Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 12

Can someone either turn the speed of the year down or can we time skip to 2021 already? This year has gone by too fast for so many reasons and I don’t like it. I mean, this season is ending next week. Gah, the complicated feelings on that. I like a lot of things that I’ve watched this season and I and am prepared for it to end. But that is the seasonal cycle. It’s here for us again.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 24

A very busy episode with a lot of things in motion for the seasonal finale. Machi feeling included and confused by Yuki’s questions and going to social events, Yuki showing how much he’s grown in front of an angry Akito, Tohru and Kyo staying at Shisho’s place over the new year, and a wish the curse of the Sohma family to be broken. A lot of big things in a short amount of time, but each one feeling just as natural and complete as every other Fruits Basket episode in that way. I really liked it. I wonder how this season is going to end, because it can’t be anything else but a bang at this point.

The God of High School Episode 11

The first half was mindless, pure shonen nonsense that I don’t love, but deeply respect. IIpyo Park turned into his Yoko Kurama and Naruto 9 Tails form and Jin Mori fought back with his Ultra Instinct Ability that he just has? Sure. I’m so glad that people just can have abilities and it means and doesn’t mean something at the same time. I did appreciate the one joke with Seunghang being turned on by IIpyo’s fury form. High respect. The second half was pure monster nonsense with Mori’s opponent for the next round and it’s whatever, I guess. I didn’t feel anything from it. This show seems to think friendships happen by people being in the same room with each other. I guess two more episodes.

Deca-Dence Episode 11

Deca-Dence feels like it is concluding in the most natural way possible. Stopping a satellite from falling from space to save humanity and robots in two hours. In this episode, chaos. The giant Gadoll gets punched at only 60% so it’s not damaged which leads to the laser cannon failing from space and the AI falling down in two hours. Plus, the other Gadoll are attacking with the Tankers defending, Natsume meeting the Robots, and Kaburagi and Minato restarting Deca-Dence. A lot of things happen that naturally clicking with each other. I really like all of it.

No Guns Life Episode 11

We follow completely after last week’s episode where Juzou finds his own mental fortitude to fight again. Of course, Beruhren had to make an appearance and kill Pepper causing 7 to go out of control. Juzou with his new resolved self and sense of self-worth was able to defeat 7 pretty easily. This show is a shonen battle series with a mechanical and cyberpunk aesthetic, and I find that pretty unique. Plus, the fight was long enough to have an impact and short enough not to waste it at all.

Appare-Ranman Episode 12

With their cars recreated and everyone resolved to fight, even Kosame who has wound tied down. Split into give groups of two, they were all able to defeat Gil’s five hench people in different ways based on how their abilities work. Still, Gil is as horrible and plays with his hostages in every way that he wants to. Now that the all the racers are at Gil’s door and more prepared, will they defeat him, race, and save Sofia? Of course, but I want to see how it will happen. This show is fun. A very good action adventure.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Dorohedoro Episode 12 (Finale)

On Netflix

This episode is just a set up for another season. An episode that challenges Caiman and Nikaidou’s friendship where Caiman fights a controlled Nikaidou until the she gets cut and the contract is taken out. With help from the devils, the two escape En and En has a devil turned into a Nikaidou for now. Plus, Shin and Noi are betraying En in some ways. The most coherent and less chaotic episode, but it works that way. I hope we get a sequel, but who knows what will happen. So many elements up in the air. More please.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 12

On Crunchyroll

With the Aqours making it into the Love Live competition at the qualifying event, it is time to discover their motivation to keeping going still. Yes, it is to get one vote instead of zero but it’s not enough. The school itself is not saved unlike the Mu’s school at this point. Thus, proving how hard being an Idol is these days. This means a return trip to Tokyo to where the girls discover, finally, they should just sing and perform for themselves. This show moves fast. I wonder if Love Live will take place all next episode or will it be followed up in the following season. I guess I am watching the next season anyway at this point.

Dai-Guard Episode 12

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Following last episode’s fight against the heterodyne with the Kokubogar stuck inside of it and Shirota unable to attack and the unknown placement of Akagi at the hospital, this is the resolution. Akagi led the charge of saving patients at the hospital and he’s back in the pilot seat with Aoyama and Ibuki to defeat the Heterodyne. Plus, there is some cute stuff between the engineer and the scientific mind behind the new tool to defeat the Heterodyne. Wouldn’t you know it, Dai-Guard saves the day. All it takes is some idiot pushing the other guys forward. I loved this episode a lot. So many cool things and fun mechanical things.

Bamboo Blade Episode 12

On Funimation

A fantastic set up episode with a lot of moving parts but it all works together somehow. Azuma is discovered and has quit kendo because of her lack of focus on her studies but is slowly being forced to play, Maroe High is having a practice match against a hard ass school whose leader doesn’t care if the other players quit, and Raemi is stocking Miyamiya somehow. I can see how all of these parts fit together, but I am waiting until episode 13 to see how the payoff goes. Something tells me that this show is going to be fine, funny, and dramatic at the same time. I mean, the drama lama is hanging around.

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