Weekly Seasonal Watches Fall 2020 Anime Week 7

A lot of good episodes this week from the seasonal side and a bit of a mixed bag from non seasonals. I think that’s just how the world works. I say at this state goes into deeper quarantine again. Wild times.

Seasonal Anime

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 6

The end of the sniper duel occurred in this first portion of this episode, because it wasn’t the most important port. But it ended in a cool way. The Russian sniper completely fill for Ogata’s trap while Ogata got sick by laying low in the snow. So that resulted in him getting too sick and revealing his horrible backstory with his brother yet again. About pureness and Ogata trying his best to destroy it to the point where he kills his brother by himself. Wild, man. Also, Shiraishi had a small subplot where he decides to follow Asirpa despite the obvious scheme of Kiroranke after his Czar assassination attempts and such. Very excited to see where all of these plots go.

Akudama Drive Episode 6

What? Where the hell did this episode come from? I liked this show a lot, but this episode had the strongest material yet. Our Executioner friend took on the Akudama by himself, despite his wounds, and continued to take blow after blow from different people until he finally received a dual death from his fight with Brawler. Of course, he caused a lot of interesting conflict with other members of the Akudama through how brutal he is and the insanity of other people’s personalities and abilities, but what Brawler vs the Executioner is the core of this episode. The pupil taking executioner’s weapon/baton by hand and hoodlum taking Brawler’s same thing at the end and Pupil’s missing eye is powerful. Wow man.

Adachi and Shimamura Episode 6

Well, this show is going to just be hard, isn’t it? Despite the set up and how serious Adachi took for her supposed date with dressing up and the thoughtful gift, there is just some sadness here. Shimamura only sees Adachi as a little kid despite them being the same age and I am not sure if that is something from Shimamura’s perspective on how she sees everyone or something. Adachi failing her confession and asking to be Shimamura’s best friend doesn’t help either, but Shimamura’s response was still pretty bad. One day this couple will see eye to eye. Hopefully.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7

Found on Crunchyroll

This episode was a lot of fun. Mainly because it focused on the teacher, Satoru. He fought a Lava monster in some beyond epic animation. We also learned the different levels of demons are compared to him. So seeing Satoru’s strength and abilities are very cool. Also, I love the whole boundaries and reality marble concept here. It’s not new because Yu Yu Hakusho did something like it during Chapter Black. Unfortunately, Chapter Black never went this far or even considered or having people being able to take over boundaries with their own. So yeah, lots of cool things going on.

Moriarty: The Patriot Episode 6

Finally, the game is in motion and Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance. What better way to cause chaos in England then an major incident on an ocean liner. One named Noahtic that is very much like the Titanic. How will that happen? Focusing Count by the name of Ender who hunts down lower class people for sport and stresses them down to the point where they can kill. Yeah, not feeling sorry for him to kill an already murderer. Also, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty met by sizing each other up, even if we haven’t had them called by name yet, but come on. They are in the opening and everything. A lot of plot points in motion here and I’m pretty excited to see how this scheme works.

Non Seasonal Anime

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2 Episode 7

On Crunchyroll

Not much to say really. Half the episode was the Aqours watching the number of people applying to go to their school go up before their deadline. So that was a thing. The other half was the group realizing the possibly they could get immortalized by winning Love Live. I know this runs on emotional and musical logic, but really? Come on. Gah.

Dai-Guard Episode 20

On a lot of platforms (I watch it on RetroCrush)

This episode follows the conclusion of the incident in Hokkaido. A foreign force ready to capture a Heterodyne, a man running away with Dai-Guard’s lead unit, and Aoyama discovering how he changed through his former girlfriend. A lot of things that click together when the three Dai-Guard pilots and even Saeki getting cooperation from the military to defeat the Heterodyne. I guess the foreign forces (Russians?) couldn’t do anything otherwise it would a larger international incident. This was an Aoyama episode because everyone was just going through their motions and I think that’s ok.

Bamboo Blade Episode 20

On Funimation

Very fun episode. Great to see the Kendo Club get Tamaki and Yuji to go on a date even if it’s just the two hanging out at a Tokusatsu event. It didn’t amount to anything, but seeing Tamaki in her element watching cool stuff and even taking in the Q&A. The added bonus of the coming movie being possibly staged at Tamaki’s house is brilliant. Maybe a little too far, but I enjoyed it. I like seeing Tamaki in and out of her element.


  1. W.J.Moriarty or Will is certainly the best murder planner of all the anime I have watched till now. The anime’s story line is great and keeps on giving us shocks. I really love it. Great blog!

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