#Controversed All Those Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us in the United States. Hope you guys that are celebrating it, like me, and talking to your friends and family from a distance through the internet. Yup, definitely a fantastic way to celebrate thanksgiving on this blog by talking about comments sections and small bits of controversy. Yay! Umm, maybe go to my other, smaller blog later for some better content.

This post is the last part of Moya’s controversed workshop. This is Week 4 and following a good interview between Irina and Moya on that post. I don’t think anything will ever surpass that because both of Moya and Irina are fun people. Not going to try it, but I think a decent blog post is fine I think. Let’s do that and possibly a couple of the prompts. Who knows, let’s go crazy.

Prompt 2: How do you manage your comment sections, and how would you describe your comment-writing voice?

For the most part, I haven’t had to do much to manage my comment sections. Spam comments go into the spam folder most of the time. I only have to removed spam comments that make it through WordPresses filter sometimes. It’s very rare, but it does happen.

In terms of comments with you guys, all of you are pretty cool. I don’t have to do much because everyone is very civil and leaves pretty good comments. All of which is great considering that I don’t have all the time in the world to moderate as well as I could. That is the life of being involved with too many things I suppose.

When it comes to responding to comments, I can’t say that I am the best at it. There are tons of people that leave longer comments and I can’t say that I return a comment at that same length. But, I do try to respond when I can because everyone deserves a response when talking about a lot of cool things. Anime is cool and everyone has their different points of view, which is what comment sections are for.

That comes up with corrections too. If people read my posts and find a detail that I miss or have gotten wrong, then I try my best to thank the person in question and fix the mistake. It’s a blog post, so I can do it easily. Done. I try not to get salty over this fact because I am a human being that makes mistakes and forgets things. It just happens. Welcome to the human experience.

Sometimes I don’t know how to respond because a comment says everything and the words escape me. If I don’t comment sometimes, I’m sorry. I’m trying my best. Some comments are so complete and don’t feel like they are asking for a response, so the best I do is just leave a like. I hope that doesn’t bother anybody too much.

The only time I delete comments, which is very rare, are for comments that I really, really don’t want to respond to. I don’t want to talk about those too much because they aren’t worth talking about. The offensive kind that I just don’t want to look at any longer. Once again, very rare.

Prompt 3: Everyone gets worn out by controversial debates online. How do you fight the fatigue?

I feel lucky in some ways by being seeing so many online debates in the anime fandom second hand. When I go through social media most days, it’s usually hours after one sparks. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media during the day, unless it’s a weekend or day off. I have the luxury of being able just know about an argument and probably not tweet directly about them maybe.

Some arguments are cyclical. The sub vs dub debate is eternal and I do comment on it from to time, but it’s not worth it honestly. I should stop. Along with this, there is always the seasonal outrage that happens every season which isn’t worth commenting on. It doesn’t matter what position I have, the outrage will go away and come back for another reason. It just doesn’t mean anything because of the fact that it goes away after a bit.

I do my fight against online debates by attempting by spreading positivity. I share things that I enjoy, share some panels from manga that I’ve read, write posts on things that I like, and such. It’s hard to fight controversy in that way because negativity grows faster, but I need to try and do that positivity push anyway. Futile as it is, trying to do it either way.


  1. That was good to read. If I wasn’t so focused with NaNoWriMo, then I would do a post like this. I did like what you said. WordPress has been civil more often than not and I certainly don’t miss being on Facebook. Hahaha! I do my best to be polite and civil even if I may disagree with a few things. Like you, I delete spam and the very few troll comments. Good thought about debates. The sub/dub one is so tired and stupid. I can’t believe it’s still a thing in the fandom. As you know, I’ve been known to talk about controversial subjects on my blogs and I get very passionate depending on the topic, but I hope I haven’t come off as abrasive even if my tone can get angry at times (my anger isn’t towards the bloggers). Not going to lie, I had a period late last year where I tried shaming people for liking you know what when I brought up those uncomfortable facts associated with that certain IP. Part of it stemmed from anger and wanting to prove that I actually knew things.

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    1. I am sure you woul dand how is Nanowrimo going at the moment?

      WordPress is insanely kind and I do follow a lot of people that I agree with on facebook, the amount of time I’ve spent their has greatly diminished due to relatives who love hateful things.

      I do think that what you have argued about is an important thing because stealing ideas is a major crime and people do need to know about it. I’m not exactly sure what to say because a lot of people can take that criticism and push it aside no problem on the internet. Sometimes it’s easier to inform then shame people in that way, but then what do I know? I’m just some random guy on the internet.

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      1. Sure. I’m most of the way done, but I still need to write some more today. I just need a few thousand to beat the goal at the end of the month.

        I know, right? It’s been rare to deal with trolling or just irrational comments. Even when there’s been a disagreement, it has at least been civil and constructive.

        Thanks and I do my best to inform people about different things regardless when it comes to that issue or others that are more serious. I do have to be honest with what I share, but there have been some times where I feared of being caustic like some bad memories of people accusing stuff I liked being “ripoffs” (long story). I’m also a random guy on the internet, so don’t feel bad. Haha!

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      2. OH wow, good work. You can do it.

        I like this fact. We don’t get that traffic like youtubers for hate to appear and I think that’s ok.

        OH, I have no idea about memories and worries like that. Makes a lot of sense and you don’t have to say anything else.

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      3. Thanks. I’m going to keep at it. I was kind of surprised how many words it’s been even though my first draft isn’t even done yet. Hahaha!

        Same here. The contrast is so stark here compared to the YouTube comments section much less videos trashing others.

        Thank you. I think I may have mentioned it in passing in a post, but I don’t remember what. Unfortunately, I will bring this up again in a review I have planned for next month which will involve a plagiarism controversy I had never heard of until earlier this year.

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  2. I agree with your approach to comments. They’re great 99% of the time. The only ones I don’t like are the outright offensive ones (which I’ll delete — freedom of speech is for public forums and our blogs aren’t that) and the ones that approach what I wrote with a snooty or obnoxious attitude (which I will post, but I’ll have a low opinion of the commenter.) Thankfully I’ve gotten very few of these kinds of comments.

    Same with the arguments. I have weighed in on a few of those stupid seasonal controversies, but only because I think they sometimes point to larger problems in fan groups and among critics. Being civil is always a must, though. And I agree that the sub vs. dub debate is pointless.

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    1. It’s lucky to have a small enough presence to not have every single horrible person on the internet appear on our blogs, isn’t it?

      Yes, there is a point where it’s the time to at least have a stance in the argument. Especially when they are so revealing.

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