Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 11

This week has been total hell for me and so many people on the West Coast of the United States. I’m not going to lie and say “nothing phases me”. No, I was completely terrified and didn’t know whether I had to evacuate due to fire stuff or not. Luckily, I never had to. Just had to suffer some power outages for over 24 hours. Plus, some smoke that is gradually disappearing and having to take one of a thousand back routes to work instead of a highway that is closed down. Not major things, but I know a lot of people who had to evacuate and are coming back to their homes now. It’s wild.

At least there was anime to look forward to that calmed me down a bit. My watching schedule has been jumbled a bit, but I was so happy to watch all of these shows and write about them. Writing is my happy and relaxing places and I was able to find that spot again. I did write most of this on Friday which is why I’m not a thorough as usual, but all of this are still my 100% complete official thoughts. Everything is valid. Let us relax with some anime talk.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 22

What a fun episode until the emotional part towards the middle. Tohru’s classes play titled Cinderalla-ish was presented in front of us. Tohru’s role was changed to the kind younger sister who was used for hostage exchanged otherwise Cinderalla wouldn’t do anything, Saki was an aluff Cinderalla, Uo was a prince, Kyo was the tempermental prince, and Yuki was the Fairy Godmother. The plot only moved forward because the narrator made it move forward. So yeah, it was bad actually but bad in a very enjoyable sort of way.

That was until it was revealed at one quick moment during the play that Tohru knew Kyo was destined to be locked up and didn’t want that. Thus, some awkwardness was put in between the two. Especially with the appearance of Kyo’s teacher. There was some drama between Machi and some other girls too where she revealed her thoughts on Yuki so there is a bit of drama there as well.

The God of High School Episode 10

Well, this was half a fun episode and half what the hell was that? The God of High School tournament itself was great. Had some good character drama on both sides. Daewi fighting a great female opponent who is ripped, Mori fighting the guy who knew his grandfather and was teaching him to become stronger. All while a giant sword appeared from the skies by bad guys and the tournament chairman protecting it. That got more and more ridiculous over time and I just wanted to watch the fights. Especially since none of that mystical stuff felt like anything at all. It’s ok to just have a tournament anime with Mori fighting to save his grandfather. More time with that would be great.

Deca-Dence Episode 10

Really great character episode this week. The Gadoll have supposedly been stopped but that does not mean nothing is over. Natsume’s life has been shaking up by Kaburagi who took Natsume’s influence and pushed her too far outside of this world. Natsume is still wondering about if she wanted to have her life shaken this much Kaburagi is questioning himself. All while the AI are building up a resistance and everyone is alone. My favorite episode so far.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 10

No battle between Kronen and his former protégé, but we dig deeper into the mind of Juzou has he fights against Pepper and 7, the evil Elric siblings. Mostly through Tetsuro’s Harmony ability to unlock Juzou’s ultimate abilities when he was in a tough spot. This is where we see how Juzou became himself by his handler being opened minded and Juzou basing his way of living on him afterward. This is the time when Juzou has to make his own decision to unlock his abilities his own way.

Appare-Ranman Episode 11

This was the find the will to continue episode after Kosame was hit. Luckily, Kosame was able to be taken to a hospital and has woken up. During that time, no one knew what to do and Appare was wandering having an emotional crisis. Yeah, it is annoying because you know he’s going to return by the end of the episode, and he didn’t even do anything himself. Kosame talks him out of his stupor and he reunites everyone for the coming war against everyone’s villain. Engineers become engineers again and people are working their hardest to fix cars for the better. Lets go.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Dorohedoro Episode 11

On Netflix

This show never surprises me how weird it can get and still move forward plot wise. This week’s episode was a pie cook off between Caiman and his established crew vs the girl with the abilities to make everyone eat her mediocre pies. At the same time, Nikaidou learns about En’s past through an awesome film and Caiman is trying to get her back before deciding that the two should separate from each other. The ultimate character drama. I really do love this show in everything that it tries to do in terms of characters and chaotic nature. I hope the show ends alright next episode.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 11

On Crunchyroll

This week was You’s episode. After Chika urged Riko to take part in a piano competition, there is a spot that is left empty in the ranks. That leads to You taking Riko’s spot and struggling at it. She gets it when she copies Riko’s dancing, but she cries over it because she can’t get her feelings to Chika. Good thing Chika noticed and the two started their own dance sequence. A good balance of comedy and drama. I liked Riko being at her piano performance and the others performing at the same time with their supported arm bands.

