I’m a Man of Mystery. Sometimes, in an International Sense. (The Mystery Blogger Award)

Yeah, the title of this blog post is dumb. I still stand by it though. Especially since I was tagged four times. Since I’ve had some more free time opened up my schedule somehow, I thought that I might as well do this one. It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post and I would like to do these every once in a while. I was tagged by MIB, Wore Her Sweater, Animated Observations, and Never Argue with a Fish. All great blogs with some fantastically diverse content. Please give each them a follow if you get the chance.

I don’t plan on doing tag posts all the time, but I think that every once in a while, when I have an open moment would be good. Don’t hold me too that though. I don’t know when I will be super busy once again. It’s bound to happen. In the meantime, this should be fun.

Ok, time for rules in how these are conducted. I’m sure that I will break a lot of them though but whatever.

The Rules!

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate 10-20 Bloggers (Not Happening).
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog (nope.)
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question. (Nah.)
  • Share the link to your best post. (Ummmm, ok.)

Three Things About Me

  • I love watching American Football. I am not the most knowledgeable fan, but I’ve been watching enough in different capacities that I have a general idea of what is going on.
  • I am slowly figuring out how to bake better. I’m still at that prepared batters stage, but I think that’s all apart of the self taught process of baking.
  • I am such a push over of a person. I tend to apologize for minor things that I do and don’t do around others almost instantly.

[Never Argue With a Fish’s Questions]

  • You’re given a blank check by a Hollywood executive to make a movie adaptation of whatever you want, as long as it’s never been adapted before (this Hollywood Exec is cleary some sort of alien in disguise, but never mind that). What are you adapting and why?
  • If I had an infinite amount of money to adapt something, it would probably be something completely nuts like Hikaru no Go or Chihayafuru or something. “Sports” anime that would never be expected to be adapted but would be a lot of fun.
  • The world’s greatest chefs from across time and space have come together to make you a menu, what’s on the menu?
  • I would do something crazy like have an Iron Chef competition and I just give the chef’s something crazy to work on and they make the menu for me. I don’t want to ruin or limit a chef’s creativity. That feels like an awful thing to do.
  • A quiet corner where you won’t ever be disturbed, or a roaring party with all your friends. You can only have one, which will it be?
  • A quiet corner. I am an introvert and as long as I have an internet in my corner, I will be fine.
  • Do you blame it on the sunshine? The moonlight? The Good times? Or the boogie?
  • The sunshine. I’m always suspicious of it because that is the way of the night owl.
  • How are you today?
  • I’m alright. That’s about as good as 2020 will allow me to be. I’ve had some crazy things happen, but I was able to make it out alright and unhurt.

[MIB’s Questions]

  • Assuming you are eligible to, how often do you vote in general elections in your country, and is it out of duty or because you believe in the power of your vote?
  • All the time vote early and vote often. I do it out of duty and power of the vote. Unlike what it’s broadcasted through presidential elections, there are so many minor thing to vote on that can tip the balance for the livelihood of yourself and others. Even if one doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to, something else will and that’s great.
  • If you could have any fictional car (Knight Rider, James Bond, Wacky Races, etc) complete with all its cool functions as seen in the TV/Film/Cartoon, which one would it be?
  • I would easily choose the Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s an amazing James Bond car with so many gadgets, but also allows the person in question to go under the sea. I won’t lie, I’ve been infatuated with that car ever since I saw it as a kid and I want it so much.
  • Which song from your childhood/teen years brings back the most special memories for you when you hear it today?
  • This is going to be a strange answer, but Kind of Blue from Miles Davis. It’s one of the first songs we’ve played in Junior High Jazz Band and I just have so much feelings for it.
  • How far into a t-shirt’s state of deterioration do you decide to throw it out or turn it into a duster – eg: a few holes, a lot of holes, completely faded image, etc.
  • After a few holes. Once a shirt has some holes, I just stop wearing it and keep it in my closet because I don’t want it to get any more of them.
  • You have guests coming for dinner. You own a dog and a cat. Literally moments before the guests are due to arrive, the dog does a mess on the carpet in the front hallway. As you go to clean it up, the cat does a mess too. Before you can begin the clear up, the doorbell rings. There is nobody else in the house.
    Do you:
    a) Let the guests in, have them avoid the mess then clean it up?
    b) Clean the mess up and let the guests wait?
    c) Quickly scoop up the mess then answer the door whilst still holding mess?
  • A. People know that I am a pet owner so they would know what to expect sometimes.

[Wore Her Sweater’s Questions]

  • What is that ONE desire or enthusiasm, the passion of yours that drives your soul?
  • I just like creating and learning things. I don’t have a lot of talent in a lot of other regards, so I like what I have been able to do by blogging or whatever it is that I work on.
  • What makes you grateful, optimistic, and concerned about this passion of yours?
  • I’m grateful that I haven’t ran out of passion or ideas to write and do things for now. I am worried about the day when I don’t have the energy or passion to do this anymore.
  • What does success look like in your head?
  • I don’t know, so I am constantly trying to seek it out.
  • What do you enjoy about your own writing?
  • I just like doing it. The process of writing and then improving is very fun and I can’t help but feel ingrained in it somehow.
  • Do you like cats? What about catgirls?
  • I am a dog person, but cats are pretty cute. So are catgirls.

[No Questions from Animated Observations]

Favorite Post:

  • [OWLS – The Mini CONmmunity: Anime is Never Cancelled] Hideaki Anno: The Road to Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • This is the post that I worked on for a couple months on and off. I’ve put tons of effort into researching Hideaki Anno and then putting together the power point slides. I can’t help but think that this post really is my favorite at the moment.

Tagging and Questions:

  • I’m sorry, not doing any of that. This is the hardest part of any tag post. Finding people who haven’t been tagged yet and then writing down questions. I can’t just say “interested people try this out” with this one, but I promised to do it anyway. So, I’m sorry. This is where this path stops for now. Until the next award pos


    1. I would at least create one arc of the story and that’s it if I had the money 😁.

      I just love Miles Davis. I used to listen to his music all the time and probably need to do it more…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be a good idea. You could have a movie series based on each arc although you would have to compress the Insei Arc a ton.

        Awesome! I’ve been listening to more jazz over the past year.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Kind of Blue is great! A music vlogger that I watch recently pointed out that in the entire history of tracking record sales, only nine jazz albums have ever gone platinum in America (which kind of blew my mind), and Miles is responsible for three of those nine: Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain, and Bitches Brew. All three of which I own, BTW, along with Birth of the Cool.

    And I blame it on the bossa nova.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Miles Davis is so awesome 😁. I used to listen to his music all the time in Junior High because I was a trumpet player that wanted to listen to some interesting trumpet players. I’m glad you own more of his stuff too.

      Ah, worthy of blame.


  2. If you think you’re a person who apologises a lot, you should have seen me and Astral a while back (after that collab we did). As for being a pushover (in the “easily influenced” sense), that’s also me. Put me in the vicinity of something with a bunch of swearing (e.g. a Deadpool movie) and I’ll start spouting profanity myself, etc., plus I jump on people’s bandwagons all the time.

    I don’t know much about jazz, but the name “Miles Davis” did seem familiar so I dug into my Spotify and found it’s the artist from one of the songs which have been on rotation at the charity store, Rocker…Admittedly, I did try playing drum and bass over the speakers one time and got told off for it, so I’ll stick with the pop and jazz when we can open it up again (if I’m still going there by then).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man, I can believe all of that somehow.

      Yeah, Miles Davis music is very much store music or about 75% of what Starbucks, a coffee shop, plays in the background most of the time before the covid-19 hit. Also, good to know. I’m slowly creating an interesting sort of aniblogging band in my head that in trying to figure out.


      1. (Just to clarify, I meant the electronic genre of music “drum and bass” – the instance I was alluding to involved the album “Immersion” from a group called Pendulum, just as an example of what the genre might entail. The Pendulum stuff is a bit of an outlier because my preferences are generally for more melodic EDM, if not outright pop/rock.

        If it’s an aniblogger band you’re thinking about, I’ve only ever learnt piano and recorder in my life and even still, I abandoned both.)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice post and thanks for participating! 🙂

    BTW – did you know there is already a live-action Chihayafuru film series? Three very good adaptions of the series starring Suzu Hirose as Chihaya. Worth checking out if you can. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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