Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2020 Anime Season Week 13

This season is over and despite the lack of shows to watch, I am pretty happy with most of the shows that I’ve watched in a seasonal manner. Most because one is a just stink wad. I am done with non seasonals for the most part. There are three shows I’ve watched which have two cours or a second season and I plan on watching them. Other then that, that seasonal list I built will probably be used for me to watch at some point in the near future.

Seasonal Anime

Fruits Basket 2 Episode 25 (Finale)

This is it. This is the perfect episode to have a cliff hanger to give us an emotional wreck until the final season comes out and we are crushed again. This episode is Kureno’s episode where he starts his break from Akito’s control. He saw the DVD sent to him by Tohru. He sees Uo, the girl he loved wanted to see her again and he wants to see her again too. Uo’s feelings in Cinderalla-ish were real. But he’s struggling. He doesn’t have the Sohma family curse, but he can’t leave Akito’s side easily too. Him breaking down in front of Tohru was one of the most powerful moments possible. Akito’s reveal as a girl added so much weight to everything as well.

The God of High School Episode 12

I can’t help but type about this episode in complete anger because it’s full of “we need a finale so we need the flashiest things to happen possible” without any sorts of cohesion or meaning behind it all. The Tournament is cancelled and its chaos for a power key that we don’t know what it works. The blue haired bad guy is given a motivation to not be the loser as he fights Ippyo and Mori for the key, people are transported places, the bigger bad guy’s attempt at creating god through Eva and Fafner references in Seoul has been stopped by the guy who transported Seoul somewhere else, the US launches nukes, and such. That sounds all cool, but it’s so pointless and stupid. I hate it. Please let this all end.

Deca-Dence Episode 12 (Finale)

I have so much to say about this show’s final episode but I am not sure if I can really put it all together. Just know that this is my favorite anime that aired this year so far and this original work somehow landed on its feet. So strange for an original project. Kaburagi was able to argue with the system administrator to take the control of Deca-Dence in the for of Kabu-Dence. Everyone worked together for the final battle and Kaburagi was the trigger for it all. In a very super robot move and Natsume’s motivation, he was able to pass his limits and destroy the offending, large Gadoll. The world was saved, and the system has changed into a friendlier system where humanity is put into a positive place. Plus, Natsume lives and finds her own strength and way to live with Jill recreating him because he is a bot.

No Guns Life 2 Episode 12 (Finale)

Well, that was a cliff hanger episode for a season that we may not ever see. There is some backstory on how Pepper met 7 in the sexually suggestive way that was kind of expected. That is Pepper after all and she was suggestive toward Juzou too. The main point in the end was 7 lived and ended his life the way he wanted to while asking Juzou to watch over Pepper. Plus, we may know where Juzou’s handler is. And Beruhren is out there after Tetsuro as well. Like, whatever. It was an alright episode for this show ONLY if we get another season eventually.

Appare-Ranman Episode 13 (Finale)

Yay, a great conclusion where everybody got to do something great. The group of racers where able to defeat Gil by working together instead of separating in different parts like last time. Appare got him to be able to hit Gil and also stop the runaway train using his machine on super boost. He was beaten by TJ and Dylan though, which was great. Everyone was also able to finish their arcs in one way or another in a satisfactory way. Plus, Appare and his team won the race afterwards with his special boost again. The highlight of this whole thing was the ending where Kosame decided to stay in the US with Appare. Yay!

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 13 (Season 1 Finale)

On Crunchyroll

I don’t have much to say about this season one finale other then it’s great. It’s the culmination of season 1 from beginning to end in form of a dramatic play to the song they sang. All the girls stood up and were awesome. Plus, the school showing up to make the finale so powerful was great too. What a wonderful song and well-choreographed performance. That Zero did turn into one somehow, amazing.

Dai-Guard Episode 13

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

This episode follows the incident from last episode where Dai-Guard saved the Kokugogar from the Heterodyne and it’s Christmas time at the office. A lot of huge political moves happened in this episode. Shirota was given back to the company where people feel like he’s a betrayer, so there is some conflict with the group realizing that he can be a part of the team. At the same time, Major Busujima is under trouble trying to force the army to take up the Heterodyne with OE weapons before the Dai-Guard shows up. The company president has been taken out of his position by the board of directors. I think the army isn’t going to be as angry, but who knows what will happen with this company move. Uh oh.

Bamboo Blade Episode 13

On Funimation

This is the episode where a lot of Kendo-ers(?) get motivated into Kendo by fighting against Tamaki herself. I can’t help but think that there is a bit of a fetish thing with Tamaki hitting them and the girls getting motivated into doing it and such. That could just be a me thing though, but they did think Tamaki was cool. The important things where Mei, the newbie from the other team, and Azuma getting motivated into playing. Our girls end up winning, despite Miyamiya being traumatized, and the other coach shows that he isn’t as much as a hard ass as we expect him to be. A very fun episode.


  1. One of the overarching themes of Sunshine is dealing with failure. It’s been a constant undercurrent throughout this season, from the group’s initial missteps and Chika’s low point in episode 8 to the entire backstory of the third years (and Riko’s pre-Aqours past as well). I admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of them spending half the ending episode recapping the series, but it fits thematically and definitely drives home the message.

    As for your thoughts on Bamboo Blade, let’s be honest, someone probably has to be of a certain mindset already to think playing a sport that’s about people caning each other with wooden sticks is fun. This is a good episode, though, and it was cool that the old guy turned out to be reasonable, and not one of those prideful types who’ll never admit to being wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s true. It does take a certain person to want to learn the sport for sure. I liked this episode a lot. I like how only one element of drama really hit home. Poor Miyamiya.


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