Dai-Guard Episode 11

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Following the events of last week involving a sick Akagi and the the success of the military’s mecha, the Kokubogar, our office friends at Public Relations Section 2 are all over the place. The Kokubogar is able to capture a Heterodyne’s core while the office just does normal work. All until hell breaks lose. A second Heterodyne shows up, a the first heterodyne over takes the Kokubogar, and Shirota pilots the Dai-Guard with Aoyama and Ibuki. What will Shirota do? That is the biggest cliff hanger for a while. I wonder how this gets resolved, but a fantastic episode in itself.

Bamboo Blade Episode 11

On Funimation

Talk about an episode with a lot of moving parts in it that go in so many directions. Miyamiya’s stalker hiring thugs to attack Yuji and him scaring them off, the search for Azuma at the library, Tamaki showing her best taste for talking about Goro Taniguchi at the library even though what that she’s reading is untrue, and even Tamaki vs Toraji with Toraji showing his personality a little too much. The moment I loved was Donny showing some of Miya Miya’s evil aura. A lot of things are set up or expanded on a little more so all of this has to meet somewhere in all of this chaos. I love this show’s characters and just want to know Azuma now.


  1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing how hazardous it’s been on the West Coast. One of my friends in Northern California had to evacuate his house with his fiance, and I don’t know if he’s back in his home yet. I’m glad you’re safe though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I hope everything turns out ok for them. I’m definitely one of the lucky ones in this horrible exchange from even a lot of people that I know. Doesn’t mean it’s not frightening still.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t even imagine what this week has been like for you and all the other people near you. I’m glad you got through it in one piece, really mean that. Hopefully things will be able to go back to normal now…well…as far as we can say normal in these times that is.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Good question. I don’t really think there is a “normal” anymore. All we can do is hang in there and look out after each other as well😊
        I’m okayish…health is still annoying, but hanging in there thanks😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Fruits Basket… Just continues to astound. I’m not so sure about Deca-Dence though, it’s got so many layers and twists I don’t whether it’s coming or going. And I’m not sure they’re going to stick the landing.

    No fires over on this side of Sound, but yeah… the smoke is _nasty_. Going on four days stuck indoors on top of the months of only rarely venturing out in the first place. It’s just getting to be too much.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And now you know why I was chuckling to myself when you mentioned Goro Taniguchi in that other post a few days ago. No idea if you’d already watched BB11 when you wrote that, but the timing was just too good. Funny thing is, even though he didn’t retire, he mentioned in an interview that he was seriously burned out after Code Geass, and that the guys making Bamboo Blade (who are friends of his) must have picked up on it to sneak that gag in there.

    As a callback to this episode of Sunshine, when the actresses perform that song during live concerts, they have Riko’s VA on the piano (and actually playing, not just miming) while everyone else dances. Back during their first concert weekend in 2017 she messed up early in one performance of the song and had a panic attack because of it, but the other girls (and more importantly the audience) were very supportive and helped her get composed enough to start over again after only a couple of minutes. She’d only been playing the piano for three months at the time, and that’s not exactly an easy song. But fans have always pointed to that as one of the defining moments of the (real) group’s history where they showed their true character with how they had her back, especially Anchan (Chika’s VA) who was the first one at her side when she lost it and immediately took charge of the situation.

    Anyway, glad you’re okay now. All of my family lives on the west coast, some of them in the places that are getting orange skies from all the smoke and ash, so you better believe I’ve been paying attention to all of this. None of them have had to worry about evacuating or anything this time, although my niece and her husband did have to evacuate during one of the big fires 2 or 3 years ago (they didn’t lose anything, though, luckily).

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    1. Oh no, the post was written a little bit before I watched this episode, but I seemed to have mastered the art of serendipity.

      Oh, I love that a lot. There seems to be some cool dramatic plays with the aqours going on and I like it.

      I’m glad we made it safely.


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