Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 3

A lot of strong shows appearing this week, which makes the weaker ones show up a fair bit more. Then again, that is the seasonal process! Rooting out the weaker ones to make the experience more enjoyable.

I did just decide not to follow Haikyuu’s anime anymore. It has never worked for me for one reason or another and I’ve got the manga anyway. No need to have an experience that I don’t enjoy and know about already.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 2

Yeah, that was another crazy sort of episode. The stenka, or russian bare fist boxing, does happen. Each boy won their fisticuffs fight pretty soundly. The main highlight is Sugimoto going crazy after being punched drunk, boys being stuck in a russian bathhouse with a wolverine outside, and little Ainu kids sneaking getting their dog back. So lots of craziness in the snow with naked people in the snow as well. Yeah, whatever. Somehow, the company got clues on Asirpa where regardless of all the craziness. I do really love this show.

Akudama Drive Episode 2

A bit of a slower episode this time, which isn’t saying much considering that the first episode went in on all cylinders and guns blazing. This episode being a little slower doesn’t say anything about it being slow, because it’s not. This time, the Akudama and our poor Swindler are being tasked with robbing the Shinkansen. It took them traveling to two locations and a special brand of cops to show up before learning about it. This cast is just stupid and fun though. Plus, Swindler is special for just being a normal who just knows normal things. Besides Cut Throat’s licking of Swindler, still a flawless show.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 2

Awww, this was so cute. Besides the random space loli from the future with life advice, this was Adachi’s episode. This time, we get her point of view of how she feels about Shimamura. She likes her. Adachi is a social awkward kid who wants Shimamura for herself because she can’t handle being around other people. That and she has dreams where she kisses Shimamura when they are wearing white dresses. Totally normal.

But yeah, Adachi was able to lay on Shimamura’s lap, lay between her legs, while being slowly pushed into going to class by Shimamura. She just can’t say she likes her and you can see why. Shimamura doesn’t show any feelings towards Adachi at all. Shimamura must not be an emotional person. Yet, she is allowing Adachi to be near her which makes Adachi freak out. So adorable.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 3

Found on Crunchyroll

In this episode, we meet the female companion in the protagonist first year group. Her name is Napora and she is very interesting. Pretty much a very emotional sh_t lord who complete the trifecta of shonen protagonist Itadori and very soft, but logical Fushidora. Itadori and Napora do some awesome things in Tokyo, like defeating demons to show off Napora’s abilities. She has a hammer with a heart, nails, stubbornness, and a vuedue doll. This was just so fun. I am really digging this show so far.

Wandering Witch Episode 3

I can officially say that this show is on my possible drop list. The last two episodes were pretty great, but not feeling this show as much anymore. This last episode was a mixed bag and came in two parts. The first part being the story of Elaina carrying flowers from a pretty girl to a city, figuring out those flowers are poisonous, and then one of the gate guards turning into a tree searching for his sister.

The second one featured captured happiness, a young wizard, slavery with a possibly sexually assaulted girl, and Elaina not doing anything about it. In fact, she made the situation far worse by pushing the young wizard to do questionable things to the slave girl. I do think that could have been from Elaina’s naivety and possible not worldly-ness that a great traveler named Kino or Ginko have. I don’t know, this might depend on the episode that appears next week. Gah.

Moriarty Episode 2

An episode about the ensuing class war in the Victorian Period UK and the origin of the infamous Professor Moriarty. I do have to admit that this episode is like if Jonathan Joestar invited Dio into his house on purpose in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1, but that is in no way a bad thing. In this episode, Albert Moriarty invites the off the street kid with an intellect into his house after a long time of examining him at the orphan’s school. We see a lot of the noble world from Albert’s point of view in which he completely hates. The introduction of this boy is the start of the noble’s down fall. I love it.

Non-Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine 2 Episode 3

On Crunchyroll

Pretty simple episodes about the girls fighting to make their own miracles happen. This time, the goal is small and the open house for Aqour’s school is on the same day as the Love Live Qualifiers. It’s a small matter, but they have a duty to support their school and compete as well. The idea of splitting the Aqours shows up until every girl shows up to sing on stage, and then they all rush to the open house to sing in very unconventional ways. I think this is my favorite episode of season 2 so far.

Dai-Guard Episode 16

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

With the desolving of Dai-Guard’s original pilots (Akagi, Ibuki, and Aoyama) and them being transferred to different divisions, it’s the raise of some very amateur pilots who follow the stupid Saeki’s orders and supposed logic. So far it’s working, but who knows how long. For the moment, the others are living their best lives as much as they can. Akagi is showing the strength of his friendship with ooyama when a Heterodyne attacks her hometown and he runs in to help her. And the group meeting together to celebrate and help out was nice too. Even separated, they can help with the Heterodyne attacks.

Bamboo Blade Episode 16

On Funimation

An episode featuring Kirino for once, which is nice considering we need to know more about this captain and energetic figure. Apparently, she takes after her mother in energy, because Kirino’s mother exerted herself too much by going to a rock concert while still working. Still pretty cool though. Kirino just takes her place for a while which concerns the team until the kendo tournament. A tournament where everyone does pretty well. Of course, their next challenger Tojo High targets Tamaki so they could get their reassured win. Like usual, a lot of good comedy and character drama mixed in. I really like this show. Glad I picked it for this. I want to see Muroe succeed.

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