Hello everyone! This is going to be a silly post, but also an important one. I’m going to start this off by saying that I listen to a lot of podcasts. They are good for when I am driving to and from work along with giving me something to listen while studying. You kind of guessed it, most of those podcasts are about manga and anime. I’m going to have to write about those soon.

One new podcast that I’ve listened to for a month or so now is The Shonen Flop Podcast. A funny fun one focusing on the manga in the Shonen Jump catalog which didn’t make it. It’s hosted by Jordan and David and is pretty fun and insightful as well. Their latest episode, episode 11, focused on Mitami Security: Spirit Ball. A manga that I really want to read when I have some time. Here is some information where you can check it out!

So here is the deal. Help me get them to watch Beast Player Erin! It was mentioned in the podcast as obscure and it is, but it’s pretty great as well. I do think it’s a little daunting at fifty episodes in length and a slower pace, but it’s a pretty special series. It’s one of the most unique fantasy series that I’ve watched in my time entire life with a wonderful and unique art style. A series about a girl living in a harsh society, history, and empathy. If that doesn’t sell you on it, it’s a series based on the same novelist who was behind Moribito. If you like that series, you will like this one too.

So here is the down low, please help me get them to 1000 Listens on Episode 11!

Since the series is a little bit longer, I think that hitting that goal should mean checking out the first five episode at least. That would give David and Jordan a taste test of the series. If they want to continue they can. I’m just trying to be fair here :).


    1. I listen to a lot of retro focused podcast like Anime Nostalgia, Retro Anime, Retro Mecha, and such. Get In The Robot is a very interesting anime and manga podcast, Blade Licking thieves is a podcast on Eastern Media so you never know what you get, and such. That’s all I can think of on the top of my head at the moment, but might get back to you.

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