My Favorite Anime Monster Women – Blame Irina

Alternative Title: Halloween Waifus

Irina and I have been trading ideas recently. If you’ve seen her Objective Review post, she actually went along with my bad idea and I am astonished that she actually did it. I’m going to have to do one at some point and I am not sure what I am going to choose now. The concept of this post came from Irina and I talking about her search history and insect women. You know, as you do. I originally thought that I could do this post on insect women that I know alone. Then it came to me that I didn’t watch enough anime with insect women in them to make a post, so this was my second option.

Now, I don’t actively search for shows featuring monster women in them prominently. Like Monster Musume for example. If I watch a show, these characters are usually apart of shows that I watch. The monster aspect them is mostly secondary to me compared to who they are personality wise. Then the hot monster aspect comes and adds to them a little more. So maybe I don’t know about the appeal of monster waifus as much as a lot of people. Maybe there is something that I am missing.

Still, one thing that I will throw out there so people can shame me more is that I am a massive villain and villainess simp. No, I am serious. At the time of writing this, I’ve been watching Ronin Warriors. When Lady Kayura showed up with her extra special voice echo, I instantly liked her. Same thing happened with Shaina from Saint Seiya. I didn’t know much about either yet at that time of when they appear, but I didn’t feel like I have to because them beating the protagonist to a pulp was enough. This aspect comes into this list a lot so just know that. Oh jeez, I’m shaming myself a bit. I haven’t done this since the waifu post from a couple years ago. Oh well, this should be fun somehow!

The One Rule of this List:

This list is ranked, sort of. The first character I mention is the lowest ranked and the last one is the highest ranked. Every character in between are in-between the two, but I can’t decide what order they are in. They are arbitrary in their rank and I think that’s ok.

Onto the list!

Mosquito Girl
Anime: One Punch Man

I don’t have a lot to say other than she was who I was thinking about when Irina and I had that quick discussion. She had to be included because of that, so here she is. Mosquito Girl is an insanely hot insect woman who is also a global catastrophe waiting to happen and is just evil. She wasn’t around long enough to gain much of a personality, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have an effect on a lot of things. Especially my heart.

Sakie Sato
Anime: Interviews with Monster Girls

Ok, here we have a fantastic character that I would love to exist. Not just because they are a succubus, but because they very self-aware about that fact in a real-world scenario. Sakie Sato knows she is too sexy for everyone to handle, so she lives an incredibly hard life taking the trian to work early and taking a late train home to avoid anyone from touching her and thus being memorized. I feel like that’s also a bit of Japanese work culture in her too because she shows how dedicated she is to her job of teaching. She is self-aware but pure at the same time, which is why Sakie is so fascinating.

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Another villain, but one with the strongest personality of being a cat like Chimera Ant creature. So there is layers here. She is a creature that is naturally just attractive and strong, but also has never considered human feelings before because she hasn’t had to. Her interactions with Gon are honestly some of the best parts of the Chimera Ant Saga and possibly Hunter X Hunter. So there is a lot of reasons why I like her so much.

Anime: Fate/Apocrypha

Here, we move a little bit into the realm of Fate where hot historical figures appear and some of them just turn into hot women. Or there could be multiples of hot women types. Either way, I really like Frankenstein. For a berserker class servant with insane strength that didn’t speak too much, she was so soft hearted and complex. In a game with 12 servants and masters, her sticking out from the rest stays a lot.

Anime: Spice and Wolf

Do people know who Holo is or what she’s about at this point? Has it been that long since she’s been the highest level of waifu known to man? Holo is the super intelligent and snarky wolf god of the harvest from Spice and the Wolf. She and Lawrence have some of the best romantic tension and conversations in anime. She’s also insanely attractive as well so she has everything that people would want. There, I don’t need to say much else. Watch Spice and Wolf.

This was my fun Halloween theme posts and I feel like I needed to write this at least once? The next thing you know, I’m going to write a post on anime villainesses and villains I’m attracted to. That’s a long list. Ummm, I’ll think about it. Might be multiple parts. You can probably guess some of them.

In the next coming weeks of Oshii October, I won’t just be covering more Oshii content. On the weekends, I will be covering parts of a special movie compilation from a certain director of Akira. I think a lot of you know what that is, but if you don’t be prepared for a wild ride. Especially one with the initials M.R.


  1. Holo makes me wish I had a holodeck. I could spend my entire life there, wandering about as an itinerant merchant with her. Though I don’t think she really fits the ‘monster” category. Need a different category for wolf goddess.

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  2. From this list Neferpitō and Holo are probably my favourites with Holo being a tad bit higher on the list. I just love fierce, badass women who can totally kick my ass haha. XD

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