#DirtyPairCember Episode 3: Fall in Love Involuntarily…Love is Russian Roulette

Very fun episode today. Probably the best one so far. The goal, acquiring a legendary poker chip from a Casino. Very classic James Bond sort of antics at the beginning with Yuri and Kei dressed up and seducing people to get an advantage at first. It’s a very interesting series of three parties doing one ups after one ups on each other that make logical sense, but the girls still using their brilliance to get on top anyway. This episode of Dirty Pair even paused at moments to let you know what is going on. It’s great.

The most interesting interplay this episode was between Kei and the mysterious and attractive Sydney. Kei hits on him at the casino for a date, he ends up as working for the Casino’s boss, drives the girls to the Casino to where all the fun and games begin at the Casino bosses mansion. The lack of effort of Sydney’s patting down says it all considering that the girls were about to fight their way through the mansion. Crazy things for sure. Unfortunately Kei never got her date in the end and that’s pretty sad considering that there was a natural attraction between the two.

Once again, the environments and costumes in this episode were fantastic. The visuals were still really great for an 80’s series. Good visual design, lots of fun movements and power, and the girl’s standard skimpy costumes never made an appearance here, which I kind of like. The series continues to have that lived in feel too. The casino is a normal casino just set on another planet. The mansion is also another mansion with some advanced tech guarding it. We know what these places are and I think that adds a lot of value to the believably of this universe without even trying.

Very good episode. My favorite so far.

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