A Self Reflection: Reading and Watching for Reviews

Being someone who makes content centered on anime and manga on the internet can be a difficult thing to do sometimes. Especially seasonal anime reviewers. People who watch an episode and then write or record their thoughts for their post the next day. I don’t know how people do that. I struggled with doing episodic posts for Chihayafuru Season 3 for two cours worth of content. Those episodes came out on Tuesdays and my posts usually hit on the weekend because I needed that time to think about the episode in question. I just watched more to get everything right somehow. No matter what the case is, whether it’s seasonal anime, finishing a manga up, or watching an older anime series, we are subjecting ourselves to doing more work for little gain of some kind.

I keep thinking about what it would be like to drop out of blogging now. Watch a couple episodes of anime, thinking about it for a bit, and then just doing anything about it? Possibly even watch more anime episodes and then doing the same thing? For almost five years now, I can’t imagine doing that anymore. Even with series that I am deciding not to talk about on any level until later, there is going to be a chance that the show in question emerges somewhere down the line anyway. If it’s not appearing now or a month after I finished watching something, then the odds are that it’s something special in something like Mecha March probably. Just to let you know how it all works.

In thinking about this for a little bit, I think there is always a reason why I put a week or two or three of of space before I post something on a series I just watched. Ok, multiple reasons. The first one is scheduling. The best I can do right now is post four times a week and two to three of those are anime reviews for shows I just watched. So there is that natural dilution of pacing of when I can finish something to when I can post about it. That allows me time to think about a show in full before writing about it. The other reason is that I want my thoughts to be my own for a little while before that appears. Guys, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m really shy in real life. I apologize all the time for minor things that I do that other people don’t care about. I am still, after this long while, a little scared to get my opinions out there. Imagine that, right?

Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy blogging. I do. I really do. I like putting my thoughts out in a random portion of the web so someone could be reading it somewhere. I’m still amazed that people are actually doing that. I keep telling myself that I would still write blog posts even If people weren’t following. In essence, that is true. I am still posting the things that I want to post even when they aren’t the largest hits in the universe. Still, I am thinking about years ago when I first started and I didn’t get that much traffic. Would I still have the energy and will power to keep going? In all honesty, I don’t know. I feel like I’ve really gotten lucky. Maybe not as lucky as some other people, but that’s fine. I will take what I can get.

Back on topic, what is the point of taking time away from reading and watching things to write about them? I think there is a lot of them. To inform people about something that exists, to form some kind of community, for profit, for ourselves, a lot of those combined together, and some others that I haven’t clicked in yet. Here is the question though, do we need to get something out of blogging to do it? You know, all that time we could be doing something and having our own fun? I think the natural conclusion would be yes, but I think it’s possible to get something out of it without really trying. For instance, one reason that I blog myself is to vent my other feelings somewhere else because I do get frustrated a lot. I mean, that’s 2020 in general, but I can’t say that I’ve had the easiest life. I’ve had to make some big decisions that I’m still unsure about. Blogging about other things puts that energy somewhere else.

All of that ties into how fun blogging and reviewing has gotten as well. It’s gotten easier to write reviews for things because I’ve found my own way to do it now. It only took forever. I like just doing it in general, but I like planning special things for it. I like doing massive events that I spend a lot of time on doing and then seeing the results from it. Mecha March takes a lot of months of planning in order to do and seeing it happen each month has been a delight. Same for what I have upcoming, Oshii October. Though, that one is simpler. I like having a vocal point to keep me grounded and Mechanical Anime Reviews has been that for me for a while now. At this moment, from the since of community I’ve gotten to even helping me choose on what to go back to school for, it’s become an invaluable thing. It might take some time from me to write posts instead of watching things, but I think that’s ok. I don’t need to watch everything at a fast pace anyway.

I hope to keep going for as long as I can even if I have to cut back on what I’m doing some time in the future. Reaching a thousand posts recently has reminded me that I’ve gone so far, but I feel like I can go farther still. I would like to see if there is a way that I can still do that. Reading and watching for reviews has been pretty fun. I want it to stay that way. When it’s not, I will stop but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


  1. “I’m really shy in real life. I apologize all the time for minor things that I do that other people don’t care about”….You might not believe it, but I’m exactly the same. My own manager even has made a deal with me to stop apologising for things that aren’t necessary to apologise for lol. As for being shy? Pssh….you wouldn’t believe it haha.
    Blogging has had it’s ups and downs for me. Especially with the ongoing healthbattles I’m facing it’s a constant struggle. But …I’ve also made the decision to keep going for as long as I can, as it’s too much fun, so yeah I know what you mean.
    As for me…I tend to write my reviews usually right after I finish something, as my memory is then at it’s sharpest point so to speak. But then again..that isn’t always possible, especially on busy days, or days when my health isn’t so good. In the end I think everyone has their own way…it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep having fun. And that’s pretty clear from a post like this: you are still having fun!😊

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    1. OH, I’m glad to meet somewhere similar :D. I hope you are still taking care of yourself as best as you can while doing all of this.

      My memory is usually good enough for me to remember a lot of my feelings on something months later for some reason. It’s helpful for doing my sort of nonsense I guess :D.

      And yeah, not stopping the fun yet :D.

