A Conversation With Al’s Manga Blog

Oh my goodness, I got so much more response then I expected from that little announcement post. Thank you so much, everyone. These posts with my special guests will appear on Sundays from now until I run out of responses.

If you want to get involved, here is the short survey for your responses: https://forms.gle/WfsoEgv3eGMKUUVF9

With that, lets meet our first interviewee :).

What is your name, the kind of content you create on the internet, and the name of that or those pieces of media?

Hello there! My name is Al and write reviews of manga and comics and share them on my site: Al’s Manga Blog (https://alsmangablog.wordpress.com)

When did you first start enjoying the media of which you provide a voice for online?

I’ve been reading comics from a young age, starting with Smurf and Archie comics and the occasional X-Men comic that I borrowed from my older brother. My love affair with Japanese media began with the Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon anime in grade school, but I didn’t have the opportunity to read much manga until I entered high school and got my first part-time job. My manga habit has been consuming a sizeable chunk of my paycheck ever since.

What made you choose the media that you communicate your thoughts online?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and so blogging just seemed like the natural method for me to communicate my thoughts on this medium that I’m so passionate about.

Has it been difficult to find a voice in the online fandom?

If you’re referring to growing an audience, progress on that front has been slow but steady. I’ve found the other anime/manga bloggers in the community to be friendly and welcoming on the whole and I’ve enjoyed interacting with them and look forward to seeing what the people I’ve built relationships with online think of my posts.

When did you start gathering an audience? (Even a small amount of views or subscribers is an audience.)

I’d say, a bit over a year ago. That’s when I started blogging regularly.

How do handle the online discourse of anything? Media/Social Justice/Fandoms/ETC

I’m active on Twitter and Instagram and use these platforms to promote my latest posts, share observations or funny panels from the manga I’m currently reading and generally nerd out about license announcements and other fandom news.

What are two posts/podcast episodes/pieces of art/etc that you are very proud of?

A recent post that I’m proud of is my review of Maison Ikkoku Collector’s Edition Vol 1: https://alsmangablog.wordpress.com/2020/09/30/maison-ikkoku-collectors-edition-vol-1-review/

I’m also partial to my review of Fruits Basket Another: https://alsmangablog.wordpress.com/2019/11/13/fruits-basket-another-series-review/

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this interview. I think it’s great that you’re taking the time to showcase other content creators.

Where can people find you online? (Twitter @/Facebook group/Blog Link/Place to find your podcasts/Patreon/Other Things?)

You can follow me on twitter: @AlyssaTwriter And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alsmangablog/

A very big thank you to Al for answer my questions. You are so cool and I love what you do! Please give her a follow if you haven’t yet!

Everyone out there can join in some way. Here is the link if you are interested in joining in the fun πŸ˜€ : https://forms.gle/dpGk7TaiQJrBJh5N7


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