#Controversed: Don’t Attack Actors and Voice Actors, Be a Force of Positivity

So, you guys know that I am apart of Moya’s Controversed program. I may have posted a few posts here and there by now. I haven’t done the first set of prompts yet. This post is a look some of the prompts that I missed out on working on. I feel like there are some very important things to talk about out there in the anime fandom realm, which is why I felt like this was necessary. There are so many things to discuss in regards to problems with the anime community. Whether it’s In twitter, in the wordpress blogging realm, and who knows what else it out there, some discussions about controversy need to be made.

So to start out, I don’t consider my approach to the online fandom to be controversial. Mainly because I don’t like focusing on those negative sorts of things. A lot of what I write is meant to either explore my thoughts on something, inform people about anime that people might not know about in the first place, or both. That is my attempt at spreading some positivity into the world. I am still doing that no matter what the response I get, because of a lot my posts are just for me. I don’t like writing post on vague, hateful, or controversial statements to get views. That doesn’t sit right with me.

But, there are some important things that need to be talked about. Some things that don’t make sense because the behavior behind some insane actions that couldn’t be anything but sub human. One those controversies are attacking actors and voice actors for the roles they are playing online. I know that fans like being super into whatever they are involved with on a fictional level. In some ways, that’s ok because that’s what these fictional landscapes are for. Escaping the landscapes of the horrible present to a fictional beginning a lot of people do that. I use fiction to escape too.

All of that positive escapist energy really comes to a halt when attacking the voice actors and actors behind characters that certain fans don’t like. Express hatred towards actors and voice actors along with sending death threats is dumb. Is it just the worst controversy possible besides being a literal human pile of garbage. Voice actors and actors do their job partially because it’s fun because they don’t get paid well, but also to earn a living because some jobs do pay well. They don’t have control over what the character they protray does because they are only providing a mouth piece for them to exist. Please leave voice actors and actors in general alone. It’s not their fault that bad characters they voice do scummy things. Please, everyone is just a human being trying to make their way into the world.

And to push this further, almost everyone involved in an anime production is in the same position. The animators animate draw to the point their hands fall off because they love what they do. It’s also the same for a lot of people working at studios and anime productions. Don’t blame them for the stuff they work on. If they are garbage outside of their work and passion by doing practices they are illegal and horrible, then drop their series. Don’t support them, don’t get them the time of day, or anything else that you can think of. Death Threats don’t do anything other then building a larger fanbase around the toxic individual for them to fire back at you. Just don’t do it.

I’m just saying stop complaining and sending death threats to people who don’t deserve it or just don’t do it at all. This is the worst sort of anime controversy possible. Even people that work on products and animations you don’t like aren’t doing anything wrong for making that said work. Save your energy and do something positive with it. Support the creators you like and might be struggling. Enhance the voices which are positive and pushing for good things. In this garbage filled world that is 2020 and most of 2021, we need positivity and love more than ever. Be a force of positivity for everyone


  1. Well said! Creators of all sorts are trying to make a living and love what they do; they cannot please everyone no matter what. Don’t like it? Move on. The sea of anime and manga is deep and wide. There is something in it for everyone; no need to be negative about something not to your tastes

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  2. This is actually a thing? Wow, people can be so shallow just because of someone playing a character. I can understand if there was an uproar if a voice actor did something horrific while still getting a role, but getting angry to the point of sending death threats just for playing a character they may or may not like? If these fans had this kind of outrage (minus the death threats of course) when it comes to serious issues such as racism, unemployment, or wars, then the world would be a better and more just world. Unbelievable!

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    1. Yes, it happens a lot with those who voice and act controversial characters that people learn that they dislike. There are a lot of screenshots of these interactions.

      Right? With all those social issues that people have the power to change instead of other things, but people want their escape to be purified first.

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      1. This is quite disheartening and I wasn’t aware of this. Sure, I’ve heard about people hating actors and characters, but not to this degree. I can’t believe so many people can be this shallow, petty, and vapid.

        Thank you! It’s like the easy way out for these fans to lash out on entertainment and escapism. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when entertainment should be called out and I’m certainly someone who has done so, but at the same time there are some constructive ways to help make a positive change like boycotting for example.

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  3. When I think of voice actors and controversy, I go to things like the one Zenith mentioned in one of his Controversed posts, the Kokoro Connect bullying incident. It’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t like characters Terashima voiced/songs he sung as much as I could – he’s still out there thriving as a voice actor and I have no say on this because I don’t have enough knowledge to know both sides of the matter, only the victim’s…This also brings up the question of whether you can like something despite it having someone who’s done something you don’t personally like.

    When anything gets big enough, controversy will certainly follow. It doesn’t just come from the “hard right conservative nut jobs”, but from all over the spectrum (and especially when the left and right clash). It’s just that the left is generally considered “the way of doing things” because it’s most conducive to things that make the status quo tick…like the internet.

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