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      1. I’m doing my best Scott, thank you😊 I have good and bad days, but on the bad days I try to take it slow and take as much rest as I can😊
        Lol haha…well I guess my memory sometimes fails me…must be getting old, that’s probably it😂😂

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  2. I also tell myself that I would continue to blog even if people weren’t following. I don’t have schedules for my blog posts. I just write whenever I feel the need to record my thoughts on certain series, episodes, or scenes – The impactful ones or ones that left a big mpression on me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love reading reflection posts.

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  3. As you said, it really is cathartic to write something and have people enjoy it. People you’ve never met, and people you might one day. There’s something special about being able to reach them though shared experiences and feelings.

    Also, wow, happy 5 years? I don’t think you were celebrating it but that’s still impressive nonetheless! ☺

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  4. I hear you re: reviewing seasonal stuff as the episodes land, I’ve felt the pressure this year, not in the least due to reviewing two seasonal shows – I’m just not cut out for it 😀

    (I also feel that struggle between wanting to review right away while everything is fresh, and wanting to step back and reflect before I write – I’ve found that especially with ‘No Guns Life’ I think.)

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  5. I find events are troublesome to run, but rewarding if done the way you want them to go, plus I jump on people’s bandwagons when they present the opportunity, which is why I don’t have so many that I run myself.

    Having been around the blogosphere (not specifically WordPress’s) since mid-2012, I know I don’t review everything because sometimes articulating what I want to say is too hard, but normally as soon as I get an idea that’s so strong it “nags at me”, I have to write it down and then somehow bring it to fruition, even if said post backfires on me later because I didn’t quite articulate things right. In a blogging sense, I need a pause button on a video player so that I can get posts and/or post skeletons worked out in the middle of episodes.

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    1. Yeah, they do take a lot of work but that’s why I try to formulate events around what I usually do these days. Just giving everything a color or theme to focus on.

      Well, it is your blog so if that works for you then that makes sense to me.


  6. I think most people who write blogs – especially on a specific subject like films or anime – are shy and this is how we feel we can express ourselves without the pressure of face-to-face confrontation. Rather than blab on for hours only top find the person you are speaking to is not interested, we put our posts out to the world and if people want to read they will read. That’s how we know if we’re in mutual territory or not.

    Anyway, work at your own pace and do what you feel is comfortable. I personally never understood single episode reviews as there is often little to say and repetition is almost inevitable. Watch the whole series then you can contemplate the whole picture and better understand what worked and what didn’t, rather than be baffled by something where the pay off comes later.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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    1. You are absolutely right about that fact.

      A lot of people can make shorter reviews that don’t over state a lot or longer ones that don’t repeat a lot of things by looking at them much more indepth. It’s a hard balance to find a way how to do both of them which is why I choose not to do it in general…

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  7. I could relate to some of this. Even though I wouldn’t say I put up a persona when I blog, I do feel like the way I interact with people here is different than offline. In real life, I’m very introverted even though I fake being extroverted since I work with a lot of people at my jobs. When you cover specific subjects, you can really go into more detail and not feel so restrained in what you’re talking about. In my offline life, blogging allowed me to be more outspoken especially when it comes to serious issues.

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    1. Yeah, I completely understand that. I can definitely say that the online me and offline me are the same person as well. I think it’s a matter of comfort level. Since I talk about anime here, It’s a measure of talking about something I am a lot more comfortable in doing. So the level of comfort is what guides me in that way I suppose.

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  8. What an interesting yet complex topic.
    I find it very sad to think that nobody would care for your opinion or if anyone would read it, for me writing in general is self-expression, it’s like art and the way YOU write is just… YOU.
    I mean it’s even better that you learned how to find your own way and pacing with writing because to be honest it makes you feel closer as a reader in general instead of seeing a general go by the book review, so just don’t put too much pressure on yourself and write in your own pace and style because in the end the people who read your stuff and follow your blog are exactly here because of that and feel much more closer!

    Blogging is a long-term process, everyone who starts with it is probably aware and it can pull you down sometimes but never forget why you started that what you started, if you like talking about the anime you watch and stuff just do it you will someday have the right people and community around you

    Every series and hype has it’s time, maybe there will be a point where suddenly your blog and opinions will be top-notch hype!

    The most important thing is not how many times you post a week or how much you write, but to keep loving what you write and have the same passion because it will mirror on your posts as well.

    If you need your time to watch, then people who love your posts will patiently wait for it.

    I am a very slow watcher or reader from time to time too especially when uni starts, I am basically a snail I have days where I watch quicker but I am not able to binge, still instead of that I kind of watch more attentively and carefully, processing every detail I can make notes, simple ones I understand, to keep them in mind.

    I thought maybe you are the same, since you take your time it means you are much more attentive to things and don’t want to rush them, so I kind of can really relate , I even think the results from someone who watches it more attentively and slow giving the anime the needed time will even write a more whole-heartedly review.

    Just my opinion, sorry for the long message, but those topics kinda interest me and want me make to get mingled in too ahah.

    (P.s: Since I talk a lot about the anime I am watching with Nissa, we kind of analyse and mind-note stuff before even starting a blog, now we are doing that kind of in blog-format ? But I think it helped me voicing and writing it, I am an extrovert so I need as much output as possible and can relate to the fact of letting frustration out somewhere despite not being shy since writing is still my way of self-expression and even if it’s for yourself do what you gotta do and love, don’t let views and pressure hinder you)


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