The Husbando Post

Starting this, I am a little shocked that I am actually writing this. Some weird circumstances have led here and I think that’s ok. Let’s recount the reason why. I mentioned that I was thinking about writing a husbando post on twitter and some people got excited about it. You know what, I don’t have a reason not to write it, right? The concept could be fun actually. I was planning on writing an evil Waifu focused post first, but I thought that shaking things up with some fictional guys that I may be interested in would be a good chance of pace in some ways. Don’t worry, the evil waifu post will appear later. I promise. Just not sure when. I’ll look into my little blog schedule and find a day. This might be an end of the year post because this was the year of evil waifus for me.

In terms of content, I have noticed that content on here has slowly become hornier over time. I am blaming Covid-19 for that. Being forced in an enclosed for quarantine for longer than expected does things to people. I didn’t think this would happen to me considering how much of an introvert I am, but considering that I have spent time rewarding myself for accomplishing school projects by looking at Saber Alter or Shaina pictures for 5 minutes at a time, I think it has. This is such a weird place in history and it’s been a time where I have been doing some self-reflection too in a lot of ways. Where I am, what I want to do with my life, and such. It’s hard

This is a husbando post, right? I should probably talk about them.

Fate Grand/Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

I’ve written a post about him already that you can find here. I didn’t mention that he has his abs out. I also didn’t mention that I’ve been interested in Gilgamesh on some level since Fate/Zero. Those moments in the second cour of Zero where he showed that he has more depth than just being an egotistical moron standing on higher locations and wearing shiny gold armor. He changed for the worse in FS/N.

But no, This Babylonia edition Gilgamesh is the best. Not just because he has his abs out, but he’s confident, a great leader, he believes in people, and he’s a hard worker. What isn’t there to like about the guy? I don’t know.

Black Jack
Black Jack (1993)

I will get into this more with a post next week, but Black Jack is the very attractive, unlicensed doctor that will take any medical case for the right amount of money. That amount of money depends on different scenarios that he’s in, of course. Sometimes huge, sometimes as little as $1 in the most heated scenarios. Whatever the case is, he is insanely caring and will do whatever it takes to get his patients to be healed or at least feel better. Black Jack has some morals and rules he keeps and those are always helping the patients that ask for it or if you are sick right in front of him.

So, can anyone donate some money so I can spend time with him? You’ve seen the Kofi, right?

Trafalgar D. Water Law
One Piece

Law is a recent addition to this list. Being that I still in the 700’s in regards of One Piece chapters, I don’t know everything about him yet. Doesn’t change him being here though. Law immediately hit this list in one part of Punk Hazard where he was knocked on the ground without his hat on. It was one of those “oh no, he’s hot” kind of moments. Ever since then, I’ve been very interested in this certain Surgeon of Death. Oh no, is that a theme? Doctors and Surgeons? Lots of pointy objects.

Law is like the Vegeta to Luffy’s Goku. Except, there is so many complex things going on between them other then a rivalry. There is a rivalry, but Law has shown to have saved Luffy’s life after Marineford, has grouped up with Luffy at Punk Hazard for both their gains and have a complex relationship since then with a lot of respect and power between them. I don’t know everything about Law right now, but I am very interested in learning more.

(Edit: I have read Law’s backstory recently and it’s sad. He still belongs here.)

Shinya Kogami

Akane Tsunemori is, at this moment, my waifu. The one that I respect the most and love the most. So maybe it makes sense that somehow that Shinya Kogami is absolute husbando material. It’s not just his attractive looks or his muscles, he’s also super intelligent and hyper focused on his case. He’s one of those smart bad boys that one can’t help feeling something for. After that one scene with Kogami working out and Akane watching, I totally get why she was looking. Holy crap, man.

Phoenix Ikki
Saint Seiya

Ikki is the dark horse memory of Athena’s guardian Saints. I think that’s what makes him interesting. He used to be a bad guy before turning to the good side in his own way. Also strong opinions, he is the coolest and most attractive Saint to me. That’s a bias perhaps.

Even when he is such a lone wolf, he loves his brother and won’t pull any stop from saving him. Same with any other Saint even if it means not coming back alive himself. That mixed level of dedication is what makes him so attractive to me. That and he just escaped from another dimension an enemy forced him into because he could. What about that doesn’t say bad ass?

So that’s my list for now. Intelligent, lone wolf, people of authority who care a lot about other people and do the best that they can. I guess I have a type. Who would have thought?


  1. Haha, this was a really fun post Scott😊 I hear you about this year though…it’s been one heck of a rough one, and I know what you mean about self reflecting. All I can say is considering the many great posts that you are bringing out, and the wonderful project with the interviews that you are posting on your blog: you are doing really fine!😊😊
    Good choice on Shinya, terrific character! 😊😊

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    1. Oh, thank you so much. I have cut back on some things regarding word limits to make things easier so I can relax more, but I have been feeling that it’s been more of a benefit then a detriment at this point.

      And thanks so much :).

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  2. As a teenager I was often very much like Hachiman. My husbando at the time would have been Saika. I really wish we’d seen more of him in the series. Can’t think of any seinen characters that I’d want as husbando material. Good friends, sure but not someone to marry.

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    1. I guess I don’t really take these things as seriously considering that there these are fictional characters, but I like following them to see what they do.


  3. Great choices! 😄 I really liked the Gilgamesh in Babylonia, too, and I had never really liked Gilgamesh before that point. I thought his arrogance was iconic and, sometimes, funny, but seeing him be an admirable king made me have a new appreciation for him.

    The Black Jack manga is one of my favorites, too. It’s impossible to dislike how dignified Kurō is, in his commitment to saving lives.

    I also really liked Phoenix Ikki. I thought it was really touching when he sacrificed himself and trained on Death Queen Island, so that Shun didn’t have to go. Great older brother! 😭

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  4. Quarantine just made me even more obsessed for things I was already obsessed with…there is such a thing as “going too far” for that and I feel like I crossed that line several months ago at this point. *shakes head* The things I let myself get away with…

    Just realised you don’t have a search function and the post you mention isn’t linked, no matter how much I hover my cursor over that sentence, so while I remember “chad Gilgamesh”, I had to find the post in your archives myself.

    Black Jack…my first experience of him was Young Black Jack (because of Ume) and I dropped it because, to the me of the time, it was focussing on Black Jack’s abs rather than the plot. (Abs are fine, but they must not be more important than the plot.) The original manga (which I’ve been ever-so-slowly getting through that one volume of because I keep finding and checking up the terms in Japanese) isn’t too bad – it’s just that the stories within are a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re non-sequitur-type endings, sometimes they’re anti-climactic and sometimes the art goes against the seriousness of what goes on.

    If your type is doctors and surgeons (or doctors who also act as surgeons, because entertainment-based media tends to conflate the two), just this season alone there’s Jakurai (Hypnosis Mic) and the female Doctor (Akudama Drive). The former almost perfectly fits the description you gave at the end, aside from “lone wolf” (although he’s still a mystery for the most part due to his past).

    I’ve spent several posts talking about my taste in husbandos but currently…I will agree with the conclusion I came to on my tweet that I just really like guys with long hair, although “dependability in a pinch”, “hero/protagonist/good guy”, “intelligent/bookish (but generally not a megane character)” and “white hair (not from age)” are also attributes that help a guy’s case.

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    1. I knew that I was missing something regarding links, but there is a search function. Look directly above the kofi link connection on the right side bar. It just fits in that well.

      And honestly, I’ve been finding that I don’t like Doctor in Akudama Drive at all recently. At first, yes. For sure. Now, she’s so annoying. I guess I might have to check out Hypnosis Mic eventually then. I’ve heard some fun things.


      1. Hmm…I did seem to remember there was one when I looked for it and then didn’t find it. Why’s it blending in? More importantly, couldn’t you do something about it? (Not trying to be demanding, just concerned that more people will fall into the same trap I did.)

        I feel like Doctor has the least characterisation out of the Akudama – even the Master and Pupil Executioners have more characterisation – and I think that’s why she’s hard to like.

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      2. Well, I have tried a few things. I am thinking about putting a small picture pointing down to it to make sure people find it. Otherwise, can’t do anything.


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