#Controversed : Creating Context In My Blog Posts

Hi everyone! I’m apart of Moya’s Controversed Workshop too. If you don’t know what that is or who Moya is, please look up more information on this running event for November here. I was busy last week, so my post for the first week’s prompts will appear by the end of the month. Keep an eye out for it, though it might not be the most exciting thing.

So the prompt I am aiming for is the 4th prompt: The Geek Problem. Or essentially, my answer to how I try not to alienate my audience when writing posts while achieving a level of depth. I was actually planning on writing about this eventually at some point in the future, but this workshop gave me another good opportunity to share some behind the scenes info. Be prepared. So, this is going to be split into a few parts.

Part 1: The Information Inside Blog Posts

When trying to convey my opinions to an audience, I aim for giving my audience at least a bare minimum of context before jumping into my opinions. My first paragraphs focus on giving the anime I’m talking about a context from how I’ve approached it or watched it first, providing a cultural context in regards to where the anime in question came from, or any massively important staff member of note from my own perspective.

This is an experimental thing for me because I need to figure out how much I can tell before it gets too annoying or boring. I still have no complete idea on how to do this, so it’s a constant work in progress. I do write too much when it comes to Gundam context though, but I can’t help it. There is so much needed context in Gundam series that are important to discuss in my eyes. It’s the problem of major franchises like it after all.

Also, my One Piece posts are the baseline experimental for all of this because those posts are hard to write to keep an audience informed at a minimum level without pushing people who don’t know anything about One Piece away. It’s really hard and I have no idea if I am handling this correctly or not.

I feel like the constant theme of my blog is: A Work In Progress.

Part 2: A Running Blog Narrative

I am not sure if you guys have noticed this, but I like having a general baseline direction when writing about certain pieces of anime on Mechanical Anime Reviews. Some of them are obvious, right? Like those Saint Seiya split posts that I wrote over time for instance. Same for Symphogear posts and Patlabor posts as well in between some good filler posts in between those. If you can call those fillers.

I’m still bad at doing this, especially with my Gundam posts which are out of order, but the idea is giving my audience some context into what happens next. A major example of this comes from the lead up to Oshii October. Not only did I write the Patlabor OVA post in Mecha March telling people Oshii October was going to happen months in advance, but I also wrote about The Patlabor 3 Movie and a Lupin The Third Movie before jumping into that month’s content as well.

The idea is giving my audience, in the best way I can, the complete context of what I bring up somehow without pushing too hard or asking too much from anyone. That Patlabor OVA post and other most posts fed into my Angel’s Egg and Patlabor: The Movie posts in Oshii October for instance. Everything I talk about is referenced in their own post accordingly, so if an audience member wanted to know more, the posts are there to provide that necessary context. I do this with a lot of posts, so keep an eye out for any random thing I do in the future. Muahaha.

This is on top of content mentioned in Part 1. I hope it’s not too much.

Part 3: Themed Months

So, this is an obvious one. For the past two creator themed month events, I try to focus on a work from a creator when they first started and slowly build a story line through posts for the reason why each creator made a reputation for themselves through the works they made. My Anno August and Oshii October themed months are built this way to tell people about my favorite creators and directors in the business. I hope they all came across as natural. Very nervous about that sense of perception.

I don’t considered Mecha March as in-depth as these months because I write about different mecha series that aren’t as connected in terms of context. Yeah, this is currently a work in progress. Wait to see how I respond to this in 2021. It’s going to be exciting for all of us, because I am still coming up with ideas as we speak that I may or may not do. Fun times…


So in conclusion, reaching any sort of depth in content when writing about the random things that I want to write about are things that I put a lot of thought into. I try to achieve this from multiple ways and points of attack. I hope it’s noticeable in some ways. Any feedback is appreciated.

Oh, did you notice the picture escalation and meta in this post? Please let me know in the comments if you did as well.


  1. I’d have to say you do a much better job then I when it comes to introducing new ideas. I didn’t even quite notice how you set up your themed months until you gave the rundown here. So that’s a very smooth transition/introduce on your part!

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  2. You clearly put a lot of thought in your blog and I think that in a way is responsible for the saying being there in the blog community “Everybody likes Scott”. What you do clearly works! So great work!
    I find myself mostly just writing whatever pops in my head a lot of the time. I tried to follow in your footsteps as you are one of the big Senpai a blogger can have right now.. though I must admit I don’t completely work that way.
    So I instead much more went with my personal ramblings style of site.. Still you can’t deny Everybody loves Scott is a thing so clearly structure really works with people and it is nice how you can explain this to us in this way as well.

    Great post!

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    1. I’m still shocked that’s a thing, so that’s why this is a pretty late response.

      And honestly, everyone should walk their own path anyway. What works for one person doesn’t always work for other people and that’ just the reality sometimes. I think what you do works pretty well!


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