderful for Yuki to have someone like Manabe because he can only say things and Manabe will probably keep them hidden. Especially when Yuki sees Tohru as a mother figure then anything else which makes sense. What is also interesting is that Machi seems to see right through Yuki, so there is something more there. IT’s also fun to see Tohru trying to be evil but failing to do it and having the play adjusted more for Kyo and Tohru because they don’t fit their roles that well. Another wonderful episode.

The God of High School Episode 9

Yeah, this show did that thing where it’s trying to be deep by adding in conflict to change the stakes of things and it’s whatever, I guess. Episode 8 was much better. On the other hand, it’s so nice to see Mira face down a person who has the sword she gave away earlier, having the creepy guy fight against her, and after being beaten, Mira finds her strength and the sword’s true form and wins. Not enough shonen have been allowing women to fight and get their own arcs recently, so it’s refreshing. Also, Mori got stuck in a conflict regarding his grandfather which turns out to be false and he wins that battle at the house in a Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions fight and then wins the competition after being so angry. So it’s an ok and fun episode which is about what I expect from this show honestly. At least it looks nice.

Deca-Dence Episode 9

This episode is the Gadoll factory heist episode. Natsume and Kaburagi work hard to make their way to the factory to turn it off and all while the jail gang fights off the system’s guard. It’s such a wild ride with some twists and turns brought by people letting out their plans to the systems. Plus, Kaburagi had to fight a system administrator and a betrayer was able to save the day by turning off the core of a factory in a sacrificial move. Not the greatest episode ever, but one that provides a lot of questions considering that Natsume didn’t know she was trapped in a system until now. What will she do? It’s a good cliff hanger to end on.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 9

This is one of those episodes where one big reveal and/or action moment happens another after another. Not that this is hard to follow because they happen in a linear pattern, but it still happened. Tetsuro won his battle against the old man from spitzberg by using harmony on himself, the delusions of Spitzberg who are funded by Burenhen to keep themselves going is there, and Juzou fought a battle against a muscular woman and now fighting against the evil FMA Brothers Pepper an unit 7. Also Kronen is going to fight against his senpai. There were political things, characters things, hype visuals, and so many good things. Fantastic episode.

Appare-Ranman Episode 10

So, this was villain reveal episode. Richard, not surprisingly, is the villain and has a connection to everyone. If was obvious who it was for me based on voice actor and the nice guy being the villain usually, but it works for this show. Everyone was screwed over car wise and Kosame was killed from Appare’s actions. That was just the saddest thing ever. With the all cars broken and everything else, there is going to be an awesome finale in the works here with everyone working together. Looking forward to it!

Non-Seasonal Anime

Dorohedoro Episode 10

On Netflix

This is definitely a massive set up for a finale. I just wish it didn’t involve Nikaido getting captured because that’s such a lame thing to do. But yeah, the blue moon partnering event is over and it turns out Nikaido is a sorceror with time powers. She’s forced to partner with En which means En can control her (and hopefully the other way around soon.) The giant mushroom guy turned into a warp gate so she and the others were captured. Caiman is still out there trying to break into En’s place and looks like his new work buddies are going to help. Plus, the doctor that was captured escaped. A lot of huge things to think about for the two parts of the finale. Hoping for Nikaidou coolness!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 10

On Crunchyroll

The love, the heart, the drama. The girls are united together and training in the summer. Mainly in the mornings and evenings while trying to run a beach shack against another shack. That is two summer plots thrown into one episode. It’s pretty fun and full of really cool gags from cooking to general sister-ness between Dia and Ruby. Plus, the usual gang tricks that I like. Then there is an emotional core between Riko wanting to decide to either do the piano competition or Love Live. Chika wanting Riko to push for the piano competition. OH jeez, the choice of things.

Dai-Guard Episode 10

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Thus we have an episode where personal tarums are made worse by the appearance of the military mecha, Kokubogar. Izumi has troubles with her step dad, Aoyama has problems with his mother who is in the hospital, and Akagi confronts the Kokubogar crew up front. One of the pilots of the Kokubogar is Akagi’s university teacher. This episode is the competition episode between the two robots and, of course, the Dai-Guard fails due to their lack of unity and Akagi being sick. The three fail to defeat a Heterodyne while the Kokubogar defeats is pretty soundly. That can only mean drama in the following episodes and I think that’s drama I want to see. This has always been a human centric series so this all works well from my point of view.

Bamboo Blade Episode 10

On Funimation

I can’t help but look at these episodes by saying “oh no” while laughing as hard as I can. There is a massive relatable thing going on with Toraji with his money situation then him visiting home and the parents suffering from money problems at their grocery store. Asking someone to pay for their dinner at home and eating from almost expired things really does look like it hurts. I’m glad that despite having their money problems, his parents still gave him some to help out a bit and that they love each other.

Of course, that’s not the only thing going on. Miya Miya has a stalker from middle school that is interfering with her kendo training, there was tournament stuff with Kendo that was kind of there and pretty skipped over, Kirino visiting some middle school friends, and Tamaki buying her dad a birthday present. A lot of touching moments, scary moments, and moments to think about going forward. Like Tamaki learning the value of money for one. Hopefully the team does get that fifth member. Good episode.


  1. Well, I couldn’t take it anymore; after all these weeks reading your episode reviews I finally had to pull Bamboo Blade off my shelf and watch it again. Fortunately I don’t have to limit myself to one episode a week. Just as well, anyway – it had been long enough that there was some stuff I didn’t remember anymore, so it’s been a fun refresher.

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