Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2020 Anime Season Week 6

The decade long week is over and at least the fascist Cheeto is out of office. I do have a lot of problems with Biden too, but I just feel happy that he won despite 45’s very obvious attempts to stop all the votes from appearing. I just want to live in that happiness for a while.

Anyway, anime.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 5

I am almost stymied by how this show can have some fun episodes like last week, then serious drama ones like this week and yet it somehow goes together so well. This is an episode that focuses on Asirpa’s group, but mainly Kiroranke and Ogata. Plus, some short but interesting things about the Uilta people with a small amount of their spoken language put into the anime. Even in a short amount of time, we get to know another culture and a little bit about why they work the way they do (before the culture goes away).

So yeah, this was Ogata’s episode. He shot one of the Uilta people’s reindeer which means he and his group help the UIlta people with a Reindeer hunt. It’s a short moment, but it’s really cool. Same with that leading to the UIlta helping this group get through the Russian border. Of course, it doesn’t happen that easily and it leads to a sniper duel between Ogata and a Russian sniper. One that isn’t over yet and I am deeply engaged with this duel. I can’t help but love this show so much. All of which is Kiroranke’s fault for being a russian terrorist earlier in his life.

Akudama Drive Episode 5

A break episode where characters are building a little more dynamic. Especially with the appearance of the mysterious kids last episode, which came with no answers, and characters basing their dynamics off of that. Doctor doing her bullying and Swindler actually standing up to her, which was good. Then the executioners having their own problems. The two we know recovering and out of the job while the rest are bringing out a drag net. Not too much character development happened because it’s vague still, but good job Swindler by showing how strong you are coming despite your developing huge bounty.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 5

These poor disaster lesbians. Adachi trying her best to ask Shimamura out with all her effort and it taking her a long time while Shimamura noticing and when it happens, qualifying it to Adachi wanting to just hang out with a friend. Well, at least there is some progress and its adorable progress. Hopefully Shimamura can find some self confidence in herself and accept that people can like her. But, let’s see how that Christmas date thing happens and see if perceptions can change!

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 5

Found on Crunchyroll

It’s training arc time. Yay! Itadori has his small meeting with Sukuna who made a deal with Itadori inorder to return. Oh man, that’s going to be ridiculous. Plus, Itadori’s insane training with Satoru which involved watching movies while controlling his cure abilities. All while Megumi and Nobara are training with the cool second years. And yeah, Satoru has an assassin plot going on. So, lots of preparation for the coming tournament. A lot of chaotic things in a good way. Very well executed shonen series so far with some cool bleach humor and such.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 5

About the same kind of episode as last week, but one that hits at Moriarty’s home a little more. Mainly, his college. William’s class leads to an incident where a student has been gone for three days and a mysterious nobleman with connections to everything getting into Moriarty’s way. If you can think about Moriarty’s themes and story, then you could possibly guess that the student, Lucien, had a romantic affair with a normal person, which the mysterious noble finds unacceptable and angles to kill certain lover and Mortiarty is just there to kill him. So pretty classic thing that feels very vindicated for one reason or another.

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 6

On Crunchyroll

A Chika featured episode where the third years break out a secret dance formation. A good episode for her discovering her own self-worth in order to do the move. Not much of substance, but we did get cute girls falling on the ground and a great idol sequence in the end. Oh, that connection with Riko and Yoshiko and their poses is adorable. I’m glad that last episode came with something.

Dai-Guard Episode 19

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

Well, a lot of huge things dropped in this episode. The Dai-Guard is back under the control of Public Relations Section 2. Also, Saeki is there but still a joke. The reveal of using the Dai-Guard as a military tool in a war made its way and I think that’s where the plot is going. Especially since there was a hidden incident in the water and a lot of enemy submarines around Hokkaido, where Dai-Guard is right now. Something tells me that Heterodyne is more than we thought it was. This episode was also one that brought some character stuff to Aoyama and his run away from school too. So, lots of things going on.

Bamboo Blade Episode 19

On Funimation

Finally, the time for Miyamiya to get more powerful and proficient shows up. All for a really stupid reason though, but at least it was fun and chaotic in that way. A random foreigner, who has lived in Japan for 8 years, sees Dan and tries to take him leading to a fight where Miya Miya loses. So chaotic in that sort of way and looks like she will get some strength. At least the show made fun of the chaotic drama. Plus, there is Tamaki still continuing to grow and the plot of people around her trying to find a way to get her to feel what a loss is like for once. I am glad that her being over powered is a good plot point for her.

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  1. “the fascist Cheeto is out of office” 😂😂 That was too funny! It’s been a crazy week, but I’m definitely happy for you and all other Americans. I hope this is a turning point, and things will get better from here on out😊

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