Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 4

Week 4 is usually where norms are established, so let’s see if any show wants to remain interesting.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 3

While we did catch up with Asirpa a little bit farther up north with her uncle and Shiraishi, the major part of the episode was about Takamori’s backstory. A character who suffered in the Russo-Japan war as well as his horrible backstory about his murderer of a father and his fallen relationship with a girl that may or may not be dead. Either way, Tsurumi took him under his wing to learn Russian or the guy would be stuck in prison for a long time. I didn’t expect to be emotional about a character known for two episodes now, but it’s pretty powerful stuff regardless.

Akudama Drive Episode 3

I’m glad Swindler is making herself a bigger factor in the Akudama heists. Especially this train heists that required precise timing and ingenuity to break into the train station and train itself. A train station at the height of prosperity and money guzzling. I realize that not a lot of people are smart, but most people have a high classed job which requires ingenuity. Swindler is there to actually think on her feet, be the ever person, and such, which is why the brainier and stabby side actually achieved something. I think the black cat knows this about her. But yeah, that was a fun episode because it was a good heist episode. No actually character growth besides Swindler and possibly Courier, but that’s ok. This is good entertainment.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 3

This episode was from Shimamura’s perspective and about the fall out from Adachi leaving Shimamura’s house while leaving her bag behind. The biggest thing I am seeing here is that Shimamura really doesn’t have feelings towards anything. She has no idea what effect she has on Adachi and poor Adachi who finally got brave enough to ask her out. This episode should have been Shimamura and Adachi going on a date after this, but the space loli showed up fighting for her attention which leads to Adachi fighting back in her own way. I feel like that is growth for Adachi, but just let the cute girls date and Shimamura actually figure out what feelings are. She does seem to live her life with blah and snark as her possibility.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 4

Found on Crunchyroll

In this episode, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki stepped into a situation way beyond their power to handle. Nobara and Yuji thought they could take it on and were very comfortable while Megumi knew they couldn’t. Then reality hit. Nobara felt into a black hole and had to be saved by Megumi, while Yuji turned into his Sukuna form to defeat it. Of course, he was able to defeat him and take another Sukuna fingers. We are still halfway into the tournament where Megumi is going to come back. Uh oh. Poor Nobara already. Completely under used even in that moment we’ve seen her darndest to defeat those monsters regardless. I hope she gets to do more cool things. I still enjoy this show though.

Wandering Witch Episode 4

This episode was a bit better. I don’t think it’s the five stars that people think it is, but it did have some good emotional impact to it. A pretty queen in a castle by herself without memories and a dragon outside. Usually, that would be a fantasy story with the dragon holding her hostage, right? Well, not the case. Elaina doesn’t realize it yet, but as the queen slowly gains her powers and memories, the tone changes. She forces Elaina to magically dig a ditch for the dragon to go into and then the fight happens. We realize that the dragon is the good person and the queen killed everyone. Elaina just leaves the queen to her own devices in the end. I am pulled in a more positive direction, but not by much. No fantastic story telling here, just passable story telling.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 3

We all knew where this episode was going because of the fire at the end of the last episode. The Moriarties allow Louis and James to live in their house. Mainly because the father wanted some “woke points”, but the son that wasn’t Albert was scum, and the mother was as big of a Karen as possible for having scum at their house. So of course, Albert helps the two burn the mansion down killing everyong there in a very believable way. Especially since Albert hates high society. Jonathan and Dio are working together to change society.

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Episode 4

On Crunchyroll

With the aqours needing money after making it through the first stage of Love Live prelims, they need money. So that is the main focus of the episode, goofy girl antics while trying to find a job. So they try a few before ending up at the zoo, which is a fun but awkward choice. Of course, there is a subplot about Dia not fitting in until she figures out she is ok being in a lead role because she is good at it. Kind of an episode that doesn’t need to be watch, but still pretty fun.

Dai-Guard Episode 17

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

If there is an episode that changes how we look at Heterodyne, it’s this one. With the rest of Public Division 2 having one trip before they break apart, they travel to Kyoto to a hot spring. A hot spring where an old man sees his dead wife in the face of a Heterodyne. Now comes the drama of the company wanting to destroy it because of politics and Akagi and others wanting to calm it down because it’s not a problem to anyone. With Akagi and crew somehow gaining the Dai-Guard again, the Heterodyne was calmed down. A good thing too, considering the reveal of the Heterodyne being huge and possibly destroying Kyoto. I wonder how this reveal changes things from here.

Bamboo Blade Episode 17

On Funimation

The final match of the qualifying event starts and Tamaki gets saved by a member of the other team just trip on some tennis balls on the outside. That results in Tamaki having to fight with an injured ankle. Of course, she isn’t the only one fighting. Azuma barely gets a tie due to eating too much, MiyaMiya loses because Raemi is there, Sayaka wins, and Kirino wins as well. Some scary moments, some just ridiculous and funny. So that leads to Tamaki and that one girl. A fight where Tamaki fighting at full power very angrily to even the playing field. Especially Tamaki’s hit right to the girl’s throat. There’s a wake up call. So yeah, another fantastic episode and I am glad that every girl, at a minimum, got their personalities to shine. This is a goofy show after all.


  1. “The biggest thing I am seeing here is that Shimamura really doesn’t have feelings towards anything.”

    And doesn’t seem to see the point of having any feelings… It’s all too much work.

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