#DirtyPairCember Episode 2: Do Lovely Angels Like Chest Hair?

Today, we follow episode 1 to another very paint by numbers but fun episode in it’s own right. After the Lovely Angel’s disaster last episode, their employer 3WA puts them under the command of the more experience officer, Nova Grave. A guy that doesn’t takes the two seriously at all. Tasked with protecting a commercial space liner from terrorist attacks, the two show their stuff when saving the ship when Nova Grave is injured. Pretty classic, but one I feel like was important for the show to continue.

While the girls are good, completely competent, and everything, but we didn’t learn much about them in this episode. Their chemistry is still good though and are a lot of fun to watch. The main selling point for me was the environment. What is a space cruiser like? We now know and it’s wonderful. The girls working inside and outside the ship to show us what it’s like and it’s wonderfully decadent. They save it too, even they ruined some buildings. Very cool and maybe we can see more of them.

I also really like the attempt in putting some realistic physics into this episode. Kei couldn’t hear anything that Yuri said while she was in space and it stayed this way until Kei had a laser fight with terrorists outside of the ship. I guess not having laser sounds would make it boring, so I get it. The ship also being off course by .1 degrees while being damaged was great too. Fixing that was hard and I like that fact too. Production values are the same as last episode of Dirty Pair, but that’s ok. Still good for 1985.

This episode was decent if lacking from what was seen in episode one.

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