#DirtyPairCember Episode 1: We’ll Teach You How To Kill A Computer

If all episodes are like this, this is going to be a fun time. Episode 1 is the episode that introduces to the world and the characters and it’s very interesting to have an episode of a space adventure series take place in the main character’s apartment complex. Very bold and I like it. In this episode, Kei, the red headed tomboy, and Yuri, the dark haired girl, have their apartment complex under assault by the computer running it, Brian. Very subtle. That’s the premise and it sticks with that until the computer is destroyed.

For a standard story line, the devil is in the details. We are introduced to the Kei and Yuri waking up in their apartment with everything going wrong, along with their giant cat mughi, and we see how they solve problems. Spoilers, it’s very badly despite how unique their solutions are. They are very flirty and dress skimpy, confused the computer by having it analyze them, and also don’t think about any of the damage they are causing and it’s great. We go from a laser causing apartment damage to a mirror and warping in a giant ship to destroy the a.i. It’s nuts. You can see why these “Lovely Angels” are called the “Dirty Pair”. I hope to see how far they go.

The episode looked great as well. There is no blu-ray copy in the United States, but the dvd copy I have is very pretty to look at. Some cheap bits of animation here and there, but lots of elaborate art work for space ships, the apartment complex, and the drones that fire lasers at Kei and Yuri. The characters designs are great, very good moments of animation in terms of running, flying, and lasers. Very solid and fun beginning episode for this franchise. Can’t wait for more.


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