Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 5

Not much to say this week. Just that election night is coming this week and I am pretty scared honestly. In terms of anime, just finding that new normal with the shows and dropping ones I can’t stand anymore.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 4

I don’t even know what to say anymore that can’t be said. Golden Kamuy just doesn’t care about gender boundaries and I think that’s great. This week, the himbos join a circus to somehow get the hint to Asirpa, whose out in the wilderness, that Sugimoto is alive. How does he do that? Through a massive act where he pretends to kill himself. That’s just hilarious. At the same time is Lt. Koito and his insane acrobatics on display, and the other two muscular men dressed in dancing girl costumes. Genjiro’s drama queen act is pretty hilarious, I love it. Same with Sugimoto and Koito’s drama. Plus, the ending scene was pretty great. I don’t think they accomplished anything, but it was a fun time still.

Akudama Drive Episode 4

The final portion of the Shinkansen heist is here and it’s pretty cool honestly. A lot of fighting between the Executors and the Akudama which has its own many arcs. All while the Swindler doesn’t play as heavy as a role, but pushes hacker forward with his video game skills. The executors were defeated through Brawler’s bravery. It was honestly pretty exciting. At the end, they group saved two younger siblings put into storage. I would what capabilities that they have and what is going to happen next.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 4

OH hey, some forward momentum today. The uncaring Shimamura was able to care about Adachi. Her being present at the gym with Adachi’s mother and her being able to make the mother eat dinner with her daughter was a pretty great scene. Also, can I just say that I love Shimamura’s mother and the running joke of sit ups in this episode and the panty shot that the show avoided. After the focus on legs in this show, that was a lot of restraint. Adachi grew too. She actually went out with Shimamura’s friends and song a karaoke song. They are changing each other personally and physically and it’s great. No more or better use for the space loli, please.

Wandering Witch Episode 5

Dropped. I think that this is the best episode this show has produced in the past few weeks, but it has done nothing for me to endure myself to Elaina and just shows all the flaws the show has for me. A post on this why I don’t enjoy this show will come out eventually.

Jujutsu Kaisen Eisode 5

Found on Crunchyroll

Possibly the weakest episode of this show for me, but considering how much I have been liking this show so far, I think that’s fine. It’s still a decent shonen that wears a lot of it’s influences on it’s sleeve and has some huge emotional impact as well. The first half’s fight between Sukuna and Megumi while Ishadori tries to take over his own body again leading to his death was pretty soul crushing. Especially with Megumi and Nobara being saddened by the whole incident and all of that trauma pushing them to be stronger by training with the second years. I do think there is some mood balance that is off or wrong, but the emotional beats were pretty solid here and it’s nice to get some new cast members.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 4

I don’t get what people mean when it’s mentioned that the aristrocrats in this anime are cartoonish. How can anyone say that after everything that has happened under a certain politician’s reign in the United States? People don’t need an excuse to be evil, they just are. This evil deals with that. Moriarty showing up after a Viscount’s gardener’s child dies all because the Viscount won’t allow access to his doctor to this “scummy” lower class. This episode is this husband and wife dealing with that with Moriarty’s help in a very clever, seamless way. The chain of his family’s bond is cut and he’s headed to be a gardener in London now. Great stuff all around.

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Episode 5

On Crunchyroll

Wow, that episode hit harder then I thought it would. A simple episode about Riko conquering fear over dogs and her and Yoshiko bonding through a lost dog found in the street. I don’t have much to say here, because that’s the plot in a nut shell. Still, very powerful in it’s own right.

Dai-Guard Episode 18

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Wow, this episode happened faster than I expected it too. Saeki’s control over the Dai-Guard with his lousy crew and the current president’s stupidity finally hit a point where the public can’t take it anymore. No one was getting saved from Saeki’s by the book tactics and it’s time for the old pilots to return once again. A lot of short bits of comedy and fun in this episode as well. Akagi stuck in the snow for a while was hilarious. It’s going to be fun to see how things actually change from this point forward.

Bamboo Blade Episode 18

On Funimation

This week, the tournament match is over. After Tamaki’s leg problems and throat checking the other girl, who is still scared in the wake of the attack, the match is withdrawn. Kirino was matched against another person, but lost after hearing news about her mother being good. A great ensemble piece episode, but also a good one that shows how much Tamaki has grown. Her being overly emotional during a scene and even noticing that her dad wanted to put up her award at the house instead of the dojo. Great stuff. And, of course, Sayaka is back to her normal chaotic self. Just as one expects her too.

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