Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Week 2

So, big news today. The new Higurashi anime is a sequel and not a remake. Which means that it’s time to take that show out of my list of things I’m going to watch and choose something else. It is early enough after all. I went with Adachi and Shinamura. I have been starved of romance anime for a while now, so I will even take a mediocre one at this point. This one is pretty average to good for now, so more on that later in the this post.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

Yay! This show is bad and it honestly looks a lot better than ever before. Following the end of the prison craziness in the finale of the last season, we follow Sugimoto and some others by some very unique people. The crazy LT, Tanigaki, and one normal guy for once. We are on their journey to find Asirpa in Sakahlin, North of Japan in Japanese occupied Russia. Of course, this features Sugimoto searching for him with a picture of Tanigaki in his underwear before going to the picture of Asirpa in his underwear. Plus, there are Sakahlin Ainu that play an important role as well. Oh, now we are watching our guys fighting against Russians in open knuckled boxing. This show hasn’t lost its insanity at all. I love it.

Akudama Drive Episode 1 (Premiere)

Oh man was that a powerful opening. Very little exposition, but tons of cyberpunk style that drags along characters in interesting ways. It is very Durarara if it was in a cyberpunk wonder land. We meet our main protagonists, who we don’t by name, going down a dark path by following a cat. A cat that feels like she needs something more in her life. Little bit little, she gets turned into an Akudama. A criminal master mind, by making bigger and bigger decisions. She is joined with other characters named Courier, Brawler, Hacker, and Doctor. She somehow finds her own fate among them in a huge incident calling herself Swindler. I am very excited, but nervous, to see how this one goes.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 1 (Premiere)

This is my chosen romance show of the season, considering there isn’t a lot of them. This premiere was alright or average, but it has the makings of a cute yuri. It’s a story of two delinquents at school. During one day where Shinamura skipped out on class, she slowly gets sucked into Adachi’s world at the ping pong table. Their friendship is starting to grow into something a little more already with their casual use of dialogue against each other. Shinamura’s friends interrupt the conflict, but I don’t think they were trying to do that. I think having this in a more of linear pattern would have helped this episode a little more, but the two are adorable. I will keep watching.

Wandering Witch Episode 2

This show is going to be like another take on the travel anime. Then again, Wandering is in this anime’s name. In this episode, Elaina visits a town of mages, runs into a younger witch named Saya, loses her badge, and must deal with Saya. Elaine teaches her how to use magic, but she notices that Saya already knows how to use it. So that is the story where Saya did not want to be alone and held Elaine hostage. It is a good thing she figures it out and motivated Saya to achieve her wishes. A mentor that she loves. Yeah, there is some Yuri undertones here. Saya did even force her way into Elaina’s room when she just got out of a bath.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 2

Found on Crunchyroll

This episode settled itself down a lot more then first week. This one is going to be fun. Itadori joins Tokyo Jujutsu after eating two Senku fingers and showing he has control over it all. Satoru tests him twice and Itadori excepts with the will power of doing something to save everyone from Senku infestations. Fushiguro is there too. This episode’s balance of humor and drama is solid. A good balance of traditional shonen battle anime with some newer stuff mixed in. Very Bleach like with that. You know…when it was good?

Haikyuu! To The Top 2 Episode 2

Found on Crunchyroll

This game is just going to take episode after episode, isn’t it? We are not even done with the first match for a while. We are not even done with the first set, but the character stuff is not bad. We learn about the Miya twins, get an arc where Inarizaki pulls ahead and Karasuno ties with Hinata’s plan. It is whatever, I guess. I do wish that it were not this slow though because the manga felt a lot faster then this. Maybe I should just stop watching this.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 1

A pretty safe and solid episode of this show. This show doesn’t stretch the bounds of reality at all besides making Moriarty a blond Bishi. But, I enjoyed watching it to see where all the clues go. We are following the criminal master mind Moriarty after all and starting with a simple episode like this is a pretty great thing to do. He investigates the murders of working-class kids and an orphan across the street from the elite club. The clues are well laid out and I think it’s possible to figure the case out before he does. Not a bad thing for a mystery anime at all that is establishing its cast. I don’t think the villain in question ever said why he did it, but getting him killed off for the perfect crime was still satisfying of an ending

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Episode 2

On Crunchyroll

Oh man, this episode was adorable and fun. All centered on the third years and first years trying to understand each other. Third years like physical activities, first years like indoor. Third years like hard rock, first years do not. So there is a lot of funny and comical misunderstandings until the six are forced to stay in a temple in the rain. That is where they finally understand each other and write a good song. I cannot wait to see what they make and whether it is worth making it into the Love Live Competition. Will the 1 which became 10 now become 100 from it? I guess we shall wait and see.

Dai-Guard Episode 15

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

There is no other way to change things up then change who is president of the company from last episode. Same with the appearance of a new character, Saeki. Shirota’s former proteges. Of course, the guy is so uptight on everything that he kept the Dai-Guard on lock down and refused to let the Dai-Guard move at all until data could be acquired. Data that will never be acquired. The guy is too uptight. Of course, the Dai-Guard crew actually launched and fought with Shirota’s help. The new company seems a little too afraid to do anything without government ordinance.

Bamboo Blade Episode 15

On Funimation

This episode featured the training camp between Muroe High Girls (and boys) alongside Machido High’s girls. It’s a fun episode that you don’t get to know a lot about the Machido girls besides basic information. I still enjoyed seeing them together though because they just compliment each other. The biggest thing was the focus on Tamaki. Her dad checking out the camp and Tamaki starting to make a stand for herself. She’s growing up. The biggest concern right now is the plot around Kirino with her mother sick at home. What will come from this?


  1. I’m really looking forward to how Akudama Drive unfolds, like you excited cause there’s a lot of potential but nervous it’ll end up a hot mess! I’m still deciding whether to wait to binge Jujutsu Kaisen or watch it week to week. But there’s certainly a lot to love this season!